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Road Trip finds from Florida to St. Louis- not done traveling yet! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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  1. would love input on the witch brooch!
  2. Plein and Crystal seem to have diff bits of knowledge regarding whether Coro used marks often or not so often!
  3. where is the clasp hidden?
  4. No Plein, not unclaimed storage.....a buyout from a long time collector and former store owner starting in the you live in the area?
  5. plein-air, i actually tracked down a person that has warehouse space
  6. Well it def has an overlay as you can tell by looking at it. Note how the inside color differs greatly from the outside color. Also looks rather hollow from the one view. I have alot of stones I am tr...
  7. while i see your post is 7 years old, a Google search on the Rising Sun mark led me to your post! That said i love your article until the final paragraph where i got lost! If the "NIPPON" term was cea...
  8. Ohhh so would all of these vehicles possibly been in the same scene/scenario?
  9. Muchas gracias Fort Apache!! I truly appreciate the info. My Father served in Korea. I am hoping to find a good home for this painting. Afterall, this type of art deserves respect. Hope you are doi...
  10. What category would ya'll suggest I list this under? I'm really curious to learn more about it! Peace and love, Trish
  11. I'm a little confused about your comment on the metal condition, its not beat up at all!! In fact the metal is in excellent condition!! Now the beads, well they are beat up! And no I would not use a ...
  12. Hi Gillian! Thanks so much for your replies. First off, there isn't a clasp. It came apart when it got caught on something, but there wasn't ever a clasp closure. It's just a pullover necklace. What...
  13. Ohh thank you so much Mr. Broochman!!
  14. Thank you Valentino for your always quick responses!!! I will continue my ever ongoing research!!:)
  15. There's alot of confusion here! Some claiming with certainty certain Mark's while other doing the same with different opinions! I say its HAAG! Did everyone every concur??
  16. thanks Adele!! it measures 12.5" x 9.5"
  17. i've done more research and thus far i find only 1 similar type bottle that is steuben but i haven't properly ID'd the white overlay on the bottle....still holding out hope here!!! peace & love, trish
  18. thanks for all the knowledge!! Upon detailed inspection i have come to realize the flower earrings are not plastic. The red is def glass, the green feels like glass not shell, the black flowers i am s...
  19. I know I have a fair amount of Czechoslovakian jewelry. And a fair amount of items from Japan, Germany, West Germany.
  20. Unfortunately only that they traveled the world. I inherited a ton of their "stuff". It was a husband and wife that both served in World War II and traveled the world.
  21. Thanks Crystal! I ALWAYS look forward and appreciate your knowledge & input! You are a great help to my brain! I will check for clunking, however I'm not sure I can achieve this with earrings!
  22. No I know that the majority of my jewelry is costume therefore nothing is "precious"!! I'm just curious what these stones are made of?
  23. do you think the red button pair resembles bakelite? I will do the tests but leary to do the lemon test for risk to the piece
  24. i have these jewels with me today at work..YES! it IS wire ot string. that said i can not conclude if the small purple sones are glass or plastic...yet! Will be making a COLLECTION on here today i hop...
  25. Valentino, YES! Heavy and cold!! unlike me!! hahhaaa
  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I have quite a lot of this type of jewelry that i have been working on researching for a year..trying to educate myself cuz my brain is ohhh so curious! That said..i don't thin...
  27. Are you asking for similar as in design or the backing. I just post several pairs yesterday!
  28. Valentino, I am checking out your collections. I see you have some silver listed under fine jewelry. I get confused if something is costume or fine!! I'm gonna post a few Native American pieces, both...
  29. Thanks Valentino!! I was just wondering if these were glass or stone and what they are derived from? So you're a Monet collector? I would LOVE to see your "stuff"!! Trish
  30. rip mr. perfect
  31. Crystal, i was asking about these string earrings..i think it's string! Haven't really investigated that, yet! Maybe it is wire. I know need to learn more about bakelite and plastics etc..after my Sch...
  32. I dont see any missing stones!! That said, is there a wish list area on here where we could help each other out in our treasure hunts? It takes a village!! I always love helping to search for others w...
  33. oh i can also switch out the photos , if you'd like some different views?
  34. Thanks Crystal! Yes i know and see the verdigris!!!! Someday soon i will get to that..i don't actually wear these cuz they are old and i love them too much! The clasp ring is actually marked Czechoslo...
  35. you all are SPECTACULAR! And i hope you know that i GENUINELY APPRECIATE all that you know and are not selfish in sharing!! I will inspect for marks in the next few days...
  36. yes! It IS a fabric woven in for certain! When you click on the individual photos you can get a better/closer look!
  37. what are those marks/ symbols on the backside of the lower petal?
  38. Hi fhr, could you please send me the info or link to the kit you use? Thanks so much!!! Trish
  39. i was just in NYC for the Birthday of the great man and the anniversary of thee saddest day..went up for a small celebratory concert put on by Mark Plati, Gail Ann Dorsey, Katherine Russell, Donny McC...
  40. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a fellow Lover of Bowie !!!! Good to meet you!
  41. Hey Philip!! Really? Was it the exact same style etc?? Wow! I've never seen one !! I love it. Thanks for your info!!
  42. anyone have a clue as to this type of brooch and or it's material? it's quite unusual, to me!!
  43. ohhh thanks gals AND GUYS!!!!
  44. i've scrolled thru many of these images..i see many that are the same , but not. Some are only curved partially, mine is curved all the way around....i am LEARNING!!! And much gratitude for all all of...
  45. OK!! Thanks gals!!! 1 more question: is this made to be used either way/ upside down? The smaller base is more like a bowl and the other end was a bit confusing as the edges have large openings, so i ...
  46. AGAIN Muchas Gracias Mr. Brooch!! It's amazing how some magnifiers don't pick up images that others do..but vs out my clumsy loupe and there you have it..florenza. I'd been using a mag...
  47. Can a few people here please share their resources for Id-ing gemstones? As well as metals? please & thanks , trish
  48. Yes, it is quite stunning! I dont know what my obsession is with wanting to know everything about my unmarked pieces, and not just jewelry! There def are and will be things I will sell and while I'm n...
  49. Thanks everyone!!! I didn't gave a Bausch & Lomb loupe but it's only a 10 x and it's very difficult, for me, to wrangle it and maneuver jewelry for viewing. I downloaded a magnifying app that has a f...
  50. No spirits for me!!! Lettering aside i am also seeking if anyone recognizes this clasp, chain style, design. I have done the magnifying hence the reason i saw the lettering!!! Just forgot to snap a ph...
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