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"My Only Legacy" A SB Story

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    Posted 5 years ago

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    Background information: This occurred yesterday. Some of these ornaments had been in the family for generations. Some were gifts. Every year we also add more (glass) ornaments to the tree. Both my mom and I have Major Depressive Disorder.

    I had just been thinking, "I should probably take down the Christmas tree." It was still up because it was so pretty with all the colourful ornaments and its lights. I decided instead to take photos of some new additions from thrift stores earlier this week.

    My dogs began barking as a large truck pulled into our driveway. It's hard not to hear a vehicle enter: People pull right in, down the middle, but the sunken-in ground near the street seems to have collapsed further and is filled with water and ice so you cannot see the enormus hole-- and, thus, you bottom-out your vehicle with squeals and crunches that sound very damaging.

    I looked and noticed it was the Schwann's guy-- Schwann's is a frozen-food delivery service known for decent prices on decent foods. Striding to the door to greet him, as it's always the same, friendly man, he got out and handed me an ad.

    "This year's new choices," he said, "Or at least for the next couple months."

    I thanked him, and we shared a couple more sentences before I bid him a good day, and I began closing the door.

    Suddenly, a series of crashes sounded. I slammed the door shut and began running up my steps, through the kitchen, and halted to an abrupt stop in the dining room threshold. My gaze beheld utmost horror: Glass, everywhere. In fact, my socked feet were even standing on it as it had slid all the way to the kitchen.

    It had been Orangie, seen in photo two, as he's the window-jumper. He must have slid into the tree as he was trying to scare off the food guy. I shouted, "Orangieeeeee!" and he bolted to his cage-- the cage he has because he becomes violent at random and is destructive when unattended.

    My camera was still on the dining room table. I grabbed it and snapped the photos shown. I tried to get my dogs to stay put, but they refused to listen and Rhoda ran right through all the pieces as she was terrified that she was going to be in trouble and that Orangie would try to hurt her as he does when upset.

    Edging into my room, I grabbed the rubber-bottomed slippers I never use and retrieved the vacuum to create a safe path into the debris field.

    It took me about 40 minutes of sweeping and vacuuming 3 rooms and ventilation to get all of the reflective pieces of danger out.

    I was running late for college. As I quickly finished up and had my car warming up, my mom came home (thus putting an end to wondering when and how I should tell her that day). I immediately notified her that I was running late and that almost all of the glass ornaments had been destroyed.

    She looked horrified. As she stood on the steps, I told her what had happened.

    "They were my only legacy left to give you," she despaired. "I babied those for years. They safely made it from state to state with me. Some of them were at least 120 years old and had come over from Germany."

    I was trying to not get depressed about the loss of several generations of family history, so I looked at her and shrugged. "I cannot replace the family history in them. I can find similar pieces, but they're gone."
    There was just nothing left of the oldest. It was as if they had vaporised. In fact, my last sweeping turned up a handful of powdered glass. They just disintegrated on impact.

    "No, some of those were up to 150 years old. They can't be replaced."

    She then added, "You won't believe me, but I had a dark, sinking feeling about an hour ago."

    By now we were in the living room. She looked at the tree and asked, "Is anything left?" I told her the depressing news: of all the antique ornaments, only 2 plain, newer (1900s) ones were left. Of the 6 vintage ones I got her for Christmas, only 2 were left. Of several more modern ornaments (1990s-last year) that were gifts, hand-painted, or just really nice, almost all were destroyed.

    You can see the box I put the pieces in.

    She yelled at the dog and told me to take him outside, as she didn't want to see him, and she became depressed for the evening. When I got home later, I heard her say to the dog who has already caused over $2,000 of property damage, "You broke my heart, Orangie. You really broke my heart."

    Some of the ornaments were just really neat. You could see where they broke them off the blowpipe and what some were rolled in. Others were painted, with sand or mica sprinkled onto adhesives applied in patterns with a brush.

    My mom really loved those. Much of our family history has been stolen or destroyed. There is very little left from before my grandparents now. Only 3 things come to mind.

    A depressing story. I'll be purchasing similar pieces off e-Bay over the next year, but I'm not sure if my mom will like them or not as they are not what was lost.

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    1. horserescuer horserescuer, 5 years ago
      sooo sorry this happened.. i have old glass ornaments too.. i put my tree up this year and 2 cats got into it so i took it down and didnt put it up again. i know its not the same but look on etsy and maybe you can find some just like them.. i have some im listing soon.
    2. beyemvey beyemvey, 5 years ago
      Sorry to hear of your loss... we all become very attached to sentimental things... here's a positive suggestion... Save the shards and go find yourself a suitable small table. Spread them out like a mosaic on the table top and then make a raised ring around the edge of the table. Fill it with clear casting resin. It won't be the same, but it will keep them in the family and there will be a great story to go along with the table. I know of art glass collectors who have done this when they have had an accident to some of their collection. Keep your chin up spiritbear!
    3. welzebub, 5 years ago
      I am so sorry..... In our family, Christmas ornaments are not only Christmas ornaments, but are representative of a life journey to accumulate them. Sorry the ornaments are gone... but the life journey still remains......

