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Caregiver/ Nurse by day, seeker of good old stuff all the time.


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unusual necklace set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!! seeking info on this slim accent lamp Base #46 - Art Decoin Art Deco
trifari jelly belly PAT ID verified...but no design name - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Seeking input on artists name  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Here's an interesting brooch that i am clueless about!! ANYONE HELP??!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boomerang brooch  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Korean jewelry? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Help needed  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Any help locating this artist???? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Welcome EMMONS! ANOTHER newbie! And the mushroom with no name!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. well THANK YOU Valentino!! I couldnt find this anywhere using a Google Lens search or even with search terms.....I hate coming here to ask for when & if I do it's because I am at a loss
  2. YES Andreeam!!! I would secretly tell you how much i paid for them....a Pet Charity thrift store find.....
  3. how would i find a value on these?
  4. wow Fresh Air! THANKS SO MUCH for the info!!! Yes ive searched everywhere! HOW did you find this info?
  5. i believe it might be a John Scott lamp...surprised no one else chimed in!
  6. WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! HOW did you figure this artist name?
  7. Plein and Crystal seem to have diff bits of knowledge regarding whether Coro used marks often or not so often!
  8. where is the clasp hidden?
  9. Well it def has an overlay as you can tell by looking at it. Note how the inside color differs greatly from the outside color. Also looks rather hollow from the one view. I have alot of stones I am tr...
  10. while i see your post is 7 years old, a Google search on the Rising Sun mark led me to your post! That said i love your article until the final paragraph where i got lost! If the "NIPPON" term was cea...
  11. There's alot of confusion here! Some claiming with certainty certain Mark's while other doing the same with different opinions! I say its HAAG! Did everyone every concur??
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I have quite a lot of this type of jewelry that i have been working on researching for a year..trying to educate myself cuz my brain is ohhh so curious! That said..i don't thin...
  13. Are you asking for similar as in design or the backing. I just post several pairs yesterday!
  14. rip mr. perfect
  15. I dont see any missing stones!! That said, is there a wish list area on here where we could help each other out in our treasure hunts? It takes a village!! I always love helping to search for others w...
  16. what are those marks/ symbols on the backside of the lower petal?
  17. i was just in NYC for the Birthday of the great man and the anniversary of thee saddest day..went up for a small celebratory concert put on by Mark Plati, Gail Ann Dorsey, Katherine Russell, Donny McC...
  18. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a fellow Lover of Bowie !!!! Good to meet you!
  19. anyone have a clue as to this type of brooch and or it's material? it's quite unusual, to me!!
  20. Can a few people here please share their resources for Id-ing gemstones? As well as metals? please & thanks , trish
  21. Thanks everyone!!! I didn't gave a Bausch & Lomb loupe but it's only a 10 x and it's very difficult, for me, to wrangle it and maneuver jewelry for viewing. I downloaded a magnifying app that has a f...
  22. No spirits for me!!! Lettering aside i am also seeking if anyone recognizes this clasp, chain style, design. I have done the magnifying hence the reason i saw the lettering!!! Just forgot to snap a ph...
  23. THANK YOU soooooooooo very much for your replies!!! I DO genuinely appreciate it!!!
  24. Modern as in 1975?
  25. i guess no one on here wants to help me anymore? sorry if i overstepped my inquisitiveness
  26. i am wondering if any of my posts even make it to the boards as its been quite some time since anyone even acknowledged me!!!! what happened to the love?
  27. this guy is my hero!!!!
  28. is the maker not the designer?
  29. i think every household had this and or items of from this collection in their homes back then...i know we did!
  30. no one on here has seen these rare bowls??
  31. Is it ok or rude to ask what you paid for this? It is SPECTACULAR!
  32. darn i was really really hoping to get some feedback!!!
  33. been super busy...will get with you via email as to sending it
  34. no! it's a free app!
  35. Hi fellow Bohemian lover! I truly am Bohemian! My Grandfather came over on the boat from Bohemia. Mnay artists in my bloodline...that said i wanted to chat with you but i do not see an actual way to c...
  36. thank you antique daughter!
  37. Fab!!! What are your favorite/best methods of cleaning jewelry?
  38. what are they made of? metal, porcelain, glass.... geez it's almost difficult to find actual information sometimes as alot of google searches bring up the items for sale/...i tried tho! https://www.e...
  39. what are they made of? metal, porcelain, glass....
  40. I am trying to get everyone onboard with the Google Search /Google lens app. Do you know of it?
  41. Well "wonderinginnh", i am a private duty nurse/caregiver so being kind is my soul purpose! Sharing IS caring! And 'It takes a Village" are 2 of my mottos! mj19695- i don't know if we "can" do this.....
  42. ha ! I was just looking up a similar one yesterday! I cant make out the letters on back...maybe lighten the photo. Use google lens search and or this site, but you have to register:http://www.usmilit...
  43. tried to find it with google luck, no patience! try using that tool tho, it's very helpful
  44. ohhh hahahaa forgot to tell you about your candle holder. It might be German or Bulgarian. Also if you plan on using Google lens often, as i do, you might want to take your photos against a solid colo...
  45. you have to edit the photos on your computer- turn them sideways and make sure you click SAVE! Occasionally i have this happen..and here's a great trick for trying to find the same or similar items on...
  46. i have the little sauce pan version of this. i think it's 1.5 pint. would you like to have it for your collection?
  48. did you take a magnifying glass to the base opposite where you found the numbers? i've had to do alot of lamp research..cuz im an addict !!!
  49. well i edited 1 for you , not realizing that i can't post a photo in the comments! i dont see where it says worlds fair etc
  50. you need to edit them and rotate them , then make sure you "save" them and then repost them on here
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A group of Japanese glass vases


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