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I collect, porcelain signs, porcelain neons, vintage neon clocks, pinballs, pedal cars, gas banners from 40´s/50´s, vendos, oil cans, and Coca-Cola signs and cardboI collect, porcelain signs, porcelain neons, vintage neon clocks, pinballs, pedal cars, gas banners from 40´s/50´s, vendos, oil cans, and Coca-Cola signs and cardboards... (Read more)


  1. Hi , Michael, good to see you here too, see you this year at Hershey for sure !!!!! all the best, Sylvio
  2. thats a very nice guy !!!!!
  3. Thank you very much !!!!!!
  4. Hi, I live 50 minutes from Sao Paulo, ans my bussines is coffee...
  5. thank you very much, Trey
  6. amazing sign !!!!!!!!!!! Congrats !!!!!!!!
  7. awesome find !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. thank you, mackay1st
  9. thank you, officialfuel and sean68, I made a google research and saw he had an ability to perfectly capture the rosy-cheeked...
  10. thank you, fifties50s and pickrknows thats a great find...
  11. Hi, the second is wonderful but I almost sure that its not from South Africa because they dont speak portuguese there... maybe Portugal or here from Brazil. Congratulations for this super rare cardb...
  12. thank you, zguy2112 and Trey.
  13. awesome !!!!!!!! congrats !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. this is a pre neon sign 1920's. the blue porcelain letters are separate to complete a name. they originally used bulb lamps on it... wonderful sign !!!! Congrats !!!!!!
  15. great cardboard !!!! congrats !!!!!!!
  16. thank you !!! zguy2112
  17. Newby, I payed around $550
  18. Love it !!!! I want one or two for me !!!! I am from Brazil and go to Hershey Car Show every year... How can I buy this please ????
  19. Hi Jason, I mentioned the Gunter name in other posts. If you remember , I asked you about a bin price and you told me that the item had bids already... that gift was an incredible coincidence ... by t...
  20. Dizzydave, after more than 20 years picking , I finally doing my Garage, I have an old wood wall and this will be the US tires place, soon will post the pictures... for sure whit a great spot light.....
  21. Thank you, Coffeelover
  22. eye4beauty, the link was very funny, no problem. I just deleted because you ask me... LOL
  23. chevy59, his name is Gunter. thank you !!!
  24. Signaholic, thank you !!!
  25. Dizzydave and eye4beauty, picture in correct position...thank you for the comments. LOL
  26. its a chevrolet 1954 3.800 awesome truck !!!!!!!
  27. Palatnik used to sell in the Brazilians Airports in the mid 1970's... congrats from Brazil !!!
  28. this pieces are for Neon Signs and are missing a metal piece that attack to the porcelain sign, then the Neon Glass are fixed whit cooper wires on the top of these pieces... you could cut the glass in...
  29. I prefer the pic # 1. Congrats
  30. great piece !!!!!!!!!! congrats
  31. Congrats, I have one just like yours, just the other side... bought on ebay too. the seller had the 2 sides for sale . Maybe I have the other side from the same bus of your sign... see mine at my pro...
  32. thank you, toolate2
  33. thank you !!!!
  34. thank you, Stefdesign
  35. Dear Slackjack and Manikin, Thank you very much for the important information, I live in Brazil and love the americana from 40's and 50's... if I did not show and tell , I certainly would never know...
  36. was this originally neon sign ?? great sign !!!!!!!!
  37. Thank you all for the nice comments...
  38. great sign, in 2010 I found one just like this at Hershey Car Show, the price was $ 1,200. by the car I would say this sign is late 1930's. the girl shape is fantastic !!!!
  39. Thank you !!! I will post pictures from the square face jealous guy...
  40. thank you, I forgot to mention each panel is 3 feet x 8 feet
  41. great cop !!!
  42. Thank you !!!! I will post more spinners and coca signs and porcelain neons...
  43. please send all to Brazil !!!! congrats !!!!
  44. He used to sale at airports here in Brazil in the early 70´s... nice fish...
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posted 54 years ago