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Decorative hanging plate - Potteryin Pottery
hutschenreuther plates - Potteryin Pottery
B Altman & Co  transferware tureens    - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
candel holder ? - Potteryin Pottery
less than a dollar find - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
YUAN WOOD & SONS - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Olympic souvenir - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
wood carving  - Fine Artin Fine Art
wood carvings - Fine Artin Fine Art
Oneida - Silverin Silver


  1. Thank you Mary. I couldn't tell the forest for the trees !
  2. yougottahavestuff . I like the name .I keep telling my wife that same thing. She has another name for my " stuff " . Thanks for the information .I'll add it to my description.
  3. thank you PhilDMorris , the top is sectioned --2 drawers . I had someone question why the bottom drawer is a different type of wood. Any ideas ?
  4. Thank you maryh1956 , its a possibility but I'm wondering how readily available were Hutschenreuther blanks. As of now I have to assume they are genuine but will do detective work on the painting grou...
  5. looks like Wood & son Victoria pattern early 1900s
  6. Thank you capegirl . I was anxious to discover what was under the paint. When the WOW (as you stated ) came through I thought , in this case PAINT IS GOOD .
  7. Hi fleafinder , concerning my Japanese item . Could you tell me more about what your research revealed . I find the back mark information difficult to locate. Thank you. Charles
  8. maryh1956 ,thank you again ! You both have been a great find for me .Charles
  9. Efesgirl ,looking back at the Lantz Bros. dresser , printed on the back ( in the photo )is "Selbyville " I wonder if this is a bogus piece ?
  10. I found the" Byrde " by chance at a thrift , knew nothing about it just that it had that "take me home " look.
  11. glassrocks ,thank you. collecting is so rewarding . I need to know more about glassware. I see so much of it at thrifts . Is it cut glass ,crystal , lead ??
  12. Thank you IVAN49 . St . Michael the Archangel will have a special area in my home ..
  13. IVAN49 ,yes ,sharp eye. the D in the triangle is pealing plus some of the green. fleafinder gave a good link. wonder if there is a ukranian porcelain -maria theresia-dishes
  14. Thank you Ivan49 --any info on makers mark ?
  15. the holes are small--I could just about squeeze in a birthday candle. Maybe stick matches and incense sticks
  16. Efesgirl hi, I went to the hotel's contact site looking for info on the date the function took place but came up a dead end. One plate has the menu so it must have been a important occasion . Thank yo...
  17. Thank you , I now have a contact point for further information
  18. hi , fleafinder .Who has a branch in Beijing ? Is this item a incense stick holder ? Not having a country of origin stamp is this item not made for export from china or japan ?
  19. OK thank you . What to do after age 80 ? Lots of thrift stores and education from folks like yourself .
  20. found : Luster open rose --carnival glass marigold collared . Is this different than American beauty rose #489
  21. Thank you TallCakes. Amazing folks belong to CW.
  22. found a site on Google---first went to NIPPON MARKS AND PATTERNS- then click on---OFTEN SEEN AUTHENTIC NIPPON MARKS-NORITAKE COLLECTORS--- I see my plate mark .It gives clues to real and fake .Which c...
  23. Thank you again maryh1956 . I will use the Noritake site now and for future reference. blunderbuss2---I agree !
  24. maryh1956 -- of all the company "marks " in this world how does one ferret out this particular one ? Amazing
  25. GULP ! Gosh ,I had them bouncing around in the trunk of my car for days. Thank you. Charles
  26. my thought ,if it is a lazy Susan it may have rested on a base and the bands are balancers to keep it from wobbling
  27. You're so right B . The town IS Shelbyville . We have something in common--although well before your time . I was stationed at the Air base in Rantoul . 1953 !!
  28. Bonnie ,you must have a room dedicated just for (finds! ) Amazing dedication .
  29. I visit thrift stores (5) twice weekly on average. One mans treasure-----------
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