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  1. This is a GREAT Bitters bottle ! It is about time someone has finally posted a real bottle in C.W. This bottle is in the Twenty Thousand dollar league or more. The best thing to do is not to rush into...
  2. Real Nice...... Let me get my BB gun !!!! LOL
  3. Very nice !!
  4. I can remember buying one of these in the early 1970's. It was in a novelty store on Long Island. I gave it to my girl friend at the time. I thought it was funny, she thought it was funny.... But her ...
  5. Blunderbuss.... The city of Savannah has taxed us to death around here to keep everything a float !!!
  6. Very Nice... Do not clean the dust off of them yet. Can you post photo's of the bottoms of the bottles. This way we can see if they are pontiled or not.
  7. This is the first time in thirty years of bottle collecting that I have ever seen one that has not been opened.... Awesome.... You need to open it.... And drink it.... Be thirsty my friend !!! ...
  8. Your photo's really show the true beauty of the color of this bottle... Awesome !!!
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Robert Barr - Bottles 1915 Western Electric Candlestick Phone 1934-1936  Metalcraft of St.Louis...Pure Oil Co. Tanker Truck Blue Sunoco Porcelain Pump Plate Sign...Four Colors Old Radio Control Airplane...Lucky " 7 " Gee Bee Super Sportster Gorgeous Huge Pave Rhinestone KJL Butterfly Brooch Pin Bad A** Cocaine Mosaic Style Belt Buckle w/ Turquoise Inlay I cant find any info on this bowl help! More pin-ups.