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  1. How many miles you put on this rig..Michael now you can jack up the rear wheels and put it in reverse to take them miles right off right ...'-)) enjoy the day, sweet ride ..
  2. what no lung machine....'-)) glad ya stopped..hope you stopped ...thinking of stopping .. cool post dav...
  3. You have some nice glass.............. I see your in Poland ..you know meat head ..aaaaabunkers son in law.. I like mike.....keep the glass coming ...'-)
  4. Nice collection ....
  5. really nice.............
  6. ya what jenni said go's from me too....smiling
  7. really cute...
  8. dam your place reminds me of The penal colony of Cayenne (French: Bagne de Cayenne), commonly known as Devil's Island...lol it has to be better then what you posted here...
  9. very cute...love the color..
  10. yup wonderful print copy of the oil painting, wonder where the real one hangs...hmmmmmmm
  11. the detail is really quite well done,,..the lighten rod on every roof ...? the glass store fronts light up like its after super time quite I could look at this all day & find a lots of things that ca...
  12. Nice Painting..............of the streets France...
  13. wow ..took a month to get it,.. must of had to teach the camel to swim most likely ..lol nice find.
  14. aint that cute ..love the way they worked the glass and color ..good eye Jenni '-))
  15. I see your hanging with the grays again...should of took a picture with a niqab on but then again if you did they would of locked you up most likely ...lol as Far as uncle Joe ..should read "take us...
  16. great unusual trinket box maybe made for ones self who has a oven and some lovely stones..you can see a face on top looks like a body or two on the sides your pictures stink ....lol but I have days ...
  17. love the butterfly vase on the end,,very pretty..and the Iron ore or what ever it is.,,,, is very cool ..1st one virgin Mary and a angel..? 2nd one is cute ..no idea by who ...
  18. cant say I ever seen one ..did he hang out with Trolls under the bridges in Germany ..cute little bugger and I like his smirk..lol later
  19. Are the stones still Alive ..? nice save..
  20. well gwizzzzzz which is it ...lol the color is great..the dots are perfectly done to match with skill in size .. but no picture of the bottom, one would be nice and its cool..Nice Vase enjoy the day..
  21. I used to like drinking tea but then I got married .. now I drink 1 once of coffee to 8 once's of whiskey ya see its the ying and yang thing right ..? anyways nice pot ..do u use them...?
  22. nice one, good luck on your quest...'-))
  23. that's a honey jenni hope all is well..'-))
  24. Wow .. it pops.
  25. Yup Thats U.....how about a new post once in a while so we know your alive,.. oh ya your the only guy I know can miss with a blunderbuss lol.................later
  26. fabulous ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!
  27. O........... their you are..smiling ....nice collection of vintage things..
  28. great information.............. Ben.... no.... wo as me.... crewnail, Ben to the rescue... '-))
  29. I hear tell you can roll them up and smoke them ..good luck...lol
  30. look at the color pop om them...pretty thing...
  31. cute as all get out, Jenni ...get hat monkey off my back ....smiling
  32. very nice find Penny....stay away from that gut rot booms farm..just because they still make doesn't mean U have to drink it ....lol Hi !!
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posted 11 months ago