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I've been collecting for 38+ years and thanks to my lengthy active duty and now civil service Air Force career I've been everywhere to satisfy my crazy addiction! II've been collecting for 38+ years and thanks to my lengthy active duty and now civil service Air Force career I've been everywhere to satisfy my crazy addiction! I started with Coca-Cola like many and quickly expanded to everything and anything unique however, advertising will always be my first love. I will not stop till I drop!! (Read more)


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Jumbo Cola Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
My 1971 BSA 650 cc Motorcycle - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Some favorite signs of mine: Dr. Swetts, Flying A Gas, Puroxia and Sunbeam Bread - Advertisingin Advertising
Newly Acquired 1937 Dr. Pepper sign.   - Advertisingin Advertising
Coke Cooler Sign w/Arrow - Signsin Signs
Traded one rare Dr Pepper tray for these plus cash - Advertisingin Advertising
Air Force/Army Recruiter Porcelain Sign - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Awesome Foreign Porcelain Beer Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Large Barq's and Vernors Tin Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
My favorite beer sign - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. rustytools, I'd like to see a picture of yours. Never seen one w/o chain holes. Jim
  2. I added the tray I traded. Supposedly, one of two known.
  3. Harder one to find too! I also love the unusual!!
  4. Love this sign!
  5. I have a porcelain brown and beige one like it and a blue one too! They are so cool and I think they are the best vintage stamp machines around.
  6. Lucky man! I always wanted one of these!
  7. Awesome sign. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Concur with Fifties50s but the rest look great! Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people out there trying to deceive us collectors. Every time I go on Ebay I see more. Be aware!
  9. It was my favorite beer sign however, I sold it this weekend to someone who appreciates it and will restore it with neon.
  10. Have not seen it in a Petretti book. I took a picture of my rectangular bottle sign and sent it to him prior to the internet. He responded with the answer above.
  11. Seen one like it recently down a Tennessee back road and they wanted about $2200 for it. It was clean like yours! Also had the rectangular portion by itself. Alan Petretti said it was a part of a l...
  12. These were sold by Walmart in the 80's or 90's. I bought two at the time. I do not know how scarce they are but I've been collecting for 30 years and have come accross few. Cool item!
  13. Hope you find the rest!
  14. These stories are what keeps me going. Fantastic sign!!
  15. I love the old bus signs but don't see too many for sale..
  16. Found out from the curator of the DP museum in Waco that it's one of two known. Made my day and possibly my year!
  17. I bought one 10 years ago but lost it in a divorce. I paid ~$180 for it then, was offered $300 in 2006 and believe it would fetch ~$400 on the open market today. Spinner signs are definately cool! ...
  18. Thanks for the love and comments!
  19. Moonstonelover21...Thanks for all the love!!
  20. I have the sign and truck along with the pumps. It is a way cool miniature set! Congrats! It may be a while before you find the rest!
  21. Thanks for the comment. Have you ever seen another. I have not! I'm normally a skeptic but I tend to believe this one is real until I see a flood of repops on the market. I've been buy and selling ...
  22. Never seen one but it appears to be the history of the girl on the moon logo for Miller. It's awesome!
  23. One just sold for $4600! Most I've seen it go for.
  24. I just sold the other one!
  25. Blindorange, I was in contact with the curator for the Waco DP Museum and he stated the same. Could you post a picture of what the tray looks like with the original chain?
  26. I have not seen this version before...beautiful!!
  27. Always liked this one just never been able to get one...yet!
  28. Nice sign! Have not seen many of these!
  29. Love th eplates and insulator sign. Great collection!
  30. I have one just like it but with a chain to hang it. I've had two but sold one. It is thick porcelain on curved metal...maybe iron. It appears to be from the 30s or 40s due to its construction but ...
  31. Agree about the "it". If you like the sign thats all that is necessary! The "it" may be different for some but usually a common theme for long time collectors. Again, thanks for the love and I must...
  32. Thanks for all the love!
  33. Thanks for the love!
  34. Thanks DCB!
  35. Great sign! I've had all the pieces separately but never together.
  36. Thanks Russ!
  37. True! I believe it was close to Budweiser's tag line...King of Beers.
  38. I've only seen it on early DP advertising, that I can recall, but I am not an expert. Maybe someone else out there knows the answer? Thanks for asking.
  39. Spent time in Austin during the early 1990s but not a Texan! I'm a Tennessean from Florida who lived in many states but still love the DP.
  40. Blunderbuss2, I wish I could say I did but I don"t know the Kevin you refer to. Jim
  41. Nope...Never! Nice sign!!
  42. Thanks for the love!
  43. AR8Jason, I sent pictures and decription to the DP site provided. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks for the help and interest!
  44. Awesome! I drink DP when Coke is unavailable but really enjoy DP advertising! I also have the authentic DP tray with the lion. Only seen one other,
  45. If you're going to be lucky enough to find a coke machine it might as well be a darn good one. Congrats!
  46. Thanks AR8Jason! I added a picture of the back and will consult the site provided.
  47. Love the aviation stuff!
  48. Mines looks the same except the mint wheel. Thanks for the pic!
  49. Thanks for the great info and love! If I were to sell it what's a reputable site to sell it on?
  50. Thanks thisoldwatch! Pictures don't show it but it has the original ranrod with it. I appreciate the info!! Ever seen this gun before?
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1864 A. Lincoln/A. Johnson Ferrotype