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  1. Thanks GFrez!
  2. Thanks Sugargem! All I know about the artist is that he paints exclusively for the Regis Gallerie and has done many paintings of European Palaces.
  3. Thanks Brat and Happy New Year to you too! Btw you can call me Steve!:)
  4. Thanks so much VV!!
  5. Thank you so much VV! I hope the New Year brings you all the best things in life!! Steve
  6. Thanks Cindy! I appreciate it! :)
  7. Thanks Cindy!!
  8. Thanks VV! And yes, Jewels is the sweetest!
  9. Thanks so much VV! I'm so happy you like the chandeliers!
  10. Thanks pickrknows for your kind comments! I don't know who made them.
  11. Thanks Penny! I'm glad you like the lamp! It must be so beautiful in New Zealand this time of year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!
  12. Hi VV! I'm glad you like the clock! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
  13. Thank you VV!! I'm so glad you like it!!
  14. Thanks so much VV!! I appreciate all your nice words and support!!
  15. Wow!! Thanks so much for your support VV!!
  16. I am logged in as my family member, helping him, this is jewels :)
  17. Hi Hedgewalker, did you get my response as to why I was loving that stuff over and over? He is new to the site and I wanted to cycle his items. I appreciate your comment and I accept all opinions with...
  18. Thanks Sean!
  19. Hi VV! How was your vacation?
  20. Thanks Sean!
  21. Thanks Sean! Merry Christmas to you too!!
  22. Thanks Rose!
  23. Thanks Rose!
  24. Thanks Sean! I bought this from the Regis Gallerie in Las Vegas.
  25. Thanks GumGum
  26. Thanks Trey! I am in the coin machine business and I bought this bowling machine in the early eighties.
  27. Thanks Sean! The bar is always open!
  28. Thanks Nuts! Jewels is very mad at me for selling it!
  29. Thanks Sean! I am here Jewels, where are you?
  30. Thanks Sean, Kyra, Kat, and Scott! I have not cleaned them yet.
  31. Thanks Tom!
  32. Hi Jewels!
  33. Thanks Pops and Puckett!
  34. Thanks Phil!
  35. Very nice collection!
  36. This bowler is incredible Dan!
  37. Thanks Cindy!
  38. Thanks everyone!
  39. Thanks everyone! Keen eye Puckett!
  40. Thanks blunderbuss2!
  41. Thanks Inky!
  42. Thanks Pod!
  43. Thanks everyone!
  44. Thanks!
  45. Thanks Puckett, Cindy and Allan! I will post a closer shot of the left side. I appreciate the opportunity to share this painting!
  46. Thanks PatSea! Jewels told me to call you Peapod?
  47. Thanks Dan!
  48. Thanks eye4beauty!
  49. Hi Jewels!
  50. Thanks everyone!
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