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Landers Frary & Clark or Stanley? Thermal Pitchers

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    Posted 9 years ago

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    These two mugs were in a bunch of trash items a lady was throwing out as I gave her kitchen a complete gut & makeover. Once I saw them I brought them to her attention and told her they were silver. She said she knew that and they were still being discarded. I looked carefully through some of the other items she was discarding, and remember getting a few more pieces of pretty cool stuff. Just exactly what escapes at the moment. The inside appears to be lined in aluminum, as it has not tarnished like the outside. On the bottom it has Stanley "It will not break", and then Landers Frary & Clark New Britain Conn. U. S. A. (see photo #4 above enlarged) These markings are in the center and above that it has directions for "hot liquids" and below the center it has the directions for "cold liquids". They don't say sterling or silver plate anywhere I can find but they are. At least I think they are. I tested such a small minute area I'm really unsure. But I didn't want to harm the pieces or their value. They look silver plate at least and I've never seen anything like them before or since acquiring them. I'm also wondering if they have a "glass" lining between the outside silver and the inside aluminum kinda the way an old thermos bottle from the 1960's had. Anyone know what I have??

    Mystery Solved
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    1. mroark, 9 years ago
      Did anyone ever help you? I have one of these also! Mine though, has a logo and The Roosevelt, New York stamped on it. Any help is appreciated!!
    2. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 9 years ago
      Sorry but I'm clueless on these. No help as of yet. If you find out anything, please let me know. I'll do likewise. Thanks for looking.
    3. mroark, 9 years ago
      Thank you! I will do!
    4. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 9 years ago
      Stanley Hot & Cold Insulated Liquid Pitcher Server

      Sold For: or Sign In to see Price Data.

      Sold Date:05/26/2008
      Channel:Online Auction
      Source: eBay
      Category:Furniture & Furnishings

      Stanley Hot & Cold Insulated Liquid Pitcher Server
      's a nice set hot and cold liquid server. It is well insulated on the inside to keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. On the bottom is written "Stanley It Will Not Break bahamaboy............found this at worthpoint.................I don't employ the service so I can't find out wht it sold for. I believe these are much like my old coffee thermos and lined with fiberglass (hence the 'will not break')....Hope I helped...Landers, Frary, & Clark New Britain, Conn. USA". It measures 7 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Polished mirror metal exterior with hinged lid. In very good condition with a very minor dent. No other chips, cracks, or other damage. AT
    5. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 9 years ago
      I hope you can figure out what I was saying, I don't know why my info jumped into the middle....I tried to put it before the rest of the stuff.....sorry
    6. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 9 years ago
    7. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 9 years ago
      Thank you Pop & Vesta, With the exception of being monogrammed, the pitcher on eBay is the exact same thing. Also it looks as if the eBay example was polished and I haven't touched mine. I've wanted to but didn't for fear of destroying the natural patina, I did not. Thank you both again but I will wait and do a little more research (when I find the time) to see just when these were being made and for how long. Their original price and value etc. before I mark the mystery solved. It looks as if the one on eBay didn't sell with an opening bid of $75 and now they have it for sale for that, but with a "best offer" option. That alone tells me a great deal. Definitely not a great historic find and maybe the reason my friend was tossing them out. Oh well, I'm definitely hanging on to mine. But thanks again for all of that info. That's why I love this site so much. I am still in awe of this computer age. A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, literally.
    8. mroark, 9 years ago
      Yes! Thank you all for the help!!
    9. Sallie Riddle, 9 years ago
      I have ine of those themos but it has a number of 9-56 on the bottom with the other writing .Does that mean anything?It is exactally like the pictures at the top of the page what are they made out of silver or what? Love to know about it / Thanks
    10. sallie Riddle, 9 years ago
      as I said before I have one of the thermos but it is not copper it is a silver color and there is a number on it 9-56 What does that mean?
    11. APRIL SCHULZE, 9 years ago
      I have a pitcher with a self-opening lid attached with a hinge and US engraved on the front with the medical eagle insignia things between the U and S. I cant find anything else with that engraving on it. Any clues as to worth? Was it issued for a military hospital? I think it might be a milk cantor as it has the glass lining inside. It also appears that the bottom can be removed but I can't unscrew it.
    12. tirese littlejohn, 9 years ago
      i am interested in some collectibles but i don't collect much. i have a peice with the landers frary and clark label stamped on it. i was doing a job for a good friend of my uncles. he told me that if there were any items in the ruble that i wanted to take them as part of the payment. i found the thermos and it had bullets inside 7.265 was marked on them. he said that it was his brother's from a long time ago. the patent dates state 1913,14,15, looks stainless or aluminum,or even hsd three cupd to cook eat and drink out of. i wanted to know if it was of any value.
    13. kimberly hoyle, 9 years ago
      I have found one just like your picture but mine doest not have any instructions on it . Both sides have engravings. One side has The Read House and the other is a name looks like it says Dorel Irving Cobb. I can not find any other info can any one help
    14. alianna, 8 years ago
      I've recently acquired one from my mom too. All plain silver w/lid. STANLEY on the bottom w/"It will not break" info too. only number on the bottom is 11-A (w/"a" in a circle) I also would like to know the value if anyone know. Thanks! It's in pretty good condition too.
    15. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 8 years ago
      These pitchers still elude me as to what they are and what they are worth. I am in the process of selling out my entire collections of everything posted here and then some. I haven't listed these pitchers because I really need more info as to exactly what I have. Pic number 4 can be clicked on to enlarge it and everything is readable but just different than anyone else items that look similar to this pair. Oh well, guess I'll still keep looking. Thanks to Alianna, Kimberly, Tirese, April, Sallie & Mroark for all of you stopping by and for your comments. Boy oh boy do I ever need some serious help on "several fronts". I never realized how many items I own. I've listed over 250 items on eBay and have maybe a thousand+ more items to go. I'll be on this for 20 years, it seems like. Oh well, ain't pickin fun??? Luv you guys & gals, Thx again,
      Best regards, Kerry aka bahamaboy
    16. willamae, 8 years ago
      Do you still have the pitchers. They were made for hotels and fine dinning to keep coffee hot during dinner or room service. or in private clubs. Sometime for hospitals. There are a lot of them in a lot of different styles. Most are not very valuable. any where from $5. t0 $20. depending on condition. they are not silver They are chrome. stainless or glass lined. Have seen one that may be brass plate.

