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Originals only I'm not a decorator. Always looking to buy automotive dealership neons, porcelain signs, clock face gas pumps, and gas globes. Contact: flash03@comcasOriginals only I'm not a decorator. Always looking to buy automotive dealership neons, porcelain signs, clock face gas pumps, and gas globes. Contact: (Read more)


  1. The Magnolia Petroleum Company was an early twentieth century petroleum company in Texas and was founded on April 24, 1911 as a consolidation of several earlier companies. Standard Oil of New York (So...
  2. Congratulations for achieving the "Most Popular All Time". Three years running next to officialfuel, only 25 comments, 84 love it, 10 like it, ended 2013 on top.
  3. I agree with above. Great piece! Happy Holidays Michael
  4. Nice sign Derrick
  5. I don't believe A M Sign Company Lynchburg Va. made any porcelain signs. Would you venture to say the Goodrich Tires sign is painted tin?
  6. Great sign! Did your Father work for Mobil?
  7. "This sign is in excellent shape and very rare." They must be coming out of the woodwork now...
  8. Nice sign Michael! I hope you left a TIP...
  9. Nice sign!
  10. There is a NOS coming up for auction. Will have to see what it brings then compare to the eBay purchase.
  11. Very Nice chevy59!!!
  12. NICE score!
  13. AND don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen...
  14. I was present at the auction where it was purchased, BUT the buyer can let the cat out of the bag if he wishes.
  15. I had a collector always tell me "..... :)" Smart Buy & Nice Sign!!
  16. The third picture is c1947 two sided painted tin worth ~$900.
  17. My favorite......BEER!
  18. Worry about what it's worth when you decide to sell it.
  19. The building is FOR SALE! Did you get a photo of the Auto ? building across the street seen in the window reflection of the Chevrolet dealership.
  20. I'm not interested, but I'm sure gargoylecollector would step up to the plate and pay full retail...STRIKEOUT!
  21. No! I don't have to argue with people. I gave an educated opinion. What harm was done? Have a Happy 4th of July...2012!
  22. A chip by the L which looks like the size of a quarter (or bigger) is NOT considered "minty" by any advertising collector. The porcelain loss is also in the "face" of the sign, not the edge which detr...
  23. SKYY Vodka to releax the addiction :) There is no cure...
  24. Great garage sale shopper. Love the graphics on the Nourse can. Texaco outboard is also cool.
  25. Nice sign. One just sold exactly like this a week ago. If you want some education, send an email to and I'll help you anyway I can.
  26. Ray... that is about the best paragraph you have ever written for CW. It's the truth and spoken with honesty. I "Like it."
  27. Nice sign! Be careful what you use to clean it. Send me an email and I'll tell you a secret that will yield awesome results.
  28. Thanks for sharing Stonie.
  29. The roof on the house started leaking today. Pennegar to the rescue. Very nice cans and God Bless your Grandmother!
  30. Hi Bill, the REO Sales-Service signs that I'm aware of and look identicial to yours are double-sided aluminum... NOT porcelain. Feel free to send me an email at ( and we can have a...
  31. Cool... another gas & oil collector. I always enjoy meeting new people in the hobby. Please feel free to contact me... Thanks
  32. YES... please send.
  33. So where is the original crate it was found in? Let me know.
  34. BEAUTIFUL & AWESOME pool table. If it ever needs a new home put me at the top of your list.
  35. Nice sign! I've never seen or heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.
  36. Cool pinball machine. I'll have my quarters ready on my next visit. Get your practice in before the high score belongs to ME. ha-ha, tee-hee, chuckle-chuckle, LOL !!
  37. AWESOME! What else did you expect me to say?
  38. A KILLER candy machine. Looks great!
  39. Now that's a Kool beverage sign...
  40. Sorry I can't answer your question, but I love it!
  41. I have NEVER seen another like it. What ever the offer is I'm sure the sentimental value is worth more than the money. Keep it and enjoy the memories.
  42. I was hoping to see today's lunch posted. Maybe you were tired from cleaning LOL. You are off and running into 2012. Nice pick "Officialfuel"!
  43. I never played Space Invaders on a pinball machine, but I sure remember sitting in front of the TV for hours playing it on Atari. Love it...
  44. Great story. Have your Mom vote, she will "Love It" as I do.
  45. You should have hung the sign in the crate on the wall and plugged it in. Oh well, a little too late for that idea. Some value was lost by doing what you done. Nice find.
  46. Where was that hiding? Awesome!
  47. Happy Holidays chevy59! See ya soon...
  48. Glad I could help on value. Awesome pick! Happy Holidays Officialfuel
  49. This is Show & Tell. When can I visit?
  50. You have a nice obsession loftbed! Cheers!
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