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  1. got some more photos hope will help . I think Moss Agate now
  2. Added a photo of some of the arrowheads without light. Some look very similar but are translucent and then others aren't . Cool
  3. Also says that year 1968 was a blue label for Italy and it also says produced in England on the record I have nothing about Italy
  4. So I was on a web page that show s the labels and Id numbers and Italy was skli and looked differnt , is it the Same?
  5. Yeah it works great, as you said the counter weight pulls it back up once it empties its load.
  6. hi, sorry wind was blowing and the post it is all i could reach. still confused
  7. thanks for all the info. There was a horse painting at the sale also wish i would of purchased that one also.. thanks again
  8. Thanks Celiene , its definitely not duvet , there was a few other paintings by him and one was marked San Bernardo on the back. So thats southern Cal. Thanks again
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Help identify these fall city Remarkable 1920's or 30's German "Pyramid" Deco Mantle Clock Antique Fixed Blade Surgeon Knife???