    17. NewBritainIndustrialMsm NewBritainIndustrialMsm, 8 years ago
      I might be able to answer some of these questions (if they still need answering)
      Stanley Vacuum Bottles were manufactured by the Stanley Insulating Company in Great Barrington MA. Landers purchased the company in 1921 and moved it to New Britain in 1933. Since the bottom is marked Stanley it will not break, I am pretty sure the interior is stainless steel and the outside is silver plate on either brass or nickel. The carafes like yours that are shown in the catalogues from the 1920's all have glass liners.....not sure when they started lining all the vacuum bottles with stainless but my guess would be late 30's early 40's. These carafes were used by airlines, rail roads, hotels, hospitals, ocean liners etc. Landers stopped production in 1965. Hope this info was useful.
    18. Runnerinshorts, 5 years ago
      All Stanley Vacuum bottles/Thermos of 1913 -present are lined in stainless
    19. NewBritainIndustrialMsm NewBritainIndustrialMsm, 5 years ago
      Correct, all Stanley Vacuum bottles are lined with stainless. Question was if the carafes pictured were Landers or Stanley which is why I provided information on both. Even though Landers purchased the Stanley Vacuum bottle company and moved it to New Britain in the 30's, Landers continued to produce glass lined insulated bottles & containers even after they acquired the technology to produce metal ones.
    20. Runnerinshorts, 5 years ago
      Okay my bad!
      FYI:I recently purchased a 1960's Landers Vacuum bottle lined in glass. I do have a nice 1913 green Stanley Carafe with the typical green/silver plated.
    21. Runnerinshorts, 5 years ago
      Okay, as a collector of Stanley Thermoses, one jug, and one carafe. I am stumped. I have a green/silver Stanley Carafe that says New York City, New York(1913) on the bottom. I believe that the history is that there was an investor/investment firm that had the patent of Stanley Thermos around 1915-1916. This was after the death of William Stanley. This would be prior to the move from Mass. to Conneticut?
    22. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 5 years ago
      Thanks for the info and the comments on my two mugs. I've been off the grid now for a few years & very busy buying and selling coins & jewelry. Hardly enough time to take pics, edit them and post them here. But Runnerinshorts & NewBritainIndustrialMsm, I thank you both very much for the wealth of info you've shared with me. I can confindantly say the "Mystery" has been solved on these two really unique mugs. Thanks again for all the comments and all the info. I really love this site & all the people that hang here. I consider it one large family of collectors, who each have their own "degrees" in that special group of items they know & collect. As I'm sure you all know, it's next to impossible to have a degree in all of that, we collect. I know I sure don't. That's why it's so great we have brothers & sisters to help us out when we're stumped. Keep the "family" going & growing.
      Best regards,
      Kerry aka Bahamaboy
    23. Runnerinshorts, 5 years ago
      I recently found a Stanley Canteen, a Stanley Thermos with a pressure valve for Coffee(Used on Military ships) and on more Stanley pitcher/"looks like the I Dream of Jeannie bottle" for water. These are very old 1913-1923. I love the hunt for Stanley Thermoses
    24. bahamaboy bahamaboy, 5 years ago
      Still not sure exactly what I have. The guys and gals above have given me a wealth of info on these pieces. Some of them know a great deal. I've been somewhat inactive here for a while, and would have to go back through and re-read what's been written here.
      It may help you to read what they all wrote to me and then possibly contact them for further info on your piece, or pieces (I have a pair of them) This is a great thing about this site because there are so many people that have so much knowledge and information on just about anything one may have.
      Good luck in finding out about your pieces, and do let me know if you're successful in solving your mystery.
      Take care.

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