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Hi, I'm a self employed Ornamental Iron guy that loves old Advertising like gas and oil, aviation, motorcycles, soda and even a few 1920's toys. I love the hunt anHi, I'm a self employed Ornamental Iron guy that loves old Advertising like gas and oil, aviation, motorcycles, soda and even a few 1920's toys. I love the hunt and to see what others dig up. (Read more)


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Yellow Cab Cigars, Box, And glass Display Cover - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Valvoline Countertop Display - Petrolianain Petroliana
Late 1800's Leaded Glass Soda Fountain - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Early 20's Polarine Oil Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
1913 Motorcycle Catalogs - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
1951 Die Cut and embossed 7up Sign - Signsin Signs
Hand Forged Future Antique Pontiac Weathervane - Petrolianain Petroliana
1954 58" Die cut Marathon sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1920's Buddy L Wrecker with most of it's original decals - Model Carsin Model Cars
1930's 48" Marathon Sign in original ring. One of  the favorite signs in my collection! - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Thanks !
  2. isearchuwin, Thanks for your comments! Glade you enjoyed it….
  3. Thanks Officialfuel !!!
  4. Hey Mustangtony, I'll have to look, i think they are 4oz. No maker......Thanks
  5. No more 7up right now........
  6. Ar8Jason, Your right, the red, white and blue is great! I just like to see the old colors that a company hasn't used for over 70 years.....
  7. Thanks for the love................
  8. The fountain is definitely old but the name plate was added later. These are pretty rare, (from what i gather) besides the two on the high dollar fountain that sold i've only seen them on old Coca-col...
  9. That's it... a lamp shade! Look up the Coca- Cola Worlds Fair Soda Fountain that sold at the Coca-Cola museum here in Kentucky a month or so ago. The one that brought 4.2 million ....Yes $4.2 million...
  10. Just left a bid on one of those and it sold for $710.00 and i'm still looking! LOL Nice piece to go with the Gasoline stuff!
  11. I would clean and wax it, but no clear.....
  12. I only put that i Liked it because i'm a Chevy Guy but i Love it! LOL Nice sign in Killer condition................Great story too!
  13. Thanks for the loves...... Rocker-sd, I see in your bio you like soda fountain stuff! I have a cool late 1800's alabaster soda fountain with leaded glass shade that you might like to see. I will ...
  14. I like the green, black, tan and orange better too, i think they changed to red, white and blue in the 40's or 50's........
  15. Thanks for the L's..........
  16. I would like to see the crate too!
  17. For info on the sign please email me @
  18. Thanks Packrat-place.......
  19. I love the graphics at the bottom! Nice can....Better buy! $8.00 LOL I think you did good.... Is it a Gallon or a Five Quart?
  20. Fits well with the rest of your collection...........Nice!
  21. Since he was told to be more generous, he would try to give me $100.00 for it. LOL On the other hand Ricks Restoration would tell me it was worth $15000.00 so he could charge me $2500.00 to clean it ...
  22. Thanks AR8Jason, I'm glad you like it! Maybe on the next one we can work something out. A gift of course, no selling on this forum. I almost did it again. LOL Thanks everyone!
  23. Two different companies. Thanks to all...........
  24. Great sign! Rare too.........
  25. No holes tommy1002.....I guess it was a small caliber. Thanks
  26. Thanks for the heads up! I guess i should read the rules ! LOL Powers to be will remove it if they would like. Sorry!
  27. Finding one with two good ends is hard but when you do they bring good money. One just sold on ebay with two good end for $700.00 plus....Average one goes for $250.00 to $300.00 Good find!
  28. Thanks Mustangtony, I'll take a look.......
  29. Thanks Mustangtony, The sign is embossed ...Should have mentioned that at the start. I would think there would have been a lot of them made due to cost of dies. Made by Stout sign company, St Louis.....
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Vintage Ford V8 Sign


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