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  1. Cool clocks !! Reminds me of Sun Spot Baby by Bob Segar .
  2. neat sean !
  3. Very nice . Was it a military left over thing that every profession wore a visor cap back in the day ? Good Humor men, Gas station attendants , Milkmen, Mailmen, Bus and Taxi drivers, Policemen.........
  4. That's livin' the High life !!
  5. awesome and good hunting !!
  6. Nice deal and great pic of gas station . The cool old days ! If only we could go back in time ................
  7. Always get the complete set . Never ever split it .
  8. Nice shape -love it !!
  9. Good stuff !!
  10. Nice ! I have never heard nor have I seen a property line pole . Probably made some folks mad at one time eh ? ingenious !
  11. Great preservations ! Keep up the good work !
  12. This is the coooooolest ! Sweeeeet ride !!!!
  13. What a great picture !
  14. Thanks katherinescollections aghcollect vetraio50 Ted _Straub Trey ...
  15. Thanks again for all your insight art.pottery ! Your knowledge is much appreciated !!
  16. Striking !!
  17. Man, that is a scary situation ! Good thing you caught it in time . The world is full of scheming dogs . That is nice of ebay to stand by you, usually it seems like you are left holding the bag in m...
  18. Great shape !! That box is fantastic !! I always wondered about toys that seem like they were never used . How does that happen ? Seems like all the toys I had eventually got mutilated/destroyed/wor...
  19. There should be a warning on alcoholic beverage packaging about the dangers of using a computer while intoxicated ! Bidding While Intoxicated . Thats it ! Have a "BWI" option that you can hit with...
  20. Niiiiiiiice !
  21. Thanks Rattletrap !
  22. oldandsilly, Thanks for the nice comments , glad I could share it with you ! It is indeed near my front door , full of old umbrellas, walking sticks and canes . I put an old towel at the bottom to pr...
  23. Thank You art.pottery , for the great information . All these years I thought maybe German, Dutch or Scandinavian . The Italian influence is definately more fitting. It has a crackled glaze that is no...
  24. Very cool . Never knew of such a thing ! Thanks !
  25. The first step is recognizing you have a problem . The second step is to bid higher !
  26. High quality workmanship ! Nice catch vetraio50
  27. Lovely !
  28. Beauty !
  29. Score !!! Love it !
  30. Thanks Manikin ! I appreciate your kind comment . Stop on........ buy anytime .
  31. SEAN68 thank you sir !
  32. Thanks Mr Tucker !!
  33. Very nice !
  34. LOL !!!!
  35. Does it say "Lizzy " anywhere on it ?
  36. Good stuff !!
  37. Thanks for the chuckle !! Love em all !!
  38. Very cool !!
  39. Very nice !!
  40. What a treat to look at !
  41. Great design -havent changed all that much ! Very cool!
  42. Sorry for falling behind in the thanks Dept. Thank you : trukn20, shughs, sugargirl, sanhardin, toolate2, mtg75, chevelleman69, ho2cultcha
  43. Thanks for checking it out everyone-fortapche Rustfarm twilliams27 racer44 ho2cultcha vetraio Trey SEAN aghcollect and PostCardCollector
  44. Thanks scott-what i suspected . Thanks also to: Alan2310, aghcollect, walksoftly, Manikin, kyratango, Trey, vetraio50, racer4four, SEAN68, kerry10456, blunderbuss2, fortapache and Radegunder
  45. Thank yous to : Postcardcollector, aghcollect, Trey, vetraio50, SEAN, Blunderbuss2, fortapache and of course Ted Straub p.s. blunder-as you dont smoke, send any cigars you didn't know you bid on...
  46. Thanks for the time and love: antiquerose , Budek , vetraio50, fortapache, racerfour4, aghcollect and Ted Straub
  47. Very nice !
  48. Love it !
  49. So sad to see these great buildings get old and neglected. Thanks for taking these pictures ! Things change so fast and we soon forget the details . Imagine the pride of the owners and workers who c...
  50. WOW !!!! Another outstanding sleuthing job by vetraio50 !!! I don't know how the heck you did it ! I couldn't make heads or tails on that signature even with the great link provided by katherinescoll...
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derby kids bike I found the same Nazi flag on the Eisenhower National Historic Site! This was in a box of my dad's WWII items WWII Foot Locker Hotel Switchboard Western Electric


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