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Collector of vintage playing cards.


Unknown Deco cards-Dancing couple - Cardsin Cards
Other Sweetheart deck - Cardsin Cards
"Sweethearts" Playing cards - Cardsin Cards
Beautiful Art Deco Cards - Cardsin Cards
Vintage History Cards - Cardsin Cards
A nice deck of "Smart Set" Cards - Cardsin Cards
Bonus Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
Hippodrome Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
Unknown Baseball Card Game - Cardsin Cards


  1. Thanks for adding the pic. It seems that Tower was sold by Sears Roebuck. Still not sure who manufactured them for Sears though..
  2. Hi! I'm not a card player either but I recently started collecting them. What you have there is a deck of pinochle cards. I have no idea how to play but a standard pinochle deck is 48 cards-2 of each ...
  3. Wow! Would love to see more pics, especially of that Diana display. That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I wish I could help you id that particular set of Author cards. I have 2 sets myself, one called "All Fair Authors-A Card Game" which was produced by EE Fairchild Corp Rochester, NY. They are similar ...
  5. Argentina with so many good players! I remember one of my favorite women players was from Argentina-Gabriela Sabatini..maybe your mom knows her?
  6. Of course mesa is table in Spanish. I'm sorry my Spanish knowledge is horrible! My son is learning Spanish in school this year so maybe I'll learn something too! Your mother must have been a very g...
  7. That is wonderful! Reminds of the old actors reminiscing about the "roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd" er or some variation thereof...
  8. Those are really cool looking. What is the pink one "Tenis de Mesa"? I am a big tennis player and wonder does it mean tennis played on red clay (like in Spain and the French Open)? This is my favorit...
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"Tela de Araña" (spider's web) playing cards - made in Argentina My husband's father's pocket sized playing cards from WWII


10 cents books


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