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I'm the odd one who actually uses the stuff he collects. I collect, as a rule, not to fill out a collection or because something has financial value, but because I I'm the odd one who actually uses the stuff he collects. I collect, as a rule, not to fill out a collection or because something has financial value, but because I want to use that item. Yeah, weird, I know (Read more)


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Rolmonica Player Harmonica - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
ragtime era tune with humorous name - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
QRS Play-A-Sax musical toy c.1929 - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
1930 QRS-DeVry 16mm home movie projector - Camerasin Cameras
Pianola demonstration record - Recordsin Records
c.1910 65-88 note Aeolian Metrostyle Themodist Pianola piano player - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Smallest (apparently) functional percolator I've ever encountered. - Kitchenin Kitchen
1933 Chicago Fair souvenir bookmark - Advertisingin Advertising
Nose Clip - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Copper and Porcelain Double-boiler - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. I'm guessing teens or twenties, as that's when most of the ads for them I find are from....incidentally, most are referred to as "horse blankets" or "auto blankets".
  2. This appears to be a "Shannon Perforator", for binding papers in "Shannon files", although it is missing its right-side paper guide. It was manufactured by the Yawman and Erbe Mfg Co of Rochester, NY...
  3. Here's a vid of me playing it...not a terribly GOOD vid, but a can see the "fingers" pushing the keys down.
  4. here's a vid of someone (not me, but a friend) playing it
  5. looks like "Cardinal" was a brand within Westinghouse, apparently for consumer goods (possibly marketed toward women)<a href=""><img src="https:...
  6. <a href=""><img src="" alt="westinghouse cardinal f...
  7. poked around a bit...last reference I could find in newspapers for "bark-root tonic" was January of 1936, in a listing of "Home Remedies" on sale at a drugstore in Albany, Oregon. Did find a couple o...
  8. fwiw, the earliest newspaper reference I find for Kutner & Goldstein is 1877
  9. yes, its all there, and quite bumpy
  10. probably not
  11. I find newspaper ads for them as late as 1955.
  12. I'm intrigued also by how the same mortar and pestle graphic appears in three of the four ads, and how the formatting has remained essentially unchanged. I'd point out that the "wall paper by the...
  13. what a beautiful story....I'm awed by your imaginative and touching interpretation of the image.
  14. I can't help but wonder if its an early automotive heater....if that's the case, household current would fry it.
  15. a description of the poster (albeit without a photo) appears in the Muncie, Indiana "Star Press" newspaper on Sunday, Oct 3, 1965.... <a href=""><img src="http...
  16. Vess is a local soda brand made here in St one time their twelve-foot tall "electric bottle" advertising sign was said to be the world's largest revolving electric sign.
  17. not entirely sure but I've seen similar devices used with a sharpening wheel, for sharpening chisels, plane blades and other similar things. This allows the item being sharpened to be held at the pro...
  18. song goes back to at least 1907... <a href=""><img src="
  19. I wonder if this is the German comedic team of Schultz & Krausmeyer, in whose burlesque skit this song was featured. <a href="
  20. an old restorer once joked that all electrical items run on smoke....if the item works and none of the smoke escapes, its working properly.
  21. Its often the conundrum of small-to-medium sized local history organizations: the artifact resources really beg for a museum professional, but the financial resources (and often organizational resourc...
  22. Might it be a case that the first card was personalized, "Cun" being a nickname for "Cunningham", the addressee?
  23. impressive story, and a fascinating array of stuff found where most would assume little of interest could be found
  24. what's the next level of goodness after "love it"??
  25. If you enlarge/zoom in on the bears, there's a spectacular amount of detail...for example the rightmost bear is not only wearing spectacles, but you can see the chain between them and his lapel. Its ...
  26. an identical plate posted on Pinterest states that the bear plate was made by Westmoreland, a separate post on RubyLane also indicates Westmoreland, and dates it to around 1905. Searching "Westmorela...
  27. SpritBear, not on one of our portables.
  28. might it be for cocktail napkins?
  29. Goes well with this:
  30. finding stuff like this is fun.
  31. One of the first jobs illustrator Theodor Geisel (Dr Seuss) got out of school was illustrating ads for FLIT, which contained the environmentally harmful agent DDT. Some have speculated that Suess's l...
  32. Mein alter deutscher Lehrer würde lachen (My old German teacher would laugh)
  33. she's makin' bacon
  34. what'd ya like, SpiritBear? Hmm?
  35. I have (and use daily) one very much like it, except mine's red. The material's hard rubber.
  36. The Hexaphones are way cool, I still remember how excited I was to find decades one at an antique shop near where I grew up. I was surprised by a number of things, the sheer volume of sound, how "int...
  37. "Silvertone" was Sears brand name for most anything musical, at least from the mid-twenties forward: records, phonoraphs, amps, guitars, all sorts of stuff. Interestingly, their piano rolls were "Sup...
  38. Bridgeport Metal Goods Mfg Co was incorporated in Bridgeport Ct in March, 1909. According to help wanted ads published in the Bridgport newspapers, their factory (or perhaps offices) was on the corne...
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