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WWII German police/fireman's helmet

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Military Helmets145 of 356U.S. Army Model 1881 Dress HelmetCan anybody tell me what this is? M75 helmet liner ? Austrian maybe?
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    Posted 8 years ago

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    OK, fort & Sean. Your wishes are my command (sometimes). I don't like to poste on weekends because I figure people are like me & scan then while our group is more refined. Picked this up on the CW military ebay auction site for $55. Thought that was a good deal, but the seller charged $25 to send to my MIA shipper & it cost another $22 after driving 14 miles to pick it up @ the docks. More hindsight to remember (hopefully!). I was very pleased with the condition & it was not misrepresented in any way by the seller. Do wish I had paid more attention to their shipping cost though! Oh well, I'm happy & didn't have to take out a mortgage. When I hold something like this & wonder what it went thru, it makes it worth while, whether just on the streets or fighting fires after a bombing raid.
    Obviously orig. paint & absolutely no rust at all. There are leather tangs around the rear half of the liner for attaching a leather neck shield or apron. The chin strap was mostly gone, so I took artistic license to replace it. (sin, sin). Hey! I had the leather & it didn't! Thinking about wearing it a few times on the French side of our island but figure nobody would probably notice as the French have long ago gotten accustomed to seeing German helmets on their soil. LOL!!
    Hope you appreciate this, because I have no idea why I bought it!!

