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Vintage side table - Furniturein Furniture
Lady 1960 Red Gloves Coleman - Fine Artin Fine Art
Toy car - Model Carsin Model Cars
Need information on this please - Art Decoin Art Deco
Beautiful landscaping painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Drip Glass Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Ceramic pot w handle - Potteryin Pottery
Fuzzy Bear - Dollsin Dolls
VINTAGE BOWL - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sponge bowl - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Hi Bobby I just added a new signature hope you can figure this out for me thank you
  2. Hi this is the best I can do today it’s at Michael’s right now thank you so much
  3. He is 26” tall
  4. Thank you everybody
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much MARY
  7. Thank you Manikin, don't think there's straw inside. The paws are soft, almost like felt.
  8. Somebody comment and I accidentally deleted it. You were asking about the paws, they are soft like felt like. I don't think there's straw inside. Doesn't feel crunchy.
  9. Can anyone tell me what kind of all this is? It's yellow and it has a Brown Band. It is not stamped on the bottom I think it's really really pretty but it has a lot of grazing I'm wondering how old is...
  10. How old do you think this bowl is Phil 1800s?? Thanks again!
  11. Found the oil at home depot it looks beautiful now. thanks again Happy New Year
  12. Thank you Mary!!! Where can I get the oil you suggested? Have a wonderful day!????
  13. Thank you SO much!!!!!????
  14. Thank you so much!
  15. Thank you!!
  16. Thank you!
  17. Thank you everyone greatly appreciated have a great day!
  18. Thank you for your response greatly appreciated!! I may have another question on another piece if you don't mind. Have a great day!
  19. Hi I think it is a bisquit jar
  20. Thanks fortapache ! ????
  21. I love it beautiful. We have the same taste! I just hung mine. Can't stop staring at it. It reminds me of summer. I LOVE your frame too. Thanks again my friend!!!!!!!
  22. Oh Aghcollect you always come thru for me. Yeah I didn't know how to fix the ones that fell. Now I do. keeping the big frame love them. I probably will sell smaller ones. Thank you so much HAPPY V...
  23. Thank you
  24. Yes she has helped me out a few times she is intelligent ????
  25. Again, thanks so Aghcollect????
  26. Hi Aghcollect yes it does have a hole in the lions mouth. Never realized that until you mentioned yet. Thanks so much for your feedback Yes blunder - today was the 3rd snowiest day in Michigans h...
  27. Thanks so much Scott!!!!!! Have a great day!????
  28. Thanks Racer
  29. Thank you Jewels great idea!
  30. Thank yo Zowie
  31. Thank you so much TALL CAKES Have a great day!!!!!
  32. I love the colors!
  33. I had one too brings back memories love it
  34. Thank you Jewels!
  35. Thank you kyratango!! Yes I fell in love with it. She was on a table with half the glass missing and dirty. Kinda wish I didn't have the back redone should have kept the orginal? I didn't know thi...
  36. What talent gorgeous!
  37. Love the colors, unique that's what I love
  38. I like the one in the middle best
  39. I love the color amazing
  40. Thank you so much for teaching me. I wondered about their age - whew.
  41. Thank you racer I love them.
  42. Thank you Jewels and Patsea
  43. Thank you Virginia I was just looking at your profile. You are pretty :) thanks for the nice comments.
  44. Yeah I may not want to know what's under fabric lol. I may just leave it or have it redone Don't know yet?
  45. I love it Jewels - the fireplace is to die for! Thanks for sharing.
  46. Thanks everyone and thanks Ben for the article. This will be beneficial. Wish me luck guys/gals going to my 2nd auction. Someone cleaned out a mansion in Detroit so we shall see. I saw 2 bottles ...
  47. Thanks I am researching 18and19 century bottles. I want the old stuff. It appears the older bottles are very dark in color.
  48. Thanks for your time Vermont. Yes it is fun learning. I am on disability and this gives me something to do. I can't believe how nice everyone is on this site including you. Thanks again.
  49. Thanks Vermont I will contact him ;)
  50. Lol You are tempting. May have to do a wine run
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