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  1. Just retired. Spending time trying to figure out what to do with all this stuff I've collected. Your sign still the best thing I have. You guys doing alright??
  2. still love it
  3. Hope all goes well with you guys. Still best sign in my collection.
  4. still my favorite sign in my collection!
  5. let me know if you ever would sell this
  6. You guys doing OKAY? Your sign still the best thing in my collection. Hope all goes well on your end. Bill
  7. maybe it was filled in and smoother
  8. I have pictures of mine if you will give me your email i will send to you..can not get them to post here.
  9. I'll try having someone who works for me do it in next few days. I can't do it myself
  10. i've got this same piece. suppose to have 'diadermine' embossed in base she's has under her hand and holds a can of Diadermine
  11. Really enjoyed your visit with your family the other night. It was nice meeting everyone. Loved being able to show off some of my collection but wish I'd been able to show the above neon sign. Maybe n...
  12. I'm a dentist who collects neon clocks and signs. LOVE the neon candy sign. Hope a patient of mine uses the product. Bill
  13. win ally got one of the porcelain, neon poles. Think I now have at least one of all the neon ones I know about.
  14. Think rustfarmguy has some problem! The buy/sale comment none of his business. The above individual ask an estimate of the sign's value and I gave him my opinion. I see on his own site Rust gives his ...
  15. would really like it for my collection and restore it. any price? billsherrod@charter.net
  16. Nice advertising sign. Too bad the original back portion is missing. I have one on a metal screen also that advertises Toby Beer. Light goes off/on. Cool If you would ever be willing to sell yours, le...
  17. Can any of you coke guys help me? Have 4x8 foot porc. neon sign I'm working on. Besides the words 'drink, coca cola, and at our fountain' there is neon outlining the sign. Upper right and upper left t...
  18. So happy having obtained this great neon, motion sign from Paul even though 1700 mile,24 hour drive to get it. Neatest neon sign in my collection. I've fixed the spinning shaft which was broken and re...
  19. This is an advertising neon sign for Desota, the car maker.
  20. Would love to add to my collection. Any price you'd consider receiving for it? I'd even do a local pick-up. billsherrod@charter.net
  21. Love the barber poles. Any kind of trade your neon Koken for a neon, manikin Beauty Symbol pole ? billsherrod@charter.net
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Elko Fade Proofed Snapshots sign


Koken Neon Barber Pole