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Kalispell, Montana

I love antiques. Items from the past fascinate me. I am an avid collector of Barbed wire and related items.


  1. What an awesome find!
  2. There is a pair of NICE additions!
  3. pickingupbones, Thanks for sharing! You say you have others? Let's see them!! Happy collecting.
  4. I am going to TRY to make the April show, it's just so dang far to drive and yes it gets my blood pumping and occasionally even makes me light-headed.
  5. Stonesfan 1 What you have there is an anti-kick device used when milking cows by hand. The curved metal hooks fit on the back legs and prevented ol' bessie from kicking because her legs were hooked to...
  6. Thank goodness I haven't been bitten by the "tool" bug.!!! Wire seems to keep my bank account drained so I don't get the sickness. These are very nice. Thanks for sharing
  7. I believe they are ice tongs because of the sharply bent ends. They are a wonderful piece of history.
  8. purpleisafruit6, It is a more common wire. A collectors length of 18 inches is worth about a buck. It is still a very unique example of antique barbed wire. Enjoy!!!
  9. purpleisafruit6, what you have there is called Crandal "Zigzag". It was patented by Edward M. Crandal of Chicago on November 4, 1879. Patent # 221,158
  10. You have some absolute dandy wires there!!!
  11. The Thompson is a nice wire. I got to touch it at the super show.
  12. Look at that Daley wire!!! I need it.
  13. There are 3 barbs on the swan wire, it is a great wire.
  14. Some nice wires!! Always loved the ornamentals
  15. That certainly is a thing of beauty!
  17. Gatekeeper, I have wondered about this myself. I love the heavy line loop wires. I believe the "post" must have moved in and made the loop them moved out as the wire moved along... i don't know . ...
  18. Gotwire, Many thanks!!! Slowly but surely...
  19. Gotwire, It may be an ornamental... The points are blunt and short so that would make sense. The piece I have is about 2 feet long and it reverse twists between each set of barbs which leads me to bel...
  20. Gotwire, I have seen a couple of these but they were larger and didn't have the rim along the top. Is there a any stamp on the bottom?
  21. A nice wire to be sure... The 1603B and 738B have been on my "want list" for a long time. I like wires that are "outside" the box, especially the single lines.
  22. Whoa!! Is that a 1603B, Mihill single strand? One of my favorites.
  23. AWESOME displays Gatekeeper!!! Some very fine wires. I get the shakes when I look at them.
  24. VERY VERY NICE!!!!
  25. Man oh man!!!! That's a dandy wire! Now who's droolin'
  26. I'm sure my collection would pale by comparision to either one of you!!!
  27. Thanks Guys! Keep on making room for more.
  28. Wow! that's a nice wire!! Congratulations
  29. You really do know what my heart desires!
  30. No big spiders, just Grizzly bears. They eat the hoppers just fine. who's gonna stop them anyway?
  31. HAHAHAHA . Hey I'd take it since you already had it all set to give away. Buckthorn? Gee I don't think I've heard of that one.... Oh wait I think I have a stack of that out behind the shop!!! I'm su...
  32. Have a great time at the show. That spider is why I live where there is still snow on the ground in April. They don't have time to grow so dang big.
  33. Yeah it was fun!! Thanks Gatekeeper! I'll hold you to that "hard earned" wire. LOL We'll see about the winning wire!!
  34. Is it a amulet or pendant?
  35. Ok, Is there some ribbing on that bad boy?
  36. I'll have a go at this one... McNeill "Rider or H barb" - 199B Jayne & Hill " Locked staple with wood block" 570B Armstrong "Arrow Plate" 653B Not sure here but the tails aren't bent over or op...
  37. I still need a few more... But I'll get them. Thanks guys
  38. Yes, It is one of my favorites
  39. Very nice to know I'm not alone...
  40. Tex-N-Wire, Did you get it?
  41. Tex-N-Wire, I need an email address from you.
  42. Yeah, It's a bit smaller than the normal one.
  43. Without a doubt!!! They are eye-catching wires.
  44. No worries. Thanks for your interest
  45. Only painful if you hold 'em wrong!!! HAHA
  46. No, I can't imagine why anyone would cut one up!!! I do have to say that shorties make for some awfully nice displays. but still.... why cut up a $500 wire
  47. WOW!! You have SERIOUS WIRES my friend. I'm jealous as hell.
  48. Yeah, It gives me nightmares to think about cutting a perfectly good piece of wire into a little bitty one. They are space savers though.
  49. You've got to love those big showy Underwood barbs!!!
  50. "Wire nut" doesn't even begin to describe the affliction I have. I'm glad I found you folks!!
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Barbed Wire Mystery Pin 3 in one oil sample bottles Found this interesting Barb Wire Railroad tie datenails wierd wood face sculpture 1937 Daisy Air Rifle, Buck Jones Special My Ben Franklin Air Rifle NRA Crockery Churn #3 tool FIRST BARBED FENCE More "Finds" From 1300-1500 Florida Timucuan Indian Mounds in North East Florida 1869 PATENT MODEL TILTING GATE Rare Barbed Wire (Shorty's) Coleman Arc Lantern


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