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1782 Bill of sale, 6 pages... - Paperin Paper
Very old clock - Clocksin Clocks
More Old intriguing French medals... - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old medals displayed in rounded glass frame. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old Medals with big question.... - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Huge 1895 Medallion 
Old Catholic Mass booklet. - Booksin Books
LAMAR Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
HELVETIA Gold Coin... - World Coinsin World Coins
LOUIS XVIII Gold Coin - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. Hello. I have all of these in my collection. At this time, there is not much of a market for these as they were mass produced. Marklin is a German manufacturer that made the best toys in Germany...
  2. Hello. It is a Marklin DL 800 It is missing the 2 pantographs. This brown version was made in 1955 - 1956. So this would be known as a DL800 and also carries the number 3010-5 (there were 5 var...
  3. Hello "smilesflower" I may be able to help you if you send the photos to me at "" Do you have original boxes with each item ? What is the condition of each item ? (dents, rust, mi...
  4. Thank you all. Happy new year to each and all who visit.
  5. Soon. Thank you for your interest and nice comments.
  6. The oval frame is very old. Need to be extremely careful with it. The glass is perfect.
  7. I have never seen one this beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.
  8. Beautiful
  9. Very beautiful. Pink and the green one as well. I like the frosty appearance.
  10. Thank you Debra.
  11. Oh my, what a beauty. Awesome. Never seen anything like it before.
  12., actually AWESOME!
  13. Isn't this a wonderful place to show these beauties Debra ? Lots of knowledgeable people here to provide valuable information. Amazing what Paul found out!
  14. Beautiful.
  15. Yes, I too would like to see a clear photo of the markings. I have a English speaking German friend in Germany who loves researching these things. Looking forward to the photo.
  16. I love these decorative jars.
  17. Very beautiful.
  18. These cups are beautiful. Did they come as a set or did you purchase them separately ? Very nice!
  19. Beautiful little Marklin z scale layout. I would estimate the value of the set (engine and cars in box ) to be at around $200.00 max. I have not seen this particular set on eBay as of yet. Your ...
  20. Hi there. I took a long look at the photos you posted. The locomotive of potential value is the SK800 (black streamlined steam engine). Take a lok at my collection, you will find it there. Unfor...
  21. Beautiful set and layout! Your crocodile is a powerful little engine. Always love looking at Swiss landscaping too. Do you have Marklin oil to lubricate the little gears ? I have a crocodile just...
  22. Hi Jackeline. This passenger car dates back from 1958 to 1971. Yours is a 2nd class. The 1st class were made between 1952 to 1954. All metal construction. It should have clear plastic window str...
  23. Wow, even the box looks pristine. Nice old set. If you use it someday, be sure to get a little bottle of Marklin oil to lubricate the engine. They tend to dry up sitting in boxes for years. Than...
  24. I am a Marklin collector from way back. The items you posted look like they are in fine condition. These were mass produced and many are now in poor condition. Yours still look great, almost like ...
  25. Hello Richard. My apologies for he long delay in responding, divorce will do that to a person. Would you have pictures to email to me so I can take a close look at what you have ? I do have Markl...
  26. My apologies for the long delay in responding, divorce will do that to a person. Again, thank you bahamaboy for your expert advice and info. I sure appreciate you taking the time to provide this val...
  27. Apologies for the long delay in responding, divorce will do that to a person. Thank you for your awesome response bahamaboy. I appreciate it very much.
  28. My apologies for the long delay, divorce will do that to a person. bahamaboy, no, I have no plans to sell anything. All of what I put up on this wonderful site was passed down in the family. Each ...
  29. Another thing. Lubrication may be an issue with any locomotive and cars (wheels) that have sat in boxes for years. I would not run them much until they are lubricated with proper Marklin oil which ...
  30. My apologies for the long delay in responding, divorce will do that. Thank you for the interesting comment Tina. I hope you have kept your Marklin and taken some photos of it. If you have photos, ...
  31. My apologies for the delay in responding to you, divorce will do that. I truly appreciate the information I am receiving on this and other very old pieces handed down in the family. The historical ...
  32. My apologies for a long time away from here. Divorce will do that. Thank you everyone for your responses. Yes, this piece is in pristine condition. Not a mark on it. This and everything else I h...
  33. Good day to you. There are 11 cups and 11 spoons on this. There is one spoon slot with no spoon. Yet ifI was to add another cup, there is no room for it on the tray. Baffles me. No, I have not c...
  34. Was away for a long time (divroce does that to a person), but I am back. I will try to take an inside photo soon.
  35. Thank you. I have to renew my pictures of my Marklin train collection. I have more of them out on display now. Thanks miKKoChristmas11. Have a blessed day.
  36. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you.
  37. Hi Paul. Sorry for the long delay. Had some personnal problems to deal with. Have you found the light bulbs for your SK 800 ?
  38. Very good and thank you once again for your expert knowledge. The coin does look like it has never seen much use. It's been in the family for ever. Thanks again.
  39. Thank you for your note bahamaboy. May I ask what is meant by "AU" and "BU" ? Thanks
  40. Beautiful collection.
  41. I would love to see your collection.
  42. Here's where I put the photos:
  43. Hi back. The green W/#2 on it may be a 346/1. Does it have a set of tail lights mounted on top at one end ? If it is, it is a 346/1B. Also known as a #4007. You did not mention tail lights so...
  44. Try eBay to see if there is one on there. Value is based on rarity, condition, and original box. I've seen American Flyer locos on eBay before, so give it a try.
  45. What guage is it ?
  46. One more link.
  47. All right, that worked. On the "caboosehobbies link, when you're in there, click on "Links", then on "Manufacturers". Scroll down and KATO USA opens up. I tried each of them and they work for me....
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