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I love antiques !


  1. Thamks to you all for your good input on my find.
  2. Thank you for loving my find. I said wow too when I first seen it. There are no crack or chips . the red is not scratch . I think the owner took very good care of this piece.
  3. Thank you CanyonRoad I really appreciate your infomation on my piece. Now I know more from your help thanks again.
  4. Thanks jscott0363
  5. Thanks Celiene for loving my fan.
  6. Thank you Efesgirl ,Officialfuel ,Sean68, I am very happy you like the scarf.
  7. Thank yscott0363 it was a wonderful find.
  8. Thank you AdelC ,Katherinescollections,Jscott0363, Shareurpassion, aura, and Lovelypat. You all are very much appreciated for opinion of loving my item Thanks again.
  9. Thank you olebodie, Sean68 , karenoke ,and CindB , most greatful for loving my vase.
  10. I seen ink holders in that arrange style where glass cups would fit the two end holds , what is puzzles me is material wood. Usally they are metal. Hope you find identity.
  11. First I thought it was a inkwell holder and pens. Its a very beautiful piece.
  12. Thank you jscott0363 I am happy you like my snuff bottle ! You know some time its hard to find a item with all pieces intact this was a wonderful of everyhing intact
  13. Thank you tassiedevil for loving my fan.
  14. Thank you grendel67 I am happy you like this snuff bottle.
  15. Thank you bijoucailouvintage ! Its wonderful you stop by.
  16. Thank you Valentino 97 and kyratango. Thanks so much for your support !
  17. My devise switches letters and I just relized it.
  18. Thank you for liking my fan efesgirl.
  19. Thanks Fortapatche for loving my vase !
  20. Thanks to beyemvey and CindB for loving my vase.
  21. Thank Jscott0363 it is very colorful , the glass is a colbolt blue in the light. Thanks for loving it.
  22. Thanks everyone for loving my depression glass!
  23. Wonderful to really see a beautiful piece as this. I had smaller bud vases but nothing to compare to this beauty.
  24. Thanks Everyone for loving these pieces !
  25. Thank you Freiteit! I appreciate you sharing that imfomation. Now I know thanks to you and Ivan what it says.
  26. Ivan is that what the words say on the cup ? I would like to know. Thanks for helping.
  27. Thanks Ivan ! I appreciate how you imspire me to post interesting items. Thank you also Beyemvey ! So happy to meet new people here on CW!
  28. Hi JImam. It's nice for you to visit me again ! I love the things you post! You inspire me to post more, not sure I can the many things you have . But I am impressed.
  29. Thanks Fortapatche I am happy you love my stamps !
  30. Thank you Spiritbear ! I appreciate you stopping by to view my stamps.
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posted 4 years ago