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Glass dragon paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spatter glass bud vase ( Czech. ??) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hugh 19 inches tall handblown vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Luigi Onesto ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Murano fish sculpture  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique German hand blown  Christmas ornament - Christmasin Christmas
Large Hand blown glass bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage viking epic bullseye votive candle holder - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Mid century Murano faceted sommerso caviar bowl - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
1896 consolidated co. blue custard glass salt shaker in scarce " fish " pattern - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. Hi, we use them for crab imperial around here but mostly with glass crab .
  2. Thanks for the love clicks: Antiquerose Newfld Lisaloves Viking girl, it nice to have you stop bye.
  3. Maidang I overlooked this wonderful comment for 7 months . Thank you so much. I apologize for my tardiness.
  4. Sbater, search art deco oreefors swedish. 1rst dibs has similar items. B
  5. Great vase! I see rock climbers / divers.
  6. Thanks alot yo tassiedevil, fortapache,rock at, valentino, but about. And newfld ! Sorry for my late appreciations. B
  7. Military issue is a great find! Studied Bando for a while and have always loved these knives. Have a great Bando form video from the 80s. Just can't duplicate it without an instructor.
  8. Great lure would be great for snakehead! Sorry I wasn't helpful before. B
  9. Great pic from the top! Looks like the opening shot of the movie Goldfinger.
  10. Mark, gotta know purity of gold if it is gold?? Thinking present to Mayan shaman from ?? RAY WALSTON ha ha. B
  11. Thanks alot for stopping by the archives buckethead and vynil33rpm. And I think I but called my own love lol
  12. Sincere appreciation for the love. Annab, Anik, Adelec, Ho2cultcha, Keramikos, kwgd, and flasharue and for stopping by!
  13. Thanks Newfld for your luv and kind comments.
  14. Thanks Newfld! My sister lives in Fla. and is dying to get her hands on it. Lol.
  15. Thanks to all! Vetraio. Fortapache, kwqd,bb2, t or d, mattres cop, and newfld! Still looking for thoughts on origin ( kralik ? ) thx!!
  16. Hi Mrstyndall, I have been looking at similar style rings and they call the style Intaglio for the back engraving method.
  17. Hi Kwgd, She is thinking Maryland glass co. They also did the iconic bromoseltzer cobalt blue bottles. Just a guess
  18. Thanks alot to Newlfd!
  19. Kwqd, The hive looking one is great my g collects cobalt glass and beehive vases so it's right in her wheelhouse. Lol
  20. Thanks to Aura, adele c. And caperkid :)
  21. Thanks Kwqd, Wow your insight is right on! This vase is really nice and I paid 20 bucks so why is there always a need to hit a homerun ? Plain and simple its look what I found. I have to mature to my...
  22. Thanks Racer! I needed someone with alot more experience than I have (2 years) that can look at things in a realistic light. I will mark it solved.
  23. Thanks to bb2 and Vetraio for taking the plunge. Thanks Newfld for the kind words ! Ps i am taking all guesses on maker and dating :)
  24. Thanks a lot Peasejean
  25. Thanks to vetraio and the kind comments from Newfld!
  26. Hi Cooper , I think its Czech or Polish Called " Cut to clear " for obvious reasons. They show up at Goodwill every now then but one only One at a time. lol
  27. The first teardrop has everything , done in a geode , sommerso , bullicante style, it is real score! Congratulations!!
  28. Thanks racer44 apreciate it!
  29. Thanks to BB 2 appreciate it.
  30. Thanks to Kwgd , fortapache. For the clicks. After scottvez got my interest in bases I started researching crystal fish bases and now think the base is more in the style of Archimedes Seguso but the f...
  31. Thanks Manikin and yes Scottvez a comp. With a vintage or newer label would be great to compare things to. I Apreciate both for taking the time!
  32. Thanks so much Newfld it means alot. Thanks also to aura , Vetraio 50 and AdeleC for taking the time!
  33. Hi Grlpride32, I would research Japanese sumi-e " black ink painting " if I were you. I have several Chinese brush paintings but the essence of sumi art is to capture the spirit of the animal with li...
  34. Thanks so much vetrio , I hope you have a great holiday!
  35. Hi Songwriter, The one on the left might be murano in geode and sommerso style . top could be called a bulls eye. Try google search . boo
  36. Hi loricky, Try murano bullicante or controlled bubbles. Lots of asian / American use same technique.
  37. Thanks a lot to Eli 66.
  38. Thanks viking girl it is appreciated.
  39. Thanks to: Ivonne, racerfour 4, Efesgirl, bb2, vetraio, aura, tassiedevil, and timetravelar. I do appreciate the comments! b
  40. Thanks Efesgirl! It is a great comp. !
  41. Thanks racer44, and Tahiti for your kind comments and love!
  42. Just a coincidence nutsabotas ;)
  43. Thanks for hittin the love button: Swinful, Adelec,Ivonne, tassie d., iggy, and Malkey.
  44. Thanks Malkey for your kind comments. I have admired your bottle collection for some time!
  45. Thanks to bb2, vetraio, brunswick, sklo42, political pinbacks, it is appreciated!
  46. great lamp!!
  47. Wow ! I am jealous. Have one piece that may be a. Seguso. No label. Duck in flight bowl. Thanks for sharing.
  48. Very old berries and cream on 2 panels.
  49. Great collection of art work! Workers rock!
  50. Hi Surfdub, Forgot to tell you I posted my similar bowl Thursday.
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Bottom of artglass aquarium for evaluation British cloud glass ruffled top vase . Chalet art glass 12 inch vase


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