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Northern New Jersey

I'm a steamfitter / Welder who loves to collect and pick !


  1. Thanks ! I sold it to a collector a few years ago . I figured he could use it more than me !
  2. Thanks for the info BHock
  3. Yes - I've heard that AR8Jason- thanks for the info
  4. Thanks Matty - Times are tough. I missed alot of time last year - luckily I'm busy now. Ever run into Tommy Inkhen or Russ Weiss ? I went to High School with them .
  5. Me likey :)
  6. thanks for the love manikin
  7. Saw it and loved it musikchoo - awesome find!
  8. Great yearbook! Gotta love the old baseball stuff
  9. Thanks buddy - don't make my wife jealous!
  10. Thanks Bellin68 - I look alot like him ! ( just saying )
  11. Someone brought in a similar letter to Pawn Stars and the President did indeed sign it . I think yours is real as well .
  12. I have the exact same plate ! Nice find ! My wife is French and we have over 50 HB items in our collection . It has some value - Alot more than you paid I'm sure !
  13. Awesome - you're lucky to have those
  14. Thank you Manikin - my feelings as well
  15. yes walksoftly I will- hopefully tonight Thanks
  16. Yes it does have a rocking mechanism that is amazingly still intact !
  17. T o me , that's what makes this lamp no ordinary lamp . Incredible detail as you point out. Thanks walksoftly
  18. I'm no expert either but I do agree with you . Thanks for the input walksoftly
  19. who's better than you Bellin !
  20. Thank you Mikko !
  21. Too many items with out love bump ! I need some loooove ! :)
  23. Thank you my friend
  24. Thank you - I don't know the year Bellin . I will check out the link right now ! Thank you Jen . I will also check out that museum .
  25. nice find !
  26. thanks for the info and the love !
  27. Thanks Bellin68 Unfortunately the one lens is damaged but still they are beautiful
  28. Maybe it was me who you saw ? I love the old family shots- yours included
  29. Thank you Bellin and mikko and everyone !
  30. One of my biggest regrets is selling my type 2 microbus uggghh Nice van !
  31. you found Prince Albert in the can !! lol
  32. Thank you Stefdesign - I may do that . I have around 20 other photos from this trip of him .
  33. thanks for the love - I love this shot as well
  34. Readinghis obit , I see he succeeded John Foster Dulles . He was also there in the pictures I have ,
  35. Yes - it is 1053 . Thanks !
  36. Nice - I used to work in alot of buildings in Newark and have found many brewery items . At one time Newark had many breweries - one reason was the pristine water of the old Morris Canal . I have a...
  37. No one has seen anything similar to this ?
  38. I sent them some pics . They said they will get back to me within 5 days . I'll keep you posted on the results. Thanks again !
  39. Thanks for the info Margaret ! I'm going to try that website . Your plate is similar so you are probably close with the early 20's date . I thought it might be abit older but who knows ?
  40. I have all of these as well - Nice
  41. Thank you for the great info
  42. Last question - any idea of the value of this? Not selling - just curious if there is any
  43. Ooops - I guess thermoplastic!
  44. I have been told the case is what's best about it. Someone told me it may be ivory? What material do you believe it to be?
  45. I believe it is on a piece of glass. My ancestors are English so that would make sense . Thanks again Scott
  46. Thanks Scott - I figured they had to be late 1800's
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