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  1. Do people here just continously comment on their friends posts or is there any real help available? I've just been wondering as I have sent dozens of people to this site and all feel this...
  2. Still wondering about these stones...anyone??
  3. When clasps are marked Korean that's not necessarily a maker mark for the piece, correct? Moreso just for the clasp itself? I have many items with korean marks
  4. Also a question about the embedded/embossed design backing. This is rather unusual to have a backing that has a designed pattern?
  5. Still seeking help!!!
  6. Yes Parrot there probably was a tag at one feels like a hardened plastic vs resin...maybe! Idk this is a stumper!
  7. SOLD for $195
  8. Still seeking info!!!
  9. Well i should note ,its not Patina per se, more of a filmy substance. Still seeking help
  10. Hmmm where did Crystal Sharps comment go? Still seeking help!
  11. Anyone seen one of these?
  12. Still seeking info!
  13. Still hoping/seeking input here!!
  14. Well anythingobscure, im surprised you asked this being as you should be able to tell by the photos that they are translucent! Im still trying to figure these out!
  15. Its been 1 year.. Ive asked around to no avail! Being its rather unique in embellishments i was hoping someone would have some valid input??!!
  16. Gillian! Can you believe i am just now reading your posts/links?! Well its been a loooong tumultuous year. Now I hope to be back to doing things i love for me....the ruby lane link is no longer valid ...
  17. Still seeking input/ advice/ knowledge!!!
  18. Well thank you for replying and your thoughts and opinions, however different they may be. I'm ready to sell these now!
  19. Thanks dav2no1!! I see the patina around possible weld! And also just now seeing some markings on inner right, below the rim! Working onva smart phone while away from home is limiting to say the leas...
  20. Thanks Shareurpassion! I didn't know there was an eagle on here...but is it the raised area?
  21. Thanks Sam66! I thought the same, but this was a new 1 to my addiction! Now I have 2 differentiated opinions!
  22. Well Rhineisfine- Thanks for the comment! I kinda quit using this site due to lack of activity on my posts. Your name is new to me! ????
  23. Still seeking help!
  24. Ok THANKS SO MUCH PhilDMorris!! I forgot about that type of "stuff"! Any idea on the markings/age etc?
  26. Is there anyone even alive and active on this website?
  27. Is there anyone on this site that owns a pair similar to these?
  28. They are belly dancer finger cymbals. I'd attach a image but not allowed here, here a link instead.
  29. The old ottoman empire was as early as the 14th century and as late as the early 20th century...per Wikipedia
  30. Yes! Politics doesn't matter MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes Fl, but Every Jan 8- 10 i am in NYC celebrating the gift of David Bowie..are there any real informative answers in this group anymore??? HoHoHo
  31. I run across this type of vinyl all the time!!! Are you seeking anything in particular? I might be able to locate for you!
  32. Well my 1st thought is, can you post the photos in an upright view? Secondly have you done a Google lens search? You will find lots of these via that search. Maybe not as many in green but lots in whi...
  33. It's definitely not transferware, and thanks for pointing out the landscape and ethnicity of the people. I am really hoping to find someone that can help ID this as it's really an amazing item. I mig...
  34. It doesn't appear to be bezel set to me. Especially viewing the pear shapes up close. The prongs are not even touching the stone. More of an ornate setting than structural. That said, I will research...
  35. also best method to clean this patina?? ive tried some basics....
  36. Thanks all! I am generally short in responses due to severe thumb problems...actually need to have both the trapezium bones removed, so my abilities are limited..arg....i ALWAYS appreciate those that ...
  37. The tape is possibly a name tag of the owner, if this was used as a bowl for food..or not... i spent some time trying to decipher the letters....stumped for now .interesting!!
  38. oh btw- THIS IS NOT A GLASS STONE , as in there are not any bubbles. if you think you are seeing one it's either some water residue or reflection. So WHAT kind of stone is this?
  39. ohh my! I DID reply to your comments yesterday..where did that comment go??? Ok, Well i see the new photos uploaded showing the measurements and post cleaning. I think there's still some verdigris but...
  40. No comments yet??? Please comment!!
  41. I think I have 1 or 2 of said dangling pearl cages...will rummage thru!
  42. While I gave seen 1 other semi similar, I haven't seen any that have intentional sideways bent handles...still hoping for some guidance!!
  43. It appears as though there were spacers at one time as you can see a faint outline and ever so slight color change and clearly they haven't been rubbing against each other as they are quite pristine f...
  44. So the exact same piece came as signed and unsigned ? Is there any reason for this? I have so many unsigned pieces that I am quite certain are from reputable/ valuable and or collectible jewelers and ...
  45. A helpful hint that sometimes works for me in seeing tiny things: take a photo with best camera settings the use windows image viewer on your laptop or pc...I have seen alot of things that were imposs...
  46. Doesn't that look like a mark/Initials on the end? The clasp end.
  47. LOVE IT!! I am a very eclectic person that enjoys creating functional art. I am in the process of creating some framed scenes made with jewelry. The problem for me is deciding do I want to make the i...
  48. Yes beads are glass and I am desperate to find more info!! What is the pronged item for??
  49. Thanks Crystal. Do you happen to have that kit link or seller ?
  50. Definitely not Hematite! I have several Hematite. I have seen this exact bead...somewhere! Hmmm marcasite?? I will investigate that...I know the spacer bars are sterling or better...
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A group of Japanese glass vases


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