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I've collected a variety of antiques: Art nouveau and deco glass (especially from Bohemia and Bavaria), porcelain (especially Danish), pottery (especially Gouda and I've collected a variety of antiques: Art nouveau and deco glass (especially from Bohemia and Bavaria), porcelain (especially Danish), pottery (especially Gouda and from Germany), postcards (between 1890 and 1940), visit-card portraits (around 1900 and earlier), coins (before 1940), engravings (from 1590 to 1850). I love art, classical music and hiking. I have done different Caminos de Santiago, and I have plans for a new long walk in september 2019 starting in Bayonne over the Pyrinees to Pamplona. I speak Spanish, and some English, German and Italian. Well, I also speak Galician because Galicia is my homeland. (Read more)


  1. Hi, Truthordare. Thank you very much for your comment. You are right about de dccor, however there is an important difference between both items: your beautiful bowl is glossy, but my lamp is matt. ...
  2. Dear sir, let me to point out that the flowers in the upper decoration of the vase are none other than Edelweiss (Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum, as Kivatinitz has already noted). The very hig...
  3. Anyway, the marks on the rim match to the Dresdener silversmith Hermann Behrnd, my doubts are just about the glass manufacturer.
  4. Thanks a lot, shareurpassion, for your kind comments! I wasn't able to see your similar piece, but I'm going to search on the internet for more. Have a fine day!
  5. And sorry for my bad English
  6. Hello to everybody, especially to truthordare and welzebub, who have extensively and generously contributed here with their knowledge and opinions. I think the materials you provided for the discussio...
  7. Many thanks for your nice reply, Sammyz, and excuse me that I made a rash remark. How strange that sounds to me! So it's a Kralik vase with an apparently authentic Lötz signature... Well, "inex...
  8. Thanks a lot for the catalog you have provided with your useful comment. Hoch interessant!
  9. Thanks Sammyz for your kind comment!
  10. NB: As for the price arbitrariness of antiques, it sometimes becomes nonsense, and certain sellers seem not to realize how pathetic they result...
  11. It is, indeed! Thank you Broochman for commenting!
  12. Hi Sammyz! I think you don't need to put a question mark at the end of the title because it looks like an authentic Loetz, and the signature is also genuine! I'm afraid there are Loetz shapes that ...
  13. Thanks a lot IronLace for commenting. I agree with you, this colour doesn't frequently show up, and the same about violet.
  14. Thanks a lot Michelleb007 for your nice and very interesting informations you have given here! Well, I have the Lötz monographic book published by Prestel, and several other on Bohemian glass, but may...
  15. Yes, they are, thank you!
  16. Hi Michelleb007, I've just posted two items with similar decor as your tri-handled vase, one of them (the jug) absolutly matching it! I,ve written a little bit information about this beautiful decor. ...
  17. Thanks for commenting Sammyz! So, not seldom. I didn't know.
  18. Oh, thanks a lot sklo42 for such a nice comment!
  19. Thank you Broochman. Yes, really, in spite of needing a cleaning!
  20. Yes, I also find that practice sad, though I thought it occurred only seldom. Instead, not few sellers offer items misdescribed, out of ignorance or attempting to deceive :-(
  21. Hi kralik1928, it's very ineresting what you point about the decor on this vase. I love many Peche's designs, and by the way one day I'll post a pottery vase from the Gmundner Keramik Austria attribut...
  22. Thank you all for expressing your enthusiasm! :-)
  23. All right, thanks a lot again welzebub for your prompt and interesting comment!
  24. Thank you kralik1928, for your kind remark!
  25. Thank you welzebub for your worthy information!
  26. Thank you vetraio50! You have a very big and fine collection too!
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