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Cleveland, mo

my grandma was a dealer so i grew up learning about antiques. i love old things. i have a good eye for things and collect as well as resell for my animal rescue.


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  1. I thought pewter too, but I think silverplate. Was hoping silver but no marks. The it thing I've found with the braided rope like is was Italian
  2. No I did not know this. I'm Christian but love this. Wish I could find an old gilted frame for it. Thank you for the information
  3. Looks like turn of century granite or marble and ornolu. French clocks are so fancy!
  4. Sorry I accidentally deleted the first comment. New here
  5. Yes that's exactly it. A Wilcox and Gibbs treadle machine. Thank you!! I knew it looked too much like feet with the lips on back.
  6. All look about 80s. Love peacock one! I raise them.
  7. i understand collecting but not hoarding as you can never enjoy the things that are packed in. old items are mean to be enjoyed! and seen.. open an etsy shop!
  8. murano is more art glass, milano pitchers usually have texture.. not sure of maker.. nice set tho
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