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  1. If I recall from an episode of Pickers they said the type of paper it is printed on should help determine authenticity. Sorry that isn't more helpful... Great find either way!
  2. I come from a line of dairy farmers. This is a really cool collection!!
  3. Rocksteady is in there on the left ;-) I've got buckets of toys in storage I saved-- once I get enough space to proudly display them all, I fully intend to. I never got too into He-Man toys... I did...
  4. One in this box w. instructions and in better condition sold online for $5.
  5. Updated with better pictures. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  6. You place the feed (full) reel on the left, thread it through the gears so the prongs match up with the sprockets on the film, attach the end of the film to an empty reel on the right prong. Then you ...
  7. It looks like it's either 8mm or Super-8. However, if it's a little more than half inch wide, it'd be Super-16.
  8. I've never used this camera, I only have experience shooting Super-8 and 16mm. The lens is pretty fast, which is nice since it lets you use a higher quality stock without needing additional lighting....
  9. Awesome! What's the value on this in its condition?
  10. I that the original base? What does the placard say?
  11. Nice! Is it double-sided?
  12. I got it at Goodwill for about $14 (originally *over*priced $40 there). There was one on eBay recently that was model 230 and didn't sell at $5.99 w/ box and $19 shipping. If you're looking to sell it...
  13. Very cool camera. This format appears to be Straight-8 (or Single-8 depending on the company) which is basically Double 8mm within a magazine or cartridge. Double 8mm is 16mm wide with the perforati...
  14. This is really, really cool! Thanks for sharing the pics!!
  15. I understand completely. When I first saw this on the shelf, I thought it must have been at least north of $20 if for no other reason that it works and has a really heavy build for its size... I thin...
  16. Awesome!
  17. Some great info Bahamaboy, thanks! I have a whole bag of Kennedy halves, I'll have to check the dates.
  18. I think I like the NES better than SNES, I got it a few years after it came out. Mine also still works... crazy to think they can last that long and only need a cleaning to work. I never had the Powe...
  19. I would say about $10-15 depending on quality.
  20. @Lisa, One big reason these look so different to modern-day bills are that these are Silver Certificates, which can be redeemed for silver coins. They were printed when the mint passed a bill which p...
  21. Theatres which haven't converted to digital still use these things. Some come in plastic-coated boxes, alternatively. These can generally hold four reels with some trailers from the distributor tosse...
  22. I looked around for a few minutes and the consensus seems to be that these are worth about $1.25 -$2.00 depending on if the 1935G one has the motto "In God We Trust" is on the back or not (the motto o...
  23. I would love to see that if you make it!
  24. Finding one in a house today would be awesome if you stocked it with period things: amenities, boxes/cans of food, etc... a retro den. 28 x 28 is an insane sized fallout shelter. I suppose it seems e...
  25. I still have the patch from that game!
  26. You know at least on sap built one of these to the T
  27. cigarette?
  28. My grandparents used to get me one every year for Christmas. I remember every other year the design included sirens and other loud noises that annoyed everyone else in the house. I haven't seen the o...
  29. Just picked one of these up. It looks nice on the shelf
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Paulus Dairy , Mowrers Dairy - Mowrer's Dairy , Suncrest Farms and Abbotts Dairy - Abbott's Dairy vintage pee wee herman playhouse 1977 Kenner SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN Bionic Bigfoot AFA 75 EX+/NM A view of the 'Cinegraphica' collection Cummings 35mm projector from around 1920 Mickey Mouse Film beatles ring A 1935A One Dollar Bill Stamped Hawaii Two of my