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Former graphic artist, long time mostly self taught fine artist. Grand kids, skiing and sports cars are passions of mine. Oh yeah ..The wife and I love to travel.Former graphic artist, long time mostly self taught fine artist. Grand kids, skiing and sports cars are passions of mine. Oh yeah ..The wife and I love to travel. (Read more)


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Itailian art glass - Potteryin Pottery
Ski maps - Paperin Paper
Skiing Trail Maps and Passes - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Chinese ceramic box - Asianin Asian
Mickey Mouse Drinky Cup - Animalsin Animals
 Inuit jewelry box? - Furniturein Furniture
Bear Penny Bank - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Stress Relief?? * Exercise balls (baoding balls) - Asianin Asian
Artful Hunting Knife,  Antique Seceratary, Antique Photos 
Sun drawings nine through eleven are shown here.  - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Update!!! (new #1 Picture) I found the sticker I thought was gone under the lid! The piece is for the tourist trade. dooh!!
  2. keramikos, Thanks for the kind words, ya know I have a absinthe spoon.....somewhere???!!!
  3. Antiquerose- Thanks for the links they are helpful.
  4. Thanks for you help, Lata and Congcu!!!
  5. Thanks for the luv, ya-all!
  6. Vynil33rpm, Arrrghh, a distinct pooosibility Vynil.
  7. Thanks TallCakes, I learned a lot from the link.
  8. Thanks kwqd, I also have been practicing tai chi for almost a year and I feel that helps also.
  9. Thanks for the love Watchsearcher!
  10. Thanks for the info Congu.
  11. Ahh... the Stooges just back from the opera no doubt!
  12. Very nice Miro print. I prefer a modern frame, but hey it looks good in that frame and you fixed up very well. Its what YOU like that counts.
  13. Trey; just noticed your welcome, Thanks!
  14. Trey, At 5-9" I fit just fine. This car is great fun, a street legal go-cart!
  15. Nice find kid. Where the red wire comes off the back appears to be the antenna connection, if you attach some light wires to each screw you may draw some sort of signal. Try speaker wire, if you hav...
  16. Side 2 of Abbey Road is probably my favorite of all the great songs they released. The way the music flows is masterful.
  17. to little, to late by a fellow who couldn't care less.
  18. Mike: These appear to be poorly made decorative skis. I've been a skier for many years, and own many pairs including vintage skis. Sorry.
  19. Broochman, thank you. I like to customize once in a while. That clam shell hood on the XKE shouts out for detailing under the "bonnet".
  20. Broochman...If you look closely you'll see I wired the engine on the Jag. Enzo Ferrari said the XKE was the most beautiful car he'd ever seen.
  21. Flanker: Sure, all on this page are 1/18 scale. The red Ferrari was from Mini Champs, The Williams (white-blue) was totally unmarked I was told by a dealer it may have been a prototype. The Yellow Jor...
  22. shareurpassion- Thanks for your kind words.
  23. Trey- you should post that if you haven't already ( Mercer Automobile Sign)
  24. I plan on posting some of my original automotive art. Some of it is digital and some brushwork, all from my personal photos-stay tuned.
  25. Thanks Trey, they are great subjects. I am a volunteer at the Gilmore car museum here in Michigan, and believe it or not we get to drive customers around the grounds in old cars. Can you say dream jo...
  26. Never seen this item or heard of the company. Rare probably, value?? Who knows. Ive been a skier for 30 plus years.
  27. Thanks, the drivers had nerves of steel for the most part.
  28. This is a small sample of my collection, I will post more. Both convertibles are Ferrari- Barchetta (Little Boat) & 250 California
  29. bbuargo, Hot Wheels, Bean stalk, Brumm.
  30. All rights to the artist, Chris Beechler
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