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I'm mostly interested in old glass, pottery, and I love to visit flea markets. I have a collection of many things.


  1. Hi, sorry I have taken some time to get back to you. I myself will reserve myself from putting a price on your items. However I,ll send you this link to an auction house you will help you. Hope that i...
  2. Jeg trodde det var en Kähler først! Nydelig!
  3. Hi Inky, yes I have not shown anything for a long time even though I still lave a lot of things. I am still logged on though. Nice to be missed. Thank you for your kind comment.
  4. Thank you once again, I think I have even more now!
  5. Thank you Sean, I have a lot of interesting books on glass.
  6. Thank you Sean!
  7. Love this one, I always keep my eyes skimmed at the flea markets for this type of pottery.
  8. Very nice, I was there in november. The York minster is beautiful + the old Shambles.
  9. Thankyou so much!
  10. Beautiful Aluminia!
  11. Thank you Jensen, following you!
  12. Hi there, I do follow the whole time, but i.m sorry not so active myself. I still have a lot of goodies to show. Enjoy sunday.
  13. Thank you so much, the very same to you too! Sorry I have not been so active on the site lately.
  14. One of the most important artist ve have had in Norway, she did som pioneerering work. Take a peek:
  15. Very nice, I have a small collection of her animals. Sorry I have been away so long. Thank you for sharing.
  16. Beautiful shape and colours!
  17. You see these a lot in Norway! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Wonderful, and a happy new year to you! Hope you have some wonderful finds in 2013!
  19. Hi, just browsing, this piece is from Magnor glassverk, not sure about the artist, could be one of three. Arne Lindaas, Axel Mørch or Eistein Sandnes. I own one from the same series, mine is a wonderf...
  20. So sorry about this vase. I myself have sold quite a few glass items and I do ensure that they are properly packed. Where was the vase from? I,ll take this oppotunity to wish you a very happy xmas...
  21. Oh. so sweet. Thank you, I'm sorry for not posting for some time but I have been so busy with other projects, mostly my sewing machine......All the very best to you and yours too.
  22. Nice, Tynell created some really good designs. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Absolutley beatiful!! This is from the Nordic series. The green and the blue anchor together was especially used on the Nordic pieces. 1906 - 1911 Thank you for sharing.
  24. Beautiful objects, sorry I cannot help!
  25. I quite agree. Thank you for your kind words.
  26. Great find, are they signed too?? Thanks for sharing!
  27. The basket is beautiful, but I'm afraid I cannot help. A little out of my grounds.
  28. Thank you for your kind information.
  29. Lucky you!
  30. Thank you so much. I have also found some other pieces, I just love the flea markeds. You just don't know what you may find!
  31. A very beautiful piece indeed!
  32. Solinger is one og the best! I am a seamtress and still sew at home! Beautiful find. Love it.
  33. Very nice, I have a similar somewhere. Off to England for a short stay, hope I find something at the antique market on saturday.
  34. Beautiful! Thank you for showing.
  35. Thank you all and vetraio50 for all the info. I also have 2 antique ones which I can show later.
  36. Yes a hyacinth vase, not often I see this in Norway.
  37. Thank you!!
  38. I see that I should have taken this photo out doors maybe. Yes it is brown.
  39. Browns?
  40. Now this is the stuff I love!! Absolutely lovely!! Good find, I've had one myself but unfortunately got broken.
  41. Hope that you enjoy your holidays!
  42. Belive it or not I found this at a flea marked. dare not tell how much I paid. Saltos work is very easy to spot, but also very rare.
  43. A beautiful object, but I'm sorry I cannot help with any info. Have a nice weekend.
  44. The second piece is to large and thick to drink from. So I have used it for sweets, and sometime flowers.
  45. Lovely jug, I understand the problem of not being able to walk past an object you like, even though you have many already!
  46. Many thanks to all, and thank you for your kind words about my blog scandinavian_pieces!
  47. Lovely item, I quite like silver.
  48. Very nice indeed!! And lucky.
  49. Now this is just amazing!! Thak you for showing!!
  50. Beautiful design, my daughter collects and uses this type of kitchenware. Thanks for showing and giving such good info.
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