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Tucuman, Argentina

Personal Website: coleccionistadeilusiones.…

I'm just a girl from Argentina, trying to be a playing cards collector.


  1. Thank you very much Efesgirl!
  2. Thanks for the advice Dizzydave!
  3. Theank you!, I have books from the 60's that don't look so good!
  4. Thanks !!
  5. Thanks you BELLIN68
  6. Thank you vintagemad!
  7. Thank you all!.
  8. Thank you Lisa!.
  9. Thank you so much!. And I'm so sorry for the confusion, was my aunt who died. I didn't expressed myself correctly, maybe because I don't speak english XD.
  10. Thank you scandinavian_pieces, I love that photo too. And thank you Vontrike, walksoftly, Daddy_Vobucks, picksknows and toolate2.
  11. Thank you devinofrank, officialfuel and cindyjune.
  12. Thanks!. I have 4 of them now. I hope to learn french some day, so I can read them XD
  13. "Nada" means "nothing" in spanish :P
  14. This painting is called "Niños comiendo pastel", from 1675 (the original is in Munich). Was painted by the baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (one of my favorite spanish artists). I painted one ...
  15. Thank you all!!, now I added photos of the film, if you want to see it.
  16. Thank you both
  17. I had the yellow one!. I think that there was no mistake, my bear was your carebear's argentinian father, and the blue one was his mother...thats explains the green color =P I have a picture with hi...
  18. thanks Shawn!, I would not use it, but it is interesting XD
  19. No, I know nothing about it, im glad you like it! XD
  20. Spanish in the Philippines? that's new for me... (one true sacred peso)
  21. Is to late for this deck, but I'll try it the next time, thank you!
  22. Hi Earl, I'm sorry, it's not for sale.
  23. Not quite understand the last part =P, but anyway, in addition to your contribution, I just like to know how old it is. Thanks for your help!
  24. This is the link where you can see the list of dates corresponding to the differents letters, if you have a K, acording to this list, it could be from 1907, 1928, 1948, 1968 or 1988. http://www.daw...
  25. This is a "Bombilla", you can see also the Mate (container) The cheapest are usually hollowed gourd and the most expensive are made entirely of silver.
  26. Thank you!
  27. No problem!, never too late to learn, I want to learn english becouse I can understand almost everything but actually I don't speak english. My mother did not get that far, she had the opportunity to ...
  28. Lol, yeah, maybe you are is an universal lenguage after all, right? I think some people just see this kind of things as old garbage (I have big examples in home), but I feel that if t...
  29. Thanks!. My mom played tennis a long time, even she had the chance to play professionally, but finelly she decided for odontology. I like to see tennis matches on TV with her once in a while. In this ...
  30. That's beautiful!, I love the dancing couple, the woman in the back, the shiny edges, everything!. Can I ask you something? How many decks you have so far? ..Thanks for sharing!
  31. Thank you so much!, Im very glad you like it, but...I saw your last post, and...that's cool!, not mine!...answering your questions, yes, the case it's original, and unfortunately the cover is missing,...
  32. As we say, sometimes less is more, beautiful deck!.
  33. You are so lucky! We don't have anything like that here (yard sales or garage sales) , most people just throw away what is not used, or keep it for life, but they never sold it! They just leave their ...
  34. The only site that I found about how dating plaing cards is this But I can't see the Q in the list, (the Q in your ase of spades).
  35. Oh, ok, thanks!, I am guided by the W, like I said, maybe the box was made after? I have no idea...and, from New York to Argentina...maybe that fact has something to do...any ways, thank you so much!
  36. Thank you!, your cards are beautiful too, I wish could find some older decks but where I live I don't have so many places to search (just a few antiques shops), and yes, well guess, that means spider'...
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