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I am married with 4 children 1 now disceased.I have 2 girls 39 and 36 and a son 32.I also have 9 grandchildren and another on the way.ages from 2 to 14 I live in aI am married with 4 children 1 now disceased.I have 2 girls 39 and 36 and a son 32.I also have 9 grandchildren and another on the way.ages from 2 to 14 I live in a cottage on a farm not mine.I love collecting but cannot afford a lot as I have a shoulder dissability and cannot work hence having no money.I have problems sleeping so that is why I need my ever faithful laptop.my husband is a carpenter/joiner.I love interior design,flea markets reading and i love gardening.I grow all my own veg and fruit and make jam etc.I cannot sit down for long periods as i like to be on the go.I am very independant my bithday is the 4th of july and i am 60 years old.I am very interested in all danish items as My father was a dane he divorced my Mum when i was a small child and only knew him up to being 4 years old.He is now deceased and died in fredrikshavn in denmark.1 day when i can afford it i am hoping to go there to trace the family history. I have put my name as Yohanna as that how it is spelt in danish, (Read more)


  1. still not identified danish maker HELP
  2. just been told it is a tobacco flask and the basket is holding tobacco plants
  3. look closely near the dog it should say denmark or there will be a fish symbol the pattern is called cracker barrel he made combs brushes mirrors etc. mines only silver plate as many of his items wher...
  4. i have the same match box and cigarett e package its made by hans jensen
  5. will up load photos as i am waiting for delivery on them.Monday hopefully. ty
  6. thankyou Vetraio50
  7. just bought some similar and mine are ivory art deco era hopefully will sell them on ebay uk
  8. Thank you Sean
  9. Ellinikos ? is that the place it was made? thanks
  10. found the makers name Cophenhagn Denmark really pleased now as my Father and all my relations are Danes. even though i have neve rbeen and met them.
  11. Added my new pendant now if you want to take a look. Need to getsome of that gold paste as it is still very dirty in places.I have cleaned it very lightly to show the red and green glass? stones.
  12. scoured internet still not found anything .Thanks for looking nutsabotas6
  13. ive just bought 1 sililar to that but mine is an 19century bedhuin pendant very rare i was told and it was very filthy just cleaned it a bit. its very heavy and large approx 7" long x 4" wide. will tk...
  14. thankyou antiquefreaque thats how it happens lol xx
  15. Merry Xmas to all from the cold rainy and windy uk. Hope you find loads of bargain treasures.
  16. could be silver based just give it a light wash in bicarbonate of soda this will take all the green off
  17. This looks very much like a tambourine necklace same features with the wire work i have 1 but mine is chinese filigree
  18. circa from the early to middle 19 century.
  19. Just found out what this is at long last. searched for 2 years. it is a Tambourin Relicquary/mourning locket from the phillipines.
  20. ok thanks Militarist never thought of that.i thought it might have been to do with the freemasons.
  21. usually in England it is carat foreign countires stamp their gold karat. i have just bought a medal and it tests solid gold has hallmarks for 1945 but no gold content mark on it any 1 know about that?...
  22. This looks a lot like the 1 i have been told is from the late 1800s . is this 1 signed at the bottom to the right. lithographs are done from the origional paintings and they are worth more than normal...
  23. Thankyou manikin you have some awesome treasures too
  24. Thankyou Sean68
  25. look for psuedo hallmarks and the 5 pointed star to the left could be italy
  26. looks like a norwegian hallmark with the crown
  27. russian cloisonne usually is marked with zoltonics or the the number 84. Thes salts look more like chinese to me a si sold some nearly identical to these a couple of years ago but mine wher made in In...
  28. If you look more closely around the top are some letters maybe the designer its not rarely old as it has a modern parrot clasp on it. Probably 1970s era.
  29. also rub it in palm of hand if it smells musty this is a good sign of bakelite. or pheno
  30. bakelite does not always test with simicrome try 2 parts salt 2 2 parts water if it floats its bakelite..
  31. You can see the 900 silver content on the front the scene is called cracker barrel it originated in germany by a jewish gent cannot remebe rhis name.google it will tell you.So probably is of German or...
  32. love jensens stuff and all danish silver must be in my blood as my father was a dane. hence my name.
  33. it looks very dutch has it any hallmarks...
  34. yes a lot of necklaces and items from france and germany in the 1930s where made from casine a milk vegetable product but had formylahde in them.I just purchased a necklace from Ebay and resold it .It...
  35. definately onyx i have a pendant virtually the same came from the continent when on holiday
  36. I have a very heavy large 1 similar to this mine is from 1909 and it represents fizzy lemonade from where i live in grimsby uk it has writing i=on it will pos when i get chance.
  37. fabulous item.By the way escuse me but are you Danish? i have the same name but mine is Johanna B lol
  38. probably scandinavian as they usually originate from denmark and norway..
  39. Thanks for that will probably wait a while and try and get it valued at some point or get it repaired...
  40. oh ok thats brill any idea what it is worth?? i want to sell it biut wouldnt have a clue what it is worth and it is a huge piece. But does need some reapir to the back/...
  41. fab item i sold a trench art lighter last year i paid 2british pence for it and sold it for 37 british pounds was stunned as i knew nothing about it it had an embossed front with the order of the gart...
  42. looks very deco maybe bakelite
  43. yes they look like early celluloid or even copal bakelite need testing with simichrome polish it should go brown or yellow to get a good test result..
  44. I have a bracelet like them they are garnet glass beads..
  45. Your collection is stunning wish i could afford such nice pieces 1 day i might if i find a real treasure torve in my purchases....
  46. wow cant beleive this it is the same lol. Dont know anything about it i bought it 2 weeksa go from Malta....it would be qutie worth a lot i think because of the diamonds are there are about 9 all toge...
  47. just sold 2 of these they are so ugly grousse feet from the early 1930s scottish cairgorm. mine where stamped under the grousse fur when i peeled some back. assayed in chester uk 1920-1930.
  48. does look very georg jensen clean it as there looks to be a small hallmark as well lol
  49. looks very victorian a beauty..
  50. Hi these look like parts of a necklace look at mine similar gold washed vermeil silver any marking on the back?
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