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Copenhagen, Denmark

Mainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thMainly interested in early 20th-century ceramics, but also other stuff from the same period such as glass, pewter etc. I love finding stuff on flea markets and in thrift stores and I can spend hours sifting through heaps of old stuff to excavate that one little thing! (Read more)


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Tea Caddy (Shantou, China), ca. 1900 - Asianin Asian
Gouda Vase (The Netherlands), Early 20th Century - Potteryin Pottery
Beer Bottle (Frederiksberg Glassworks, Denmark), ca. 1900 - Bottlesin Bottles
Large Bottle/Container (Holmegaards Glassworks, Denmark), Early 20th Century - Bottlesin Bottles
Silver Owl Bookmark (Sweden), ca. 1920 - Booksin Books
Art Deco Kralik Vase, 1930’s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kyriazi Frères Cigarette Tin (Egypt), Early 20th Century - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Jugendstil Tile (Germany), ca. 1905 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Silver and Gold Pendant with Tugtupite  (Denmark), 1980’s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old Toys (Denmark), probably 1930’s - Toysin Toys


  1. Thanks, Ivonne!
  2. Thanks, everyone - and thanks, racer4four; yes, that might be of help!
  3. Oh, how pretty!
  4. Thanks, everyone!
  5. I had to re-love it!
  6. Great find!
  7. Thanks, SpiritBear - you may be right that it is a little later.
  8. Thanks, kralik1928!
  9. Well, unfortunately not much use on my kindle! But I love them anyway and will probably buy another one if I come across one that's not too expensive. I suppose they also make good gifts for book-love...
  10. Thanks, Efesgirl. I like them too!
  11. What a wonderful painting!
  12. Many thanks, everybody! Sean - yes, I like the colour too! Ian: At first I must admit that I thought it was dirty, but then I realised that it was made with this 'shading', which I now find adds a lit...
  13. Thanks, Sean, and also thanks to you kyratango, blunderbuss, vetraio, and VioletOrange!
  14. Thanks kyra and Efesgirl! I think you're right that the 2nd position is the correct one!
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  16. Great find!
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  18. Thank you, Alan!
  19. Thank you so much, everyone, for the enthusiastic comments! It's great that you like the pendant - now I'll make sure to take some photos of the other pieces I have!
  20. Thanks, Sean!
  21. Thanks for the comments and loves! Yes, vetraio, Holmegaard also made these types of markers, and I too really like the ones from Fyen. Now I only need the other 24 colours!
  22. It looks very inspired by Canaletto's Palazzo Ducale painting... What size is it?
  23. I was envious two years ago - still am! It's so beautiful!
  24. Thanks aura and AmphoraPottery!
  25. Thanks, Pamela!
  26. Thanks, Sean!
  27. Thanks, vetraio; I love it too! And thanks for the loves, everyone!
  28. Thanks, blunderbuss, kyra and ho2cultcha!
  29. Thanks for the loves, everyone!
  30. Amazing - I have a penchant for the pre-Raphaelites!
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  32. Thanks for the usefuld comments (and the loves), everyone!
  33. Thanks, vetraio! Yes, sometimes you're lucky!
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  37. Thanks for the comment, racer4four (so do I!), and thanks, vetraio and VioletOrange!
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  39. Merci beaucoup, Alan!
  40. I agree - such a magnificent opal doesn't need diamonds!
  41. It looks like an Ife head from Nigeria - probably a moden copy (if not, it can be valuable). I have one in terracotta; it's fascinating! Google it and see for yourself if there aren't similarities!
  42. Perhaps I misunderstand you - but the book is definitely marked. There are two little marks (Swedish, as far as I can see) below the owl's feet!
  43. Thanks for the comment, VioletOrange, and thanks for the loves, everyone!
  44. Baltic Sea Glass seems to be run by two glass artists (Maibritt Jönsson og Pete Hunner) located on the ssland of Bornholm (Denmark) in the Baltic Sea. Here's their home page: http://www.balticseaglass...
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  46. Thanks, Sean!
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  48. I suspected that it might be of later date - thanks for the info, IMASapp!
  49. Hi IMASapp - perhaps you can help me out with my little fairy lamp? Here it is:
  50. Thanks, racer4four and VioletOrange!
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