      I had a shelving unit with 5 shelves of glass in it collapse several years back...... I can completely empathize with how you are feeling...... I still have the box of shards.... :-(
    4. kyratango kyratango, 5 years ago
      Ooohh... so sorry for what happened... I will certainly not love your post, because of this horrible loss...
      Agree that such family memories are irreplaceable :-/
    5. Efesgirl Efesgirl, 5 years ago
      Dogs don't understand about things. Orangie didn't mean to break anyone's heart. He thought he was protecting his family, and the tree was incidental to him doing his duty.
      It's difficult to accept the loss of material items which have deep personal meaning. I've had things I loved broken by clumsy humans - things that cannot be replaced. I would get depressed about it and then realize later that it was just an object. The memories in my head and my heart are safe.
    6. kyratango kyratango, 5 years ago
      Very true saying, Bonnie, I forgot to say Orangie is not guilty...
    7. SpiritBear, 5 years ago
      It's more the loss for my mom than it is for me. She's the one who's protected them all these years. When she saw what had happened, she slapped her hands to her sides and said, "We can't have nothing nice."

      As for the table idea, it is a neat piece, but it would have a sad back-story.

      I myself have posted here that stuff is just junk we can't take with-- stuff that gives no moral value to me-- but it was important stuff for my family's history.
    8. OneGoodFind OneGoodFind, 5 years ago
      Spirit I am so sorry this happened. I think bey had a wonderful suggestion if you still have the pieces. Everything changes and your mom might even like it and come to love it. Letting go takes time so allow yourselves to grieve and try to move on. Thank you for sharing you story about depression because it is very important and no reason to hide or be ashamed about it. We all get into a funk but don't understand the real pain suffered when you can't get out of it. You and your mom clearly share a passion for collecting and that is living in my eyes. And you have each other. Bonnie is right too about Orangie. I just prayed for you and I wish you the best. Thank you for all of your support also!! It really means a lot. :)
    9. billretirecoll billretirecoll, 5 years ago
      SpiritBear...I'm very sorry this happened. I think that it would be good if your mother and you, might sit down and write a family story, of your family history loss, add pictures of the beautiful Christmas trees that you had in the past, with these ornaments, and the happiness that it always brought, and this story too, with it's pictures. This to is part of your history, not to lose, but to remember, and be passed down, so the treasures of your past, will still be in word, for others to see, and know the love, and loss that you, and your mother felt. Have it printed out, for your other family members, and given as a gift for the future.
      Please take care, Bill
    10. SpiritBear, 5 years ago
      It's more my mom who needs the praying for.

      My mom used to be a writer, never published, but my father-- or was it her deceased husband, my sister's father?-- threw most of it away.

      As for 'other family', while I have 4 related nephews and nieces (6 all together), none of them have much interest in family history or antiques, and none have our last name. My sister is estranged, having not been seen in 3 years now except once accidentally.
      As a homosexual, I'm not having children and will not adopt. As such, my line dies with me.

      I don't usually add dialogue to stories-- it's the hardest part for me: Dialogue. I have many stories, but I have not written one with dialogue in a long time.
    11. OneGoodFind OneGoodFind, 5 years ago
      Sweetie, I prayed for both of you.
      I guarantee you there is not one person on this site that does not have estranged family. I have many. In as much as I love them, I have to live as do you and you mom. Embrace your blessings, give back as you do here and just do your best.
      Decide you deserve to be happy because you do.
      I might need this back later. :):)
    12. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 5 years ago
      Ouch I feel for ya brother and your Mom, I know these had a strong connection to the past for both of you that can't be replaced in this physical world however your used name gives a hint that your spirit still has that connection and that you will take with you and your spirit is strong many here have felt that so please don't let this get you too down, many of us myself near the top of that list have problems with depression and family issues and even unknowing naughty pets (Orangie looks a little guilty in that photo) so don't feel alone there, I will likely be the end of my family's line like you feel you will be but that is the likely outcome we never know what may happen if we don't have kids then maybe were the lucky ones in a small way that is for us we can say "What doe's it matter in a hundred years" and mean it This saying has helped me get past so many trying times that in the big picture were not the end of the world granted this is a big one however this too will pass and with luck you will find a lot of the same items I for one will keep my eyes open for them with you sure they won't BE the same but can represent them.
      If you get down and/or just want someone to vent to you can always call on me I would be happy to give you my contact info.
    13. SpiritBear, 5 years ago
      Thank you all. I was quite shocked to see so much friendship on a collecting site.
    14. PoliticalPinbacks PoliticalPinbacks, 5 years ago
      Who would have thunk it we can share our collections while collecting new friends life is good ;-)
    15. billretirecoll billretirecoll, 5 years ago
      You're so right PP, but here we are, collecting new friends, and lovin it! :^)
    16. MALKEY MALKEY, 5 years ago
      i feel So sorry terrible infact for you & family SpiritBear my sincere best wish's for the future God Bless
    17. SpiritBear, 5 years ago
      Thank you, Malkey.

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