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I collect a lot of different things, generally just things I find interesting. I love soda bottles, old toys, things made in Detroit and elsewhere in Michigan. I preI collect a lot of different things, generally just things I find interesting. I love soda bottles, old toys, things made in Detroit and elsewhere in Michigan. I prefer pre-1970's items, but don't necessarily limit my collection to that. In general, I will love anything that has quirk and character and is old. (Read more)


  1. Thanks!
  2. Wow! Thanks for the research! I found my info mostly based on some photos of cameras that appeared to be the same. I guess they either weren't the same or were incorrectly identified.
  3. Thanks! That helps, the latter makes more sense.
  4. Thanks! Makes sense.
  5. Awesome! They are well built cameras, no doubt.
  6. I think that actually is Ken. I think Allan had more of a curl of hair on his forehead originally, whereas Ken originally had more of a crew cut. He looks like the brunette version of my blonde Ken, w...
  7. Thanks for the link!
  8. My dad loved these models and this was his favorite Universal Monster. I got him a reproduction of this model last year. The repro box is identical.
  9. Always dig the hand breaks on the Schwinns. I had a red Schwinn Typhoon for a while, which appeared to be the same frame as a Sting Ray. Not sure if there was a difference other than the name.
  10. That's the one! Sorry, it's hard for me to see some of the details on bottles when they're textured. Thanks for the info and the link!
  11. It doesn't have the anchor, it says Duraglas, has a logo that resembles Saturn, and various numbers (g-94, 3, 47, and 20). So the number that makes most sense is 47.
  12. Great, thanks for the info! That's helpful.
  13. Awesome! It seems like a lot of dad's carried one of these. You're not the first I've heard that from!
  14. I also have a Silvertone. The only thing I know about it is that it's a sibling company of Danelectro.
  15. True! Simplicity is key!
  16. These always make me think of Back to the Future when Marty travels in time to the 50's, steals one of these from a kid, rips the crate off, and cruises it like a standard skateboard.
  17. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it again, I don't think it made any noise, but I wonder if there's any little humming or ticking like it's trying to do something.
  18. That's what I thought, but I saw one like this dated in the early 70's. Perhaps it was dated incorrectly.
  19. Good to know, thanks!
  20. Nothin'. Totally busted.
  21. Thanks!
  22. The battery compartment actually appears to be in pretty good shape, better than the rest of him. He does have teeth, but he's kind of stuck in the position he's in since he doesn't work. Even if he's...
  23. The signature Coca Cola bottle shape wasn't introduced until I believe somewhere around 1917, possibly as late as 1920. They were typically straight sided like yours up until that point. Once they ada...
  24. Ah, got it. I'll have to figure out how to take a look inside without damaging it. Haven't tried to before.
  25. Thanks for the info! This was one of the harder ones to track down info on. Unfortunately, the back is totally blank.
  26. Interesting that you say that. I saw one of these at an antique store and also fell in love with it, but it was priced ridiculously high. So I passed it up and found one on eBay for a much better pric...
  27. My hometown!
  28. It looks like the copyright in the first photo is 1965. If you ask me, a 47 year old can of spinach is pretty old! Much of that sort of thing is in landfills now.
  29. Interesting, same logo? https://www.faygo.com/Display.aspx?id=20 This is the Faygo history site where I found info on these.
  30. I have an Icy Hot thermos from the same year in my show and tell. Different style. Check it out.
  31. I dunno, maybe it's more of a vase since it doesn't have the hole in the bottom. Just a thought that might change your search. I've never seen a head vase so cartoony and with so little paint detail. ...
  32. Thanks! It sounds like there's a lot more out there than I found in my initial search!
  33. Did you just gut it and place a tank inside? It looks great.
  34. Great info, thanks!
  35. Thanks for the link!
  36. The user in the comment section provided a link that led me to the conclusion that it is late 30's or early 40's. To me, it appears earlier than 70's. The text on the back, number of bubbles on the fr...
  37. Great story!
  38. Thanks for the tip! I was definitely off. It's funny though. Based on this, the front is dated 1936-1939 and the back is dated 1940-1946, possibly as late as 1948. So my guess is that it's around 1939...
  39. This bottle is more scarce than some because it is straight sided, instead of Coke's signature bottle shape. I believe that dates this bottle pre-1920. The fact that it is green glass dates it as well...
  40. Sterling
  41. Thank you! It was salvaged from my great uncle's attic.
  42. Who knew?! Posted a photo that I think you can see pretty well under the marker. Thanks!
  43. I'll try to take a photo of it, but unfortunately it's been colored over with black marker. I can see it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to capture it well in a photo.
  44. I have a 7 oz that is painted with the shield logo and that logo came out no earlier than the 40's, I suspect it is early 60's. So it's interesting that they said they only produced 7 oz in the 20's. ...
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