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Burlington, NC

The thing I love collecting most is knowledge!!


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Ty to my CW friends... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
On a roll!  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
I’m NOT supposed to be buying but... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mystery Mark? Art deco necklace? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unmarked Ornate Bracelet Acrylic Resin? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1930’s brooch? Red carved glass beads - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
The Weiss I saved from eBay! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Unsigned layered blue brooch with blue/green spray - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bakelite? 1930s brooch with authentic wood and turquoise? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Handmade Jewelry? How to tell?? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Elizabeth-you are the bomb dot com, baby!! You really took this piece and transformed it into a magical one, Ty so much!!!
  2. Mary-you DID haaaaalp on the celluloid! LOL (Shake and Bake...Worst. Chicken. Ever.) Actually, you were the one to identify it down to the decade, material and country. WOW! I'm adding my beautiful Fr...
  3. Thank you, Eileen! I didn't know that's why the pin was so long. I do know that bezel set speaks to being older and more valuable because YOU taught me that on one of the first pieces I posted where t...
  4. Oh Eileen...please do!!! Gol-thank you for that insight...Gillian-I thought so as well! For some reason the name "Trombone" comes to mind as the name for the clasp but I could be (and usually am) tota...
  5. Mary, funny you should say that! I decided to not sell it about a week ago. The main reason being for what you just said...I had some beautiful Weiss and lower end pieces I listed and they didn't sell...
  6. I didn't think of the Revival, Mary! But would sterling have been stamped 935 then? That threw Barnaby's as well, I think. They "noted" it but didn't say anything about it except they thought it might...
  7. LOL you’re right! For the love of all that’s holy… Do not get sick! I purchased this on eBay. The seller is long gone. I did take it to my jeweler because one of the sales assistants was, at one po...
  8. Mary and Eileen...I'm so happy you liked the blog! I really am. I'm actually sitting here with a big, goofy grin as I write this, although I'd appreciate you'd thinking I'm typing with a cool, profess...
  9. Mary!!! BRILLIANT! Thank you so much! Eileen and Freitbart-I can't thank you enough. And Eileen, I've added Gripox to my notebook, along with the sites you and Mary and Karen have supplied! Glad you l...
  10. Hi Phil! Thank you so much for dropping in! Blue is my favorite color and the light in my cabinet will really set it off beautifully! I could tell from the back it was a cheaper piece even though my e...
  11. Oh I just KNEW!!! So, let me share with you, Eileen, Mary and racer, what cued me in that this was a truly (monetarily) valuable piece-not that this matters, but it appeases the Marital Unit (aka “the...
  12. I can’t believe that everything I heard was true!! “If you post the plastic fantastic, she will come” ???? Hi Mary!! I’m so glad to meet you! And racer? I have a feeling you know a great deal mo...
  13. This is amazing! I would’ve had no idea what they were for and I doubt I would have been smart enough to put two and two together! Great find and thanks for sharing… I am definitely tucking this into ...
  14. Thank you Eileen! I couldn’t part with this if I tried. For a few moments, I actually thought the shop owner wasn’t going to sell it to me! Trust me when I say it wasn’t a sales tactic. She told me se...
  15. Eileen and Maureen-I am so honored to have you both take the time to offer your expertise and opinion on this piece! The truth is if you believe it’s a Schreiner then, by God, it’s a Schreiner! LOL Wi...
  16. Dear Ms Crystalship...I wrote as soon as my heart started beating again. How in the world could you tell? Could you point me to any reference online I could study? Of course, I would LOVE if you'd lik...
  17. The table measures 15.5" without the tray and 17.5" with the tray. So, it's a fairly low table. Thank you so much!
  18. Newfld-I agree wholeheartedly! I've researched handmade jewelry from the 40's and 50's but there's either not a lot of info OR I'm not searching correctly. Phil-I bought them because I KNEW I'd feel t...
  19. Oh thank you thank you thank you so very much! I can’t tell you what that means to me! I can’t help but wonder what actually happened to her body, though. I agree about the clothes. They look so lovin...
  20. Oh!!! This is STUNNING!!! I, too, have not see a double ring like have a gorgeous collection!!
  21. That's fine. :) I really am looking on the site. But I'm hoping someone might be able to narrow the search down for me. Thanks for the help, though
  22. I'm actually looking there now. Since I received your first comment on the other post...long after I posted all my items...I've been looking to try to identify the stones my friend has in his stash. T...
  23. Thanks to both! I'll check both sites out!!
  24. Kyra-You've got a deal! I just hope you don't regret it!! LOL Would you do me the favor of emailing me at my user name followed by ? I want to exchange address' with you and especially send y...
  25. One more thing...the front opening of the black pieces are oddly shaped. I just noticed that. I don't know if it'll help ID, but I wanted to point it out.
  26. Gillian...amen to that! Marking it closed and getting ready to open another!! Ty!
  27. If you were here, I would hug you. REPEATEDLY! LOL A friend gave me 8 of these-we both make jewelry for fun-and I was charged with finding out about them. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with what ...
  28. I agree wholeheartedly. I really want to pull the backing off one of them to see what they're made they're constructed. But didn't want to do it until I found out what they were, exactly. TY!!
  29. OH WOW KYRA! Looks just like these!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTY! Thanks to all of you! Now...I'm going to figure out what in the blue blazes 'camphor' glass is. :)
  30. Ty so much! That's 1/2 if someone knows what they are, I'm set :)
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unique style of scissors


Antique Doll Any Info?


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