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Meiji tobacco pouch with gourd netsuke - Asianin Asian
Guanyin Carving - Asianin Asian
Unknown symbowl  
Embroidered Chinese scene - Asianin Asian
Large Soapstone Dragon Carving - Asianin Asian
Etched ivory cup with crane scene - Asianin Asian


  1. I do not see the appeal in items such as these, they represent much more wrong than good.
  2. That seems correct.
  3. I found something almost identical, hope this helps.
  4. Dizzydave?
  5. Wexval, any information?
  6. I would guess early 20th late 19th century.
  7. Thank you, any guesses on the age?
  8. The base is wood
  9. It connects to the stand with those wooden pegs, which leads me to believe that it was made as such.
  10. Also it stands 6-7 inches tall, which is quite large for a chess piece.
  11. It was from a thrift store, the piece is connected with wooden pegs to the base. are you sure it is a chess piece?
  12. DizzyDave, do you have any information?
  13. How about the character in red?
  14. Fleafinder, I'm looking at the link you posted. The characters in my mind dont match up to the ones you suggested.
  16. Has anyone been able to identify the characters in red?
  17. kryratango, is there any more information about this piece that you may know?
  18. The pictures distort the true color of the piece, it has more patina than the pictures show.
  19. kyratango, would you also agree that is the earlier of the two dates that fleafinder suggested?
  20. Thank you greatly for the plethora of information.
  21. Are there any markings on the bottom?
  22. Wexval, thank you greatly for the information. By unusually nice you are implying that is better than similar dated pieces?
  23. Fleafinder, the language you translated was Chinese right?
  24. So I guess it is Chinese, DizzyDave which of the two dates would you assume it is?
  25. DizzyDave, are you sure it is Japanese?
  26. Just posted close up image.
  27. Thank you! What year in particular does it mention?
  28. I'm really eager to see it what it says
  29. Thank you for the information! Is there any other info you can give me, like what the writing says on the top left?
  30. See more


Etched ivory cup with crane scene Something in my heart


Large Soapstone Dragon Carving Guanyin Carving My Garage, Thrifts Store, Estate Sale Finds! Famille Rose Molded Porcelain Snuff Bottle 1940 Large Oriental Cork Carving in Glass Case


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