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Dayton, OH

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I am the yankee daughter of a southern mother with a love for most things old and rusty. I am known to frequent auctions, flea markets, and yard sales in search for I am the yankee daughter of a southern mother with a love for most things old and rusty. I am known to frequent auctions, flea markets, and yard sales in search for our nations history beneath the dirt and grime. I am a country girl with an old soul, heart of gold, and the spirit of a mustang that is too free to be corralled. (Read more)


  1. Thanks shelby! The thing weighs about 10 pounds....may cramp your style after a bit, LOL.
  2. Thank you kerry10456.
  3. It's absolutely gorgeous....I love it!
  4. This looks like something you would see in a parade during Mardi Gras!
  5. I love it! I have many fond memories of Woolworth's myself. Every time my family went there it was tradition to take home some of the hot, roasted peanuts. I miss these stores.
  6. I love The Cars!!! They kept it goin'...'til the sun fell down.....they kept it goin', LOL sorry I just couldn't help myself!
  7. Thanks Mammi...I wish I would have known Iowa had geodes. We stopped off there on our way to see Mt. Rushmore in 2009. We spent a day just playing in the hotel swimming pool, though we would have much...
  8. Thanks StihlCollector.
  9. Love the wire...hate the spider! That thing would give me nightmares!
  10. Love those tires! Give me a vintage pick-up with a set of "Big Daddys" on it and I would be in hog heaven!
  11. Thanks vanskyock24!
  12. Case is definitely a great knife to start collecting, they make some real beauties.
  13. I once hung upside down when a piece of barbed wire caught the seat of pants while trying to climb a fence on my grandma's farm, LOL! Ahhh yes...sweet memories.
  14. This is cute! There is just something about that little man...the curly hat...pointy toe shoes....sends shivers up my spine,LOL! ;)
  15. I love cream of wheat! I add brown sugar and honey to it....delicious.
  16. This brings back memories! I have an older sister that had a tan maverick. She named her Betty Lou and that car was a total clunker unless she promised her she was going out drinking and banged on the...
  17. I would love to do a ghost hunt in there!
  18. Beautiful!
  19. I love to keep old buttons on hand! They sometimes add that special little touch you need in projects.
  20. Absolutely cute as a button!
  21. There are people that collect the old cracker jack toys. I'm not quite sure of how they come by their value but I heard an antique dealer at the church I work at say he has sold some for $20-50.
  22. Oh great! I was just about to take a stagecoach trip across Ohio....LOL :)
  23. Beautiful!
  24. It's an absolute beauty!
  25. You don't have to look it up. I just thought it may have been on the label. I guess they didn't have to list ingredients back then. :)
  26. For some reason, looking at this makes me want chili and cornbread! LOL!
  27. What were the ingredients in the mock turtle soup?
  28. You did an excellent job, it's simply beautiful.
  29. Thank you for your interest Officialfuel. We have been using the church as a barn, but I would love to turn it into a house or a store for my antique business. It was the inspiration for my user name ...
  30. Thanks Savoychina and Tikiray. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted this home when we toured it. For me this is the ultimate collectible. My husband and I plan on paving a pathway and placing a...
  31. I think it would have to be in the $500-$1000 range AT LEAST! It's so unique. That upholstery is just the icing on the cake for this piece.
  32. People go nuts for these things up here in Ohio. I see them a lot at auctions and they usually end up selling around $100. As far as uses.......stick a witch beside it at halloween. Ha ha!
  33. I wish I could find pieces like this in my dumpster dives.
  34. Beautiful! This has a ton of potential.
  35. Love the upholstery! Is it a cotton or vinyl?
  36. I have one similar to this. The only difference is mine has the ridges all the way around the bottle. I thought it looked like a syrup bottle of some kind. My mother-in-law bought mine in the souvenir...
  37. If only that penny could talk.
  38. Oh, I feel sick for you! I think I would have gone bananas on my father-in-law and risked my husband divorcing me. LOL!
  39. That's a honey of a piece!
  40. I'd sure look good driving one of these! lol.
  41. So what you are saying is this may be able to handle any load I bring home from an auction? Hmmmmm!
  42. These are great. You always have some of the neatest stuff.
  43. I can't help you on a date for it, but it is a nice piece. I love pieces with this much age to them. It was obviously well loved.
  44. YEAH, They are worth a good fish dinner when you go out on a lake and use them! LOL!
  45. That is one bad piece of machinery! Hold onto that baby and every memory you have of your late husband, may he rest in piece.
  46. I think you've got something here. How did you come by it?
  47. Google 1950's novelty ink pens and you should come up with something.
  48. Absolutely gorgeous, I love them!
  49. Wow, what a fox! LOL :)
  50. Wow, you got a bargain! It's a great piece.
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