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  1. Beautiful!
  2. Hi Phil: Are you saying the 1930's lamps were reproduced in the 1990's by Ric de Rico? Would this have coincided with the one appearing on "Twin Peaks?" How can you distinguish the repros from the...
  3. Fabulous.
  4. I have a few of these as well in my collection, which I've posted on here. I've never seen the version on the far right--it's really beautiful.
  5. Cool plates. I need a set of these!
  6. The framed artwork on the wall is from contemporary artist, Robert LaDuke. The other objects are period Art Deco bar trays, including two micarta trays from Westinghouse.
  7. Yes, it's definitely a cigarette box. I believe cigarettes were smaller in size back in the 1930's. If you compare the size of a 1930's martini glass to a modern one, you'll know what I'm talking ab...
  8. I love these mirrored clocks. I have a few in my collection as well. It's very similar to some Rhode designs, but unfortunately, I don't think it is.
  9. Now I'm an envious...
  10. Oh yes. The tree vase speaks to me...
  11. Hi Lesli: I would be glad to speak with you. How can I reach you?
  12. Thedecoguy: You've got some beautiful pieces in your collection as well. Glad we share the same passion...
  13. Honestly, I don't know how you could make the propeller. But the propeller is original to the fixture...
  14. Yes, I believe the female version has a red top.
  15. My initial guess is that this a Markel lighting fixture. They did a lot of Art Deco lighting styles during the period. I would start with a Google search on "Markel deco lighting" and see if you can...
  16. Most likely 1930's-1940's.
  17. Thanks for the comment. It looks like Skinner auctions has recently identified a similar lamp as French 1920's: It's often hard to tell wher...
  18. Thanks thnman...we cross paths a lot on different sites for our mutual love of Art Deco!
  19. It is a Howard Pierce piece. It appears on page 56 of the "Collector's Encyclopedia of Howard Pierce Porcelain" by Dommel. There's a pair of foxes worth $75-100 for the pair according to the book.
  20. It's a great find.
  21. I think it might be a variation of a rare, Art Deco Waltham clock in the "Fryart" glass line, as seen here:
  22. Just when I hadn't seen one of these available for sale for awhile, one shows up on Ebay and sells for around $450.00:
  23. Looks like Rago Auctions in 2002 attributed these cocktail cups to Von Nessen. Love the Von Nessen tray that goes with them:
  24. Futuristic is the right adjective to describe it!
  25. It's very organic in the design. It reminds me of the Eva Zeisel piece I found recently (which is Gobelin 8):
  26. It boggles my mind how a similar cobalt version of this clock with so much damage commanded such a high auction price on Ebay:
  27. The shape number is too early to be hers, as indicated in my text with the quote from the curator at the Brohan Museum.
  28. Thanks. I've being waiting awhile to find a good ceramic piece by Eva Zeisel. Even though the design of the glaze is hers, the shape of the bowl is not. Evidently, there is some debate that because th...
  29. Sean...I've uploaded a picture of the manufacturer's mark.
  30. Please donate it to my Art Deco collection if you ever decide to depart with it. :)
  31. Beautiful.
  32. Come over for dinner, and I'll use them, as long as you wear your Cleopatra hat...
  33. Oh the frame is lovely too, and it suits the picture well.
  34. I want that photo badly...!
  35. Surprised that an identical Elgin Otis cigarette box just sold on Ebay for around $750.00! Of course, that one appears to have the original lighter with the set, but still...
  36. Great clock. I would love to have one in my collection too! Did you find this one without cracks in the catalin? Beautiful.
  37. Again, I'm always surprised of how modern the designs of such things were in the 1930's. These lamps could easily be sold as contemporary decor.
  38. Here's a pair for sale on Ebay for what I consider to be a good price if anyone is interested in getting them (especially since another seller is trying to sell just one for $1200.00!): http://ww...
  39. Honestly, I wish I had picked up another one of these Gainsborough vases years ago when they could be found easily and inexpensively. I think a pair would make a striking set of mantle pieces.
  40. Thanks Sean...Kensington items seem to be fairly easy to find. There's only a few that I really like, and this is one of them. Do you have this vase too?
  41. Thanks...did you find any Kensington Ware at your antique shop there? I imagine there would be a lot to find in the local area.
  42. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, a cobalt glass version of this clock is up for auction on Ebay (shame it has a chip in the glass though):
  43. This is such a funky item!
  44. Looks great. Please check out the restored Zenith chairside model in my collection.
  45. Mystery solved. Thanks for all the help in identifying the designer.
  46. Mystery solved. Thanks for all the help in identifying the designer.
  47. Thank you so much! Now I need to find more information on Pierre Devouge. And I see I'm missing some really nice ones from the set!
  48. Hi me, it looks like a P.V.. But I could be's very hard to see.
  49. Yes...I've tried my best to get a picture of the very small hallmark and added it above. To me, it looks like a P.V....any help in identifying it would be great. Thanks.
  50. I need a dozen of these.
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