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    1. vetraio50 vetraio50, 8 years ago
      $25 for postage is cheap mate! Anything to Australia is $50 at least to the Land of OZ !!!!
    2. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Vetra, we are talking about within the States! I'm quite familiar with your rates, mate!
    3. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Vetra, I bitch about everything! Get used to it! No, I'm happy with my deal. Just don't know why I bid on it? I've never been a gambler as it would interfere with my other vices, but this auction thing can grab you unawares! LOL! Have a nice one!
    4. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      Nice lid blunderbuss2, looks pristine !
    5. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Thanks paul. It is really pristine & was surprised by that. I still have no idea why I put in a bid, as I'm old & trying to get rid of sh-t. Thought, surly somebody would out-bid $55. 2nd time I was wrong! Have to stop watching auction sites! Have a nice day! I swear, I have no fascist leanings, but their memorabilia was attractive & part of their system of capturing the masses.
    6. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      LOL . " Please , someone outbid me ". Been there myself.
      But that is a good one . I know what you mean about Nazi stuff-hate what it stands for but so cool to look at. You did good !
    7. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Maybe we should form another AA. Auctions Anonymous. LOL!!
    8. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      Good one ! We can auction things off to raise $ for it !
    9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Hey paul, & we can get by with a lot less than 12 steps! Maybe that's why they put adult blocks on these damned machines! Just have somebody else do it. It's to block us sick adults! LOL!!
    10. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Wouldn't it be a fantastic day if the day ever comes when helmets are only needed for work places! Yes, I was a protester in the '60's & '70's!
    11. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      What ? And stop the MACHINE ? What are you trying to do ? Start a war ? I love the bumper sticker " It will be a great day when the Air Force has to have a bake sale to buy a jet ".
    12. battlegear battlegear, 8 years ago
      thats a nice looking German M34 helmet, the chin strap you added is a good match, looks original and complete, some had the Nazi decals, these were also used by Air Defense.
    13. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Thanks for the info battlegear. I didn't even know it was an M34. I'm actually glad it doesn't have decals. My motorcycle helmet got blown off the bike during our last hurricane & spent many hrs. spinning around on the concrete driveway & looks like merde. The M34 is a fit, so I can wear it while I repaint my bike helmet. LOL! The French are used to seeing this style on their turf anyway.
    14. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      LOL!!! BB2 :) Your AWESOME :)
    15. Zowie Zowie, 8 years ago
      It tickled your fancy at the time & at least your post put a much wanted smile on my dial take care & have a good day
    16. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      I need help!! The "War times auction" just came out, & I put in 2 bids! Hell, I can't even remember what one of them was for!!!! Is there a support group?!! I'm giving things away one day & buying the next! (Kind of sounds like my love life!). LMFAO!!
    17. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      Man blunder you got it bad !! You really need help and fast !! I am praying for you . Step away from the computer and take some deep breaths ..................It will soon pass and you will own something you thought you might have needed maybe but are now not so sure but you should get it anyway because you never know.......
    18. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Paul, I am right handed & when I shakingly reach to pull my right hand off of the mouse, my left hand isn't strong enough! I will start building the muscles in my left arm. If Mama ever told you life was going to be easy, - I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that, - she lied to you. She could have given some kind of warning though! LOL!! Guess they will inform me of that unknown bid, if I win?
    19. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      LOL ! For some reason I always hear the theme to "JAWS" whenever I click on ebay
    20. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      The good news is: I found what I bid on & was outbid. Bad news is: I bid on something else! LOL!! I'm an addict! Just when I thought I had all vices cornered, another one comes along!
    21. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      Congratulations on being outbid ! There maybe some hope for you . If I ever open a package addressed to me that is full of pot holders, I will not hesitate to jump out the window !
    22. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Especially if after shipping & handling has tripled what you bid.
    23. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      You got that right !!!
    24. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      I've done it again! I swear I don't remember bidding on those collar tabs! Got a notice that I had won & didn't even know what until I opened it! Is there such a thing as "sleep-bidding"? I need help!!
    25. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      LOL !!!!
    26. Zowie Zowie, 8 years ago
      My sisters use to sleep dance, so yes it's possible people have been known to cook whole meals & cook them. Could it be a tip of the wrist lol
    27. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      I just "won" another auction & I swear I don't remember bidding on it either! I'm just going to swear off auction sites.
    28. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      The first step is recognizing you have a problem . The second step is to bid higher !
    29. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Paul, bidding higher is what caused the problem on this last one!! I paid $100 more than I would have ventured to. Maybe I got a bad case of Corona?
    30. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      There should be a warning on alcoholic beverage packaging about the dangers of using a computer while intoxicated ! Bidding While Intoxicated . Thats it ! Have a "BWI" option that you can hit within 24 hours of winning an auction to nullify it !!
    31. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      So, you are going to tease me Paul? Give! I just now cancelled a winning bid after talking to Ebay. The item (I don't remember bidding on) claimed the guy was from the Aachen area of Germany, he is in Poland & the item is in Berlin. The (Guy?) was insisting that I do a banque transfer & claimed that PayPal didn't work in Poland. Ebay & 2 Polish friends confirmed that it did. Their rating on Ebay was 100% but after studying, it was the only thing they had posted! (Keep that in mind). Their next highest bid was only $2 under mine, so told them to grab it. Not my problem anymore & Ebay said there would be no reflection on my rating. I was born at night, -- but it wasn't last night! I was also told by people who know, that bids can be put in your name by people good at this. Maybe I didn't really put that high bid in!! Puters can be dangerous! Learn from other people's mistakes & not your own! I almost made one, I think!
    32. paulmartin paulmartin, 8 years ago
      Man, that is a scary situation ! Good thing you caught it in time . The world is full of scheming dogs . That is nice of ebay to stand by you, usually it seems like you are left holding the bag in most of these kind of situations. Another important thing is to not leave any credit card #'s in your accounts such as with amazon and such ....... surely a future target for hackers !!!! Just like the TARGET fiasco .
    33. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      That's good advice Paul & will see if I can figure out how to do that with my limited skills. Just thinking of the sites & it isn't small! Amazon, ebay, gunauction, Etc., Etc, Etc. & on & on! Hey, a short-cut! My cards have all been changed in the 3 countries I have acct.'s in & the old info is no good! Ebay is the only one to worry about & I activate a new card tomorrow. Really good advice Paul & will remember it. Thanks.
    34. pw-collector pw-collector, 8 years ago
      BB2, I share the same problem (addiction). In live auctions I can't control my hand from going up. In silent auctions I can't put the pen down & stop upping the bids, in on-line auctions I can't stop the finger from hitting confirm bid. I'm doomed!!!
      Nice lid by the way!!! Congrats,
    35. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Pw, I share your plight! Hell, isn't it! Now for the really scary part. I remember clk'n on the helmet to view, but have no recall of bidding on it. Ebay doesn't give private mail addresses, yet this guy contacted me directly! That tells me that the guy is a hacker. I honestly don't think I placed that bid & think he hacked in & used my name to place a max. bid. Scary thought that!
      I see something else posted on wartime CW auctions that has the same "ear-marks" under a diff. name (in Poland). A "stahlhelm German belt buckle". Buyer beware!
    36. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Paul, here's one that should wake you up! After changing credit cards, LifeLoc mails me about not getting their payment. I mailed them back that I never signed up with them. They have nipped me for $550 over 5 1/2 & can't tell me who who signed me up with them! I couldn't sign in because I had no password & all their questions had no connection with me! They didn't have my ph # & even told me they didn't have my email address, even though they had just mailed me on it! No answer to that question!! I asked how they would contact me if they suspected ID theft & got no answer! This is all by email that they deny they have!!!! Told them that I wanted to drop them & was told that I couldn't without signing in with my password or answering the quiz to get a new one! I just simply replied that since they no longer had access to my card, that we were finished. This LifeLoc thing is supposed to protect you from ID theft & yet appear to be stealing identities for their gain! No end to scams predicted! Don't miss the part where they denied having my email address while contacting me on it when they didn't get their stolen money! Are their any honest people left? Scary!
    37. Roycroftbooksfromme1, 8 years ago
      was thinking of ya ....
    38. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Roy, I sure hope paper is not dead! I own a timber farm.
      Now, may I ask what your reply has to with the helmet or anything else for that matter? Forgot to take your pills again? LOL!
    39. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      This has been a fun poste. I finally got around to sanding the damage to by bike helmet last nite & just as I was going to paint it, it started raining. Painted it this morning but it wasn't completely dry when I wanted to hit my watering holes. This was the only other helmet that really fits me so put it on. I was surprised at the number of people who recognized it for what it is. Everybody seemed interested & I had to keep an eye on it! That was on the Dutch side & think I will try the French side tomorrow for the hell of it. LOL!! I'm going to be a fireman when I grow up. LOL!!! Oh, and yes paulmartin, I won another bid! HELP!! Actually 2. Time for "BWI" option! Think it will be accepted?
    40. Rattletrap Rattletrap, 7 years ago
      I want this helmet for our museum. It's very cool!
    41. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      My address is on my profile, Rattle.
    42. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 6 years ago
      The Germans made top quality equip. up till the end of the war.

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