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At present I have Depression Glass, Muranos and some Pattern Glass. I've just started doing this and Im trying to learn patterns and how to detail my finds. Any helpAt present I have Depression Glass, Muranos and some Pattern Glass. I've just started doing this and Im trying to learn patterns and how to detail my finds. Any help will be appreciated. (Read more)


  1. Thanks racer4four. His other stuff is incredible. He makes life size ceramic figures. Everything is so real down to a blue vain in a foot. lol. Take a look for yourself.
  2. Looks very much like my old set that was stolen from a shipping container in Europe. I miss my Matchboxes and Hot Wheels.
  3. Thanks blunderbuss2. I dont think it is Chinese, lol
  4. There is no way this is a Baccarat. It does have what appears to be a star and a fish etched in the bottom. Could not find any artists with that mark.
  5. I used to live about 1 hr away from both Iittala and Nuutajarvi . I think the Finnish glass is some of the best in the world.
  6. I have 6 of them with the same design.
  7. Thanks.
  8. There was one on Worthpoint that was in terrible condition. This link says it was circa 1840. So I'm going with that. This is one of the oldest pieces I have now.
  9. Like a real lady does, lol. I found one just like here here.
  10. Hello Just curious is anybody every found out about the Red Crown label and where it was produced. I have a blue cased glass dish I could have sworn it was a Murano.
  11. Was told that this is a Kutana but it is fresh from the kiln, lol
  12. Thank you very much. I was wondering about how brass and copper patina would look like. You are right, it is most likely brass because it is very heavy. I was trying to date it. I think maybe the 50's...
  13. After a closer look I believe the tubes to be copper. There is a greenish patina on some of the tubes.
  14. Could it be West Germany. Honk Kong or Japan? My guess is Germany.
  15. Mid Century Yamasan Modernist Brutalist Ikebana Studio Pottery Triangular bowl. I just didn't think about it being Japanese.
  16. Thanks for the response. I don't have a clue. I didn't even think that it could be Japanese. Atomic Age. Godzilla. Japan. Why not?
  17. Yes just saw the roadster. pretty cool. I believe they are the same maker.
  18. Just been researching. Maybe Irice Irving W. Rice & Co, New York? Similar products but not exact? Thsi sucker has got to be made in the 30' at least.
  19. It's been two years, since I put these on. I still have them and I have not found the clown at all in my research. I have found the cowboy in a few places but there has been no information as to who t...
  20. I guess i need a lesson on how to tell an original from a canvas print.
  21. Thanks for the info. I don't know much about paintings. This is a canvas print on an Arco Bilt wood frame. Still a cool painting. Still not gonna be a millionaire
  22. I'm sure the wife will not want me to put it up in my room.
  23. I'm guessing abstract style. Really wish I could make out the artist name. I think I can almost read 1965. Funny you can see more from the regular view.
  24. I think they are beautiful
  25. Thank you so much. I hope my money was spent wisely. I paid 1 dollar for each lol.
  26. Still kind of curious as to what the creature is in back. Some kind of bird, turtle? And do you think that the vegetation on the side could be a palm tree or a flower? Seems this decanter had it all g...
  27. Well thanks for the comments. I'm sure it is new-ish. I think I will keep it around the house to amuse my wife, NOT. ROFL
  28. I couldn't find the Coro Craft mark that is on this brooch. I wish it were real gold. What a great Christmas it would be. lol
  29. Well maybe it isn't ugly. It is big, gaudy and heavy. I'm not a woman but it seems that a brooch this big and heavy will always be problematic.
  30. It is not so little. It is 3 3/8" in diameter. That's approximately 8.5 cm. So it is the size of Texas
  31. Yep, that's it. Seems mine is missing Saturn. The star is mounted behind the sun. So it will be worthless missing these pieces. I only paid $2 for it but got some fun put of it, lol.
  32. It was bought from a little African American's estate sale. This lady wore furs and such. This piece was so totally out of character. I believe it has some age and not made as a Steampunk. Maybe it's ...
  33. I had most of my Matchbox and Redline Hotwheels solen in a shipping container. I did not realize until then when I had to value them. I was excited to get a lot of cash back but those were mine and I ...
  34. I was told this bracelet was most likely Eastern European, possible even German or Austrian, probably before 1930. As far as the Swastika it is a good luck kind. Nazis used a more tilted symbol. Is th...
  35. I was told this bracelet was most likely Eastern European, possible even German or Austrian, probably before 1930. As far as the Swastika it is a good luck kind. Nazis used a more tilted symbol. Is th...
  36. After two years I looked at this watch again. I was amazed that the back of the watch was off. I was unable to get the back off and could not identify this watch. Well now it is opened and guess what....
  37. That's what I thing. Buddha or Hindu. My guess it is Thai. I'm just guessing by the look and feel of the thing.
  38. Hello, It looks like a trench watch. The only way to know is to get the movement number from the inside. Open the back and that will tell you everything you need to know
  39. Thanks Antique. Yes I got a bunch of interesting things from a jewelers estate in Florida. There are more things I need to get identified because I just can't do it myself. And thanks for the Chilea...
  40. I saw one of these yesterday at auction with tag but I can't remember the maker
  41. Well I will for sure. I kept coming back to this piece. I thought it was somehow special. Didn't really think it was South American. I was thinking Northern Africa. Where could someone get something l...
  42. It explains a lot. I got this piece from a jewelers estate. There are several South and Central American items there. It seems obvious that the person was in this area buy the other items. I have Guat...
  43. Wow thank you so much. It does look similar. I guess I need to test this for silver now. It weights 235 grams. Hard to believe someone lady could wear something like that but then again I don't see ho...
  44. It is not magnetic at all.
  45. I have my doubts too that it is silver. I have a tester but I can't seem to be able to really read the results. Maybe I am doing it wrong. I did not test this piece. It is well made and a wonderful ...
  46. Well I thought it could be something to do with a belly dancer. I also thought it could be something to do with a cape? I dont know
  47. Nah I'm all for a good time. Thanks a lot for all the info. I still don't know if I have a good investment or not, lol. I'd love to know when it was made.
  48. I have another one of a man carrying a woman on back. Same signatures. I am hoping these are not fake. I believe they are ivory or another kind of bone. You can see the grain. I was also hoping these ...
  49. I've looked at the article. Are the holes in the right place? I don't see any circles around the holes. It is signed? I still dont know if it is Japanese or Chinese. I'm more confused now lol.
  50. Hello. I have the piece in hand. I haven't look at the youtube yet. It is not hollow and the holes are connected.
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