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Anderson SC.

I've always been a treasure hunter, Anything from Marbles to The Confederate gold.


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Gilbert Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Cabinet Black Lacquer Asian - Asianin Asian
Austin-Healey 3000 Convertible 1959 - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Francisco Goya  - Fine Artin Fine Art
The Concert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pre Clovis Stone Tool - Native Americanin Native American
jewelry box - Asianin Asian
a cup  - Potteryin Pottery
New York Times - Baseballin Baseball
56' Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - Guitarsin Guitars


  1. Japanese Porcelain Mark (Soho)
  2. Thanks to You both.
  3. So what i have read in the last 30 min's It's more of My junk as the wife would say.
  4. Thank's for the Love's
  5. It Could be 2 of 3 made.
  6. This could Go back as far as 17 something from Holland could be $$$$ let someone like Dr.Lori look at this before You give it away for nothing. nice find.
  7. I will look for a six banger , if not a 289 will be fun with a t 10 4 speed, I also have a Chevy 327 that will work also . And Thanks to the good folks that Love this.
  8. Thanks for all the folks that love this.
  9. No Marks
  10. I enjoyed it ,and I learned something , And it sure beats Facebook, lol.
  11. https://images-03.delcampe-static.net/img_large/auction/000/187/468/031_001.jpg?v=2
  12. First link didn't work
  13. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/68/65/73/686573ba8b7d6094e5c75165eeef00a8.jpg
  14. Lina Cavalieri ...https://www.pinterest.com/merbay/lina-cavalieri/
  15. I will see what I can find.
  16. Thanks All for Loving it. And I'm Loving CW.
  17. Thank 's For The love's
  18. Thank Ya'll for the Love.
  19. P.s.The small holes indents on the side attracted carpenter bees .And when I said set it on a jar I should of said they tacked the mason jar lid to the bottom to screw the jar on.
  20. Thanks Master.
  21. She looks like the lady on a cup I posted, she was a red head. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/213167-a-cup?in=user
  22. Old timers would set this on a jar,and when a bee or wasp would go up the angled hole ,the only light they could see was the hole on the bottom and when they went out the bottom they would be trapped.
  23. Here is a pic of her in what looks like the same dress, http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/pauline-lucca-singer-austria-in-her-flat-around-1904-news-photo/545350693#pauline-lucca-singer-a...
  24. Thanks for the love fortapache
  25. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/563583340840590440/
  26. It reminds Me of a 1915 Imperial Glass Co. lamp NY. ,Maybe purchased with S&H Green stamps.
  27. Thank You so much Fleafinder
  28. Thanks.
  29. Tang ? Under Wu Zetian maybe ?
  30. Good one... ,lol ,I started collecting when I was two years old , Marbles . I now have many hundreds . I collect everything , I have Johannes Vermeer to Pre Clovis rocks .lol But My favorite thing ...
  31. I'm glad I found a place I can share my stuff that my wife calls junk, she makes me keep it in my shop. I will be posting more of my stuff ( junk as she calls it ) lol
  32. Thanks.
  33. 1970s, trade with mainland China began to resume. There had been extensive trade with China from colonial times. Early Chinese imports are unmarked or marked with Chinese characters. From 1891 until 1...
  34. I wouldn't call that a time mark but an artist signature .
  35. looks to be camphor wood ,very nice find.
  36. See more


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