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Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Hi there. I am a 42 yr old guy from Canada. I have been collecting one thing or another since I was a kid. Recently over the last year or so I have become crazy for Hi there. I am a 42 yr old guy from Canada. I have been collecting one thing or another since I was a kid. Recently over the last year or so I have become crazy for vintage/antique advertisement items with a focus on soda signs and advertisement pieces. I've been building a collection at a steady pace:) I love all aspects of the experience. From networking, hunting the treasure, and presenting it through my living space. Great fun. Over time I will continue to post pics of the many pieces I have acquired so far... So, hope you enjoy them and I'm looking forward to viewing all the cool pieces this site showcases. Regards from Canada, J.Diggs (Read more)


  1. I'm going to have to pull out the paddles, turn it up to ten and cyber blast ya... Come back BB2. You're going down the rabbit hole!!!!
  2. Thanks Pops. Glad u like
  3. Still laughing!
  4. Oil signs aren't normally for me.. but this is one of the ones I want. Such a cool sign. Good find
  5. WOW... impressive
  6. Amazing. Great item. Great story.
  7. Oh ya, I won't ask, lol.
  8. Hey there Jewels. Getting in on the fun, eh. Thanks for the comment:)
  9. It's an American soda drink thats been around since the 30s. I'm always running into the old bottles.
  10. Love ur profile pic:)
  11. Hahaha. Jus listened to it. Yours is way more funky with a good lil dance beat. Cute:)
  12. Lol, thanks again. I think its pretty funny that you were just listening to Frosty The Snowman. Good times:D
  13. No doubt. It definitely is a treasure. Great find.
  14. No need to apologize. I'm the one who told you to dress up like Mary Poppins for Halloween, oops:) No, the humor is that normally the snowman has a pipe in it's mouth. Actually almost always. So to ha...
  15. Thanks again Nobucks. I didn't know that...From what I was told this sign was only ever in a private collection, so it probably didn't get banged around too much.
  16. Hi there Nobucks. Thanks for the comments. As u can see, I was able to get the backside on the post... I just had to eat the blue pill;)
  17. Thanks for the comments Digitali5. No I haven't seen that. Peaking my interest in a scary kinda way. Yikes!!
  18. Hi Patsea. Thanks for the comments.. No it's not a Christmas tradition. Although I'm sure the cigarette companies wish it was, lol. The Marlboro Reindeer! I can already envision the sign:)... I'm pret...
  19. Thanks vetraio50, CindB and pops for the comments and all that love it:)
  20. Thanks for the comments..... and laughs.
  21. You have some great things dude.. Now that's a tin with POWER. I'm sure you've heard that one before, lol... I want one. Love it!
  22. Thanks for the kind words CindB:)
  23. Sorry on the name mistake agh. A little minor dyslexia, lol
  24. Thanks Jewels, adhcollect. Glad u like:)
  25. Beautiful clock. I'm drooling....
  26. I remember that... when they use to tally up the billions served and it would increase every so often. Now a days, Mc Donalds serves 1% of the global population every day. The picture is a great lil ...
  27. What a great original pic! Where did u find it? Alot of brain power in that little picture. Love it..
  28. Nice!!
  29. More creative Coke ideas. Cool idea. Too bad the red tape held you back from the millions:) I see you have heard the whispers before...
  30. I love that first one with the resovoir. Great color and patina.
  31. Cold 73°F nights! It was -30°C with wind chill here last night... Very cool jacket tho. Levis never dies. Although u would if u worn that here at this time of the yr at night!
  32. If you turn up the volume you will hear the whispers... Good comic relief in the morn. Love it
  33. Nice! Still lovin on that box, lol.
  34. Lol! Thats awesome bb2.. Yes they can be militant. Pulled a fast one on them!!
  35. Hi there antique rose. Jus tried to edit in the backside label of the clock. But for some reason when I try to chose file it won't accept it. Not sure why. Tried several times:/ I'll try again tomorro...
  36. Cool bottles. Great display pics. What are Warners? How old?
  37. Awesome tin. Very cool
  38. Thanks for the love and comments guys...
  39. Thank u for the love its. Another one of my favorites paired with Boulevard Stop.
  40. Thanks pops and sean for the kind words. Glad u like it
  41. Thanks to all who are checking out with love one of my favorites:)
  42. Thanks for the love everyone. Appreciated:)
  43. Thanks for the love it from everyone... Thanks for the comment Sean68. Ya the Kik bottle is pretty old. It has 8cents in the ACL label. Thats going back a ways when a big bottle was that cheap. I was ...
  44. Thanks guys for the love and comments.... Sweet Phil. Keep vinyl djing alive. This may be my old school opinion, but I think there is WAY more artistry in vinyl mixing. I still remember the first par...
  45. Thanks for all the love out there. I'll take a pic of the back label for ya antique rose as soon as I can.. No, I don't think Pam made clocks without the bubble face. I haven't seen any. This clock is...
  46. Thanks to everyone for their "love it". Glad u guys luv it.
  47. Thanks pops:)
  48. Great box. Really nice item. I'd be all over this if it crossed my path. It's got it all. Clean and well built, subect matter and it's from Boston. Couldn't be cooler. Love it.
  49. LOVE IT..... Big time. Great box. Great find. Mmmmm.
  50. A nice piece. Do you have the key? Either way, love it. Cheers
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