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4 Unknown Famous People - Advertisingin Advertising
1950s Printers Blocks from NH Newspaper - Advertisingin Advertising
1830-1855 Ledger of NH Doctors - Booksin Books
1894 Alfred E Neuman Cabinet Card - Photographsin Photographs
Two Carved Civil War Bone Rings - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Large Tintype of Woman Playing Stringed Instrument - Photographsin Photographs
1935 Philco Addo Bank - Advertisingin Advertising
WWII Sweater Made in Hollywood - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WWII Store Bought Wool Gloves - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of WWII M-6843 Leather Gloves - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


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  2. I'm glad I could help.
  3. Sue, the slats would make a half fan shape. 2 or 3 slats is not very efficient for drying clothes. I believe it is a clothes drying rack and I have seen other people selling them as that.
  4. Are you still looking to add to your collection?
  5. tlmbaran, what is your email? I may have some items of interest to you.
  6. I am guessing that it is part of an antique clothes drying rack. Long wood slats would have been put into each of the slots.
  7. Thanks AR8Jason
  8. Any help?
  9. Thanks ThriftStoreAddict! Do you collect these?
  10. Thanks Mcgarrett50
  11. I have had a similar one for someone who was sick. It was setup as a bed pan. I like this one better though.
  12. Your welcome, I hope you didn't pay too much.
  13. Definitely a modern fantasy sign. Maybe 20 years old.
  14. Rose and MsDowAntiques do you know anything about my Alfred E Neuman photo? According to Heritage Auctions it is the earliest known example of him.
  15. It looks like you collect unusual photographs. Do you know anything about my Alfred E Neuman photo?
  16. What label is on the large bottle at the far left?
  17. Have you tried sending pictures to any major auction houses?
  18. Is it marked?
  19. It is definitely a repro
  20. No Value At All
  21. I suggest Bauman Rare Books or Heritage Auctions.
  22. Thanks Hedgewalker
  23. Thanks Purpleisafruit6
  24. The expert that the 2nd guy recommended, I had spoken to outside of Heritage and he wasn't interested for himself.
  25. Thanks, the expert that I spoke to seemed to be barely knowledgeable on the subject. He just guessed about the value.
  26. Vestaswind, Heritage won't consign it until they know more about it. They are not sure if it meets their minimum value, but they may make an exception. I was told by one expert to contact enough non-H...
  27. $1,000+
  28. I am surprised too. It is a nice piece. My one of a kind cabinet card also hasn't gotten any attention.
  29. Earliest known pic of Neuman.
  30. I would recommend sending pics to Sotheby's or Skinner's.
  31. It's about 6" x 7". I am not sure if it has any value as a cabinet card of a poster of which an original does not exist. I am sure it is worth more than I paid because of Alfred E Neuman.
  32. James, look at my Klan items.
  33. Definitely a repro. You can tell by the paper.
  34. The image would look awkward as a cabinet card.
  35. It is a tintype and would be hard to duplicate.
  36. I think it may be movable type for a printing press. Not sure if it would be easy changing keys on a typewriter all the time.
  37. I am sure you will because I doubt if we are in the same region.
  38. I also like it because it is a puzzle. I enjoy buying items and doing research to try to determine their past. I like items with mysterious histories and this fits the bill.
  39. AR8Jason, I am interested because I have not been able to find anything else like it. I collect unique items (check out my items) and this would go great with my collection.
  40. It is a circa 1880 French bayonet. The original wood hand grip is missing. Can you make out an inscription on the edge? Most bayonets of that style have an inscription on the edge. Most likely it is o...
  41. gpratomo, email me at
  42. Probably worth a few dollars.
  43. Fantasy piece is a newer piece that isn't a repro because there is no original.
  44. In 1861?
  45. Civil War muster roll.
  46. I understand that this photo is early for a mandolin though.
  47. Really?...............tintypes of men w/ banjos sell for over $100.
  48. Any idea of value?
  49. I think it might have extended past the line. It was stored poorly in an old shed. This was framed in a cheap modern frame. The curtain looks like it goes past the line.
  50. I might try eBay eventually.
  51. See more


My military Uniform collection....Hope to one day open a museum... and MORE of my collection... More of my Military Collection... 1950s Printers Blocks from NH Newspaper 4 Unknown Famous People DAD'S TOY HORSE AND BUGGY 1894 Alfred E Neuman Cabinet Card 1934 Worlds Fair Souvenir Book Large Tintype of Woman Playing Stringed Instrument WW1 Souvenir Airplane fabric from downed plane


Mason Jar Retriever 1830-1855 Ledger of NH Doctors Two Carved Civil War Bone Rings


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