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Canary Yellow Vaseline Candlestick Holders - Glasswarein Glassware
Yellow Vaseline Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Cruet - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique Flashlight - Silverin Silver
?  Silver Islamic Prayer Box Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Black Americana Salt & Pepper Shakers - Advertisingin Advertising
Fenton Emerald Green - Glasswarein Glassware
? Identification of Lovely Lady Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Character Salt & Pepper Shakers - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. There are several Teenagers of the bible plates now available on Marketplace
  2. Thank you TallCakes. May I ask if this item is listed in any publication? Thank you
  3. Thank you TallCakes Is this curet American Brilliant or EAPG?
  4. Thank you keramiko and AnythingObscure, The one in brass & the one I shared have the #701, the silver one is #700 and different design. If it's patent pending doesn't that indicate it was made earl...
  5. Thank you keramikos, Mine is identical without the goblet. Isn't that price extremely high?
  6. Thank you shareurpassion, The Aunt Jamima and Moses figures and salt and pepper shakers were made of plastic or ceramic. Wish I could share a few photos. Moses was almost always holding a tray and th...
  7. Thank you fhrjr2, It is my understanding that enslaved Africian woman were Mammys, nursing and raising the children of their owners white children. Uncle Tom's Cabin was first published in 1852.
  8. TimeTraveler. I will post it Thank you
  9. Hello, I just found an Emerald green hobnail swung vase. I believe it was made 1959-61.It is 11 inches tall,no markings and is uranium. Can you tell me where you found info on your bowl? Wish I co...
  10. Thank you Lemongirly, maybe I'm getting closer
  11. Still haven't been able to identify--can anyone?
  12. Thank you-TallCakes
  13. No markings
  14. Still have these High Ball glasses- any info? Thank you
  15. Have never found a history on this item. Anyone new famailiar
  16. Thank you nutsabotaso6, robin56, and freiheit. Still hunting, haven't come up with anything.
  17. Gillian, Yes, I think the band is plastic. It is also much smaller than those pictured.
  18. Thank you. This one seems to be very small. It does not feel like a gourd, feels like plastic.
  19. Hello, What a beautiful piece. I'm trying to get familiar with AB glass. Can you show me the mark on this piece if it has one?
  20. You will also be very surprised when you shine a black light in this beautiful bowl.
  21. I love milk glass and don't understand why so few enjoy it's beauty. I have a few Westmorland pieces that stunning. Keep hunting.
  22. I think they are Bohemian. Are the tops also glass?
  23. Great find!
  24. Thank you for posting. I have a pair in ice white, same size. I believe they are candle holders. I was also suggested that they were Italian!
  25. I'm pretty sure it's a pipe Phil. I added another picture.
  26. It is beautiful. Does the top have holes like a frog? Where in the world did you find it?
  27. The color is just beautiful. I had a rose colored the same shape. I believe it's made by I.W. Rice
  28. Blue Onion Coffee Maker It's beautiful
  29. Katzl actually French
  30. Love it, does it have a marking? I recently posted a blue and white one with marking K*O*. The stars are just dots but high on the letter
  31. Thank you for all the input. I was just not familiar with this style, my first thought were Fenton. Unfortunately, it is not uranium glass, doesn't glow. Scott pointed me in the right direction-Ste...
  32. Thank you Scott. How do I find out more?
  33. Anne, I added a photo of the one I found on line. Best, Kathy
  34. Thank you Jim, I just find the identical vase under Satsuma Moriage but it has a different stamp. Goldcastle. Best, Kathy
  35. Thank you TallCakes
  36. Amber, Is there a marking to indicate Federal?
  37. I have 6 sets of the same shakers, very handy when you have a crowd. Found them on etsy.
  38. Brings back memories of fishing with my Dad
  39. Thank you aghcollect. I did find that there is a Sea Merchant Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, wonder if the mug belongs there.
  40. Thank you-aghcollect
  41. Thank you Moonstonelover21 Any guesses who made them? I've looked under Bohemian vases and nothing similar in color or exact shape.
  42. It is on the bottom of each cup
  43. I also have a set probably from the late 40's, they were my mother's. Mine are stamped Made in Hong Kong
  44. Oops, I was wrong. She was made by Holt Howard
  45. The Christmas tree girl looks like Napco. is she a salt shaker?
  46. William, Thank you, I believe you are correct. I just image searched and it's a match. Happy Holiday, Kathy
  47. Thank you Manikin. She just caught my eye at an estate sale. I knew very little about her.
  48. Haven't a clue
  49. Cute bloomers no less
  50. Thank you icollectglass but I believe Lefton figures are marked with KW and a number. I still can't find an image of this little lady.
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Majolica indigo blue grape leaf pattern Milk Glass Items help for identification needed ! Vintage??? Bowl vase Rose Bowl Vintage 1950-60's East German nesting bowls pflueger nobby fishing reel Monroe's Erie Twist IVT Saucer-Like Shaker