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Unmarked silver necklace  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
watercolor on board - Fine Artin Fine Art
three sterling  marked rings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My trifari collection  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Beautiful glass necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Beutiful cluster ring!! dimond and ? blue saphire? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
10k opal and diamond ring - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Beautiful opal and pink saphire ring!! HUGE!! 10k - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
vintage avon NR - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
silver choker - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Dang spell check! Opinion
  2. I don't know what kind of plastic it is that's what I was trying to figure out, I cleaned it that's why it's shiny. .lol wit the stuff you can test for bakelike.
  3. I haven't seen any trifari like the bangle and earrings, I've had them for 5 years , I was thinking lucite as well but wasn't sure.
  4. Thank you
  5. thanks, I really love the color of the opal I couldn't capture all its brilliance .
  6. me to !
  7. thank you all
  8. thanks!
  9. thank you:)
  10. prob a copy?? most likely
  11. the coin says on one side masathuse tsin an the otherside new england andom 16 something 2
  12. thanks all ; )
  13. thanks i looked it up a long time ago but ive forgotten about it till i was looking at old pic,s i had taken
  14. thats ok its still cool, thanks so much
  15. thats ok i was just trying to figure what they were thanks for your help
  16. i really dont know what language i will have to find them and spell what it says for you thanks so much this is fun :)
  17. thanks all !! : )
  18. awesome find!!
  19. the eye is purple i just have a crappy camera,lol it says 925 do they still make c clasps?
  20. boxes and boxes yikes!
  21. thank you manikin i have so much jewlery i kind of lost my mind buying it up now i have to figure out what i want and get rid of the rest lol
  22. thanks ya all!!
  23. is it a collectable or sought after stamp?
  24. thank you all i would have never guessed it was Greek!
  25. thanks you should see it in the sun!!
  26. there are no marks anywhere but on box i will try to take better pictures how would i know if it is schreiner? thank you so much for your input!!
  27. they are solid silver
  28. someone I asked told me they look like they are from Mexico because of the birds??
  29. I put new pics up so you can gauge there size better
  30. I cant find a mark of any kind that's the problem. but I do have silver testing stuff,on the large spoon i don't know if you can tell but it is like , cut needs repair i put the drops there and it tur...
  31. Maybe brass & copper
  32. wow! that's awesome!
  33. very much so..........beautiful !
  34. I dont know how to tell if its plated or solid but it is heavey i will take a pick and post it
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Surfer, (story ring) circa 1976


posted 2 years ago
posted 3 years ago