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Camas, Washington

Long time collector - pre '50s paper dolls, kids valentines & greeting cards, greeting card series, Victorian scrap - other ephemera, plus other collections, i.e. luLong time collector - pre '50s paper dolls, kids valentines & greeting cards, greeting card series, Victorian scrap - other ephemera, plus other collections, i.e. luster animal S&P and condiment sets (Read more)


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Fairfield Nursery Rhyme cards - Cardsin Cards
Luster frog condiment salt & pepper set - Kitchenin Kitchen
Fish and lobster condiment and salt & pepper sets - Kitchenin Kitchen
hand made Native American woman paper doll book - Paperin Paper
hand made native american paper doll in book - Paperin Paper
hand made paper doll for sister - Paperin Paper
hand made paper doll - Paperin Paper
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  1. Missmuffet - good to hear from you. Yes indeedy there are more to the series. I have all the girls, including Mary Had a Little Lamb. And the boys include Tom Sawyer, Davy Crockett and Billie the Mo...
  2. Wow! I love Battenburg lace - but this is over the top gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Hi again - wouldn't you know I'd find another of your posts to comment upon. I do have a pile of my mother's old comic paper dolls. My favorites were Boots and Winnie Winkle, but I have more Jane A...
  4. Hi Nancy - Somewhere around here, I have a Chaplin mask from a Swedish magazine of the 30s - you can have it if I can find it. I also have a couple of more contemporary animal masks too. In paper it...
  5. Hi racer Paper doll conventions happen at least once a year in different parts of the country - and although many artists do come, attendees are mainly a group of dedicated and rabid collectors... mo...
  6. So sorry to cause groan worthy envy.
  7. Hi - I haven't acquired an identification book yet - and some sets may well be from the 60s, but I think most of the luster is from the 30s. Perhaps some more knowledgeable person will chime in.
  8. Hi racer - thank you for the info. I'll add it to my image file for this one.
  9. Thanks Phil for your comments. I agree that many pieces are similar and when you accumulate, even some from Germany wind up being copied by mfrs in Japan. I especially noted this with porcelain fig...
  10. Thank you all for your comments. I will definitely post a couple more, and I just might have to draw more.
  11. Hi Jim - This pd looked so familiar, so I went through my photos from the LA PD convention - and there was a photo of this paper doll. Did we meet at the convention?? Tamara
  12. Thanks for your comments - as to chloroform.... do you mean the gas that knocks you out? or Color Form paper dolls? Hmmm. The design was taken from some I loved by Laura? Brock.
  13. Hi racer - thanks for the comment. I'll have to post my sisters version of this... hmmm where is it....
  14. Thank you Phil, Virginia, shareurpassion and vetraio (really have to get to know names) for your kind comments. I have felt blessed to have my mother's paper dolls, and more for her love of study of ...
  15. My largest collection is paper dolls - maybe I'll post a few of my handmades when I'm fatigued with the luster s&p. These ones on lined paper are especially charming - because most likely drawn by an...
  16. It looks like one from a set of bisque nodders - characters from a comic strip, can't think of which one just now. It is a nodder? My guess it is German.
  17. Am always delighted to find such imagery in books.
  18. Beautiful! What wonderful finds. I really appreciate this type of glass, and feel lucky to live near the glass museum in Tacoma!
  19. These are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  20. These are great and right up my alley. (See my new postings - all animal condiment sets) You might check on the novelty salt and pepper collectors website for their expertise. I think I did notice o...
  21. These are a riot. What a wonderful addition!
  22. What a marvelous collection. Must be frustrating to find a great one without its rider!
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