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Painting South African? on Canvas - Fine Artin Fine Art
Made in Israel Tin Candy Dish - Advertisingin Advertising
MIR 50 - Potteryin Pottery
Carved Wood 18 inch tall Lamp - Folk Artin Folk Art
Hook ? - Sewingin Sewing
GWTW LAMPS - Lampsin Lamps
Confused Colorful Goat - Animalsin Animals


  1. Yes, looks like a little space :)
  2. Tis the season! To get back to researching this goat.. still have not found where it originated from.... exciting, yet bewildered.. lol..
  3. For sure inky! :)
  4. Yes.. I am finding similar pieces, but not exact the same, still have not figured the signature .. lol
  5. lol.. Beinvenue!
  6. thank you kyratango.. I gave him the link. :)
  7. hmm, I am looking for it under google.. weaving tool.. but not finding it there either. :(
  8. Heard from Wes Cowan.. --*Cynthia, Thank you for contacting us regarding your piece. It is really a wonderful and unique piece of Mexican folk art. I hope you find that it is authentic. Unfor...
  9. Thank you again Eye.. lol... I appreciate the chat with you.. any input is great input. :)
  10. lmao.. yes. :)
  11. Thank you! :)
  12. Oh yes.. I should try to find a read up on it.. quite interesting picture :)
  13. Yes, it is by Diego Rivera.. but I can't find the piece it is painted on.. :(
  14. Thank you Eye! :)
  15. Update.. currently I have sent email to Antique Roadshow art specialist Wes Cowan for any info he may want to share... wish me luck. :)
  16. An arts dealer in Mexico finds this piece very unique and wants to know more about it. I will give her all the info I know, plus keep searching and knocking on doors. :)
  17. I searched the entire piece with a magnifying glass and come upon on the bottom what looks like a F R I letters.. then I realized, could this be Frida's artwork, wife of Diego?????..Is it a tobacco k...
  18. I am still waiting for more responses for auctions houses, from Mexico to England and New York.
  19. after looking more closely.. it is a goat.not a cow.. lol.. .. I got 2 response, which don't believe he used this medium.. going to keep looking
  20. I sent the pictures to the..
  21. So, the paintings on the cow are the work of Diego, but are they just prints or his actual work on this wooden (teak?) hallowed out cow??
  22. I found a painting.. that is exact to one side of the cow by Diego Rivera..
  23. Yes I read about him and Frida.. I am in Northern Ontario.. in the middle of *&^% #$@( no where.. lmao... right now it sits on a table in the corner amongest all my packed boxes, as I am moving this ...
  24. I can't find a number or a signature... would one or the other be set in amongest the design and cant be seen easily?
  25. Very interesting -shareurpassion-, I shall look more into the cow now. Thank you!
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10k white gold pendant marked AV 53 ??? Happy New Year! Silver Agate Pendant


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