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Plainfield Il

Im 52. I try to live simply. I really like to find and research old things. Sometimes i come here for help. This place and its members are priceless!


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Antique Disney Fire fighters lunch box - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Fishing Lure - Fishingin Fishing
Antique Iron Board - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old horse bits.  - Animalsin Animals
Toy soldiers marching band. - Toysin Toys
Antique BENGAL BLUING bottle.....Unknown age. - Bottlesin Bottles
2 Antique  asian paintings? - Asianin Asian
Framed, hand colored print by - Evan Sullivan, Lake Geneva wi - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique geisha hand painted on 3 tiles and framed. - Asianin Asian
antique scythe..cant make out mfr name or date - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thanks, fhrjr2!
  2. Thanks, Watchsearcher, Manikin and Newfld!
  3. Thanks alot, fhrjr2!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks, fhrjr2! Yeah i was starting about 80 yrs old as well due to rivets and bakelite. Sooner or later one should show up somewhere with the paint not faded and a history. Thanks for the effort!
  5. blunderbuss2, Thank You!! That's pretty funny too!
  6. Thank you Lata and Brunswick! I have been un well since i posted this and havent gone near a computer. I researched these hard and found nothing. Thank You!!!
  7. Thanks, SPIRIT BEAR! New info is priceless, thanks!
  8. 2 original 1950s Japanese wood block prints. shizuo ashikaga
  9. STAR OF DAVID! I did not see it. You are brilliant!! Thanks vetraio50!!!!!
  10. Amazingly beautiful!!
  11. thanks manakin!!
  12. Thank you very much martika!
  13. Thanks jscott0363!!
  14. I have another that is from Slovenia with a possible ivory cover and a gold cross. Thanks again!!!
  15. Dear Celiene, you are an ANGEL!!!! Thank you so much!!!
  16. Martika, you are awesome!!!
  19. Nope. Sorry.
  20. fleafinder, You are Awesome!!!!!!
  21. Thanks Efesgirl !!!!
  22. Thank you, Peasejean55 !!
  23. Thanks Efesgirl!!
  24. 1970s ?
  25. That's what it is! Thanks so much fortapache. Very excited!
  26. WOW thanks SpiritBear! strong info!!!
  27. Sorry I keep flipping pics right side up and they upload sideways. Ill keep working on it.
  28. Thanks Thomas!
  29. Thank you very much SpiritBear!!
  30. Yes, SpiritBear the seems go to the top of the mouth.
  31. Thanks Sean!!!
  32. Thank you very much Matisse!
  33. Thank you so much Racer!!
  34. CIRCA 1920 Made by GEORGE NICOLL GEM Putter. Made in Leven, near St Andrews Scotland.
  35. Thanks junkcollector!
  36. Thanks PDAM!
  37. Thanks TubeAmp! and kyratango, my ex was a bit of a caryatid. When she left, the roof caved in! I really would like to know what the letters of the artists name are. Its in cursive and I cant make it ...
  38. FENTON
  39. Im gonna stick some books in there too! lol Thanks Roy!
  40. I think there is a JWTP box in the gallery. As soon as I find it Ill post. Thanks again blunder! Brian
  41. Clearly a higher caliber than normal sort of people on Collectors weekly. Thanks everyone, I needed some light hearted humor. Brian
  42. ho2cultcha, THANK YOU!! What an exciting and interesting explanation. I appreciate your expertise. Best regards, Brian O'Keeffe
  43. BLUNDERBUSS......You are O.K in my book. laughter is the music of the soul.
  44. Early American flash drive. Thanks Blunder!
  45. Thanks for the honest information Tom. Best regards, Brian O'Keeffe
  46. Thanks Riply!!
  47. Thanks so much Riply206 !!! Brian
  48. Thank you for the time an consideration Riply206 !!
  49. aghcollect, THANK YOU!!
  50. Riply206, You are AWESOME!!
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