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I collect all kinds of weird things; action figures, old kid's books, smashed souvenir pennies, Mexican wrestling masks, and even fake poop. I'm formerly the ActI collect all kinds of weird things; action figures, old kid's books, smashed souvenir pennies, Mexican wrestling masks, and even fake poop. I'm formerly the Action Figure Collecting expert for and now an Art Director for a new collectibles company called Mixo. I run a blog called Lair of the Dork Horde that celebrates comics, toys, books and other geeky things. Yes, that's right. I said "fake poop." (Read more)


  1. Valterra was known for making either licensed or knock-off skateboards sold cheaply at stores like K-mart. Sadly, Valterra decks are not very sought after today. But depending on the condition (do...
  2. Wow! This board is rad. I rode a no-name deck back in the day when all the other kids in my neighborhood were riding decks like this one. I eventually bought a sweet Tony Hawk deck with Slimeball whee...
  3. GO BEARS!!!
  4. What a cool score! I wish stuff like this happened to me. :)
  5. Thanks, guys! GO BEARS!
  6. Yep. All of the Kenner versions of this figure had that feature along with the Ben Kenobi and the first Luke figure.
  7. I have the red version of this car, complete with the dogs! I always thought they looked like a collie and a boxer. :)
  8. That's T-Bone from Extreme Dinosaurs!
  9. Thanks, Amber!
  10. That is just awesome. You could easily get $200 or more on eBay for this set, especially with the mug.
  11. Wow! I don't know what that thing is, either, but it's fantastic! I'm a pretty big Star Wars geek and collect many Star Wars bootleg and knock-off pieces, but even I have never seen that. You may want...
  12. As an avid comic book collector for the past 20 years, I can tell you that what you have there are only worth, at best, a couple of bucks each. They're in pretty rough condition and not exactly super ...
  13. These were made by a company called Tim Mee back in the late 70's and early '80s. I'll post some pics of my smaller figures soon. :)
  14. Fourpeeps - I totally agree. The other figures in the series are more Star Wars knock-off-ish, with the Darth Vader and R2D2 figures almost pushing the boundaries of copyright infringement.
  15. Stonesfan - The Mego versions? If so, those are worth a mint!
  16. That is not Robocop. This looks like one of the many die-cast Shogun Warrior figures from the late '70s. This one looks like Poseidon. You can actually see him in a catalog ad along with his Shogu...
  17. Oh man... I had every one of these when I was a kid. I totally remember that Taun Taun head. Love it!
  18. Ah yes... Carrie Fisher at her best. :)
  19. These were put out by Matchbox in 1978. You can see it in the package here: And this antique site has one loose for sale for $15: http://www.go...
  20. That Batmobile is priceless!
  21. I see these at toys shows pretty often and they all tend to go for around $10-$20, depending on condition. Maybe $25-$30 if it were mint. Still a cute piece which I remember fondly from my childhood.
  22. Back in '84, I had one of these clipped onto my backpack for all of 6th grade. :)
  23. Love this! ESB was always my favorite Star Wars movie, but I never had the ESB lunchbox (I did have Star Wars and Jedi, though). I think that for the school year after ESB came out, I opted for a Duke...
  24. Oh wow! I would have killed for this costume when I was a kid! So cool!
  25. Thanks for the comments, everyone! :)
  26. Nice! I have the Vader head from the Empire Strikes Back series and have never even seen these Jedi ones! How weird is it that they made one of the baby Ewok? Very, very cool.
  27. Ugh... I just passed on this lunchbox at a toy show for only $10 (a little beat up and no thermos), and now I'm kicking myself. Good for you for snapping one up when you had the chance!
  28. Oh man, I love the Shogun Warriors! I had Godzilla and Raydeen asa a kid and just recently found a minty Raydeen on eBay and had to have him. He's now on my shelf in my office and is as epic as I reme...
  29. Inhumanoids!!!
  30. Great costume! I had the Steve Austin action figure when I was a kid back in the late '70s. Never seen a Ben Cooper costume of him before. Truly a killer find!
  31. The Red Baron! One of the greatest redline Hot Wheels of all time!
  32. Wow! This is fantastic!
  33. I actually had that black T-top Trans Am in the first pic. One of my all-time favorite Hot Wheels car! And I remember that black Bronco in the third pic. Sadly, these are not worth a ton (I just bo...
  34. That is one angry looking E.T. ;)
  35. I love this so much! I've never even seen anything like it. Did they make other cereal characters, or just Tony?
  36. Yep. I had that one, too! I loved those little bottles in the crates.
  37. Nice vintage redlines!
  38. I have that very same Lone Ranger figure, but not Silver. Good one!
  39. Oh man, those Corgi sets are so sweet!
  40. I love the Batman pennants!
  41. Oh wow... I used to have this record and book set. Back in the days before VCRs this was the best way a kid could relive the movie. Classic.
  42. I actually had an older version of this set by Buddy L back when I was a kid. I used to love the tiny cases full of bottles. Nice find!
  43. Build it! And please post pics when it's done.
  44. Holy incredible collections!
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