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Yo what's up I'm GumGumRoar, stop calling me a he cause I'm a she yo!!


My Vintage Hair Barrettes :) - Accessoriesin Accessories
My Vintage Bottles :) - Bottlesin Bottles
Two Vintage NES Games :) - Gamesin Games


  1. Hey yo it's GumGumRoar, very nice product you have there! Love it yo. Such a beauty!! ?????anyways gotta go 360 no scope people yo! Peace
  2. GumGum Greetings Tommy nice products yo it's nice I like it bye
  3. Yo time to fix my grammar I meant, you look like*** ok bye yo
  4. Hey yo you look you like japanese things well me too I like Jpop and anime and all those swaggy epic things! Anyways lovely and sugoi product yo I love it have a nice day peace
  5. Hello it is the one and only very swaggiful GumGumRoar here to comment on your product!! It is very nice yo love it yo peace
  6. Yo what's up it's GumGumRoar!!! Cool product yo I like it so swaggy yo it's coolio! Bye
  7. Yo how's it going it's GumGumRoar commenting on your product! It's nice swag yo!! I love it peace
  8. Hey yo back on the scene to tie up my grammar like Mistress Mare-velous! I meant, I just wanted to say*** alright now it's 'saw good
  9. Yo, future Queen of pirates speaking! Hey it's GumGumRoar and I just wanted to this product is lovely. Nice yo
  10. Heyyy ^.^ nice product yo it's cool and nice peace
  11. Ello chappie it's GumGumRoar kawaii product swag yo I like it is adorable! I love koala swag
  12. Hey mate it's GumGumRoar cool product yo I love it nice peace
  13. Hey hey hey it's GumGumRoar! Nice product yo it's a beauty love it, yo! GumGumRoar, blasting off again!! Peace
  14. Yo what's up it's GumGumRoar commenting on your photo! Wowww, it's soooo pretty yo! Nice product!! Well I have to go catch Pokemon now but nice yo! Peace
  15. How cool yo! Gum gum greetings to this here site yo! Nice clown yo
  16. Hahaha how's it going bro this is GumGumRoar and today I am commenting on your product! I do like it it's a beauty!! Peace
  17. (?_´)? heyyy it's GumGumRoar! Totally radical blankets so tubular!! Swag yo
  18. Yo what up gurl its GumGumRoar and I noticed ya'll got a Teachers Highland Cream Whiskey Wooden Crate on yo hands! Wow, nice thingy, yo!
  19. Hey hey hey its Sherlock GumGum here on the case to help you solve the mystery of your train thingy! Merry Christmas yo btw nice trains
  20. I, one GumGum, of Collectors Weekly! Yo nice lamp swag yo
  21. Yo it's GumGumRoar future Queen of pirates speaking! Those are beautiful yo
  22. Hey hey hey it's GumGumRoar making a flashy entrance in the comment section! Cool yo nice umbrella looks neat
  23. Yo GumGumRoar in the house what a beauty you got there swag yo
  24. Yo it's a me a GumGumRoar and I'm back and better than ever! Nice product Imma gamer bro
  25. Whoaaaa that's cool
  26. Whoa dat is really cool
  27. Oh I said women as in female, Manikin. They wanted me to say more so I just said that \(o.o)/ it's cool. Thanks anyways
  28. Thanks Sean :)
  29. Thanks!! They are very fun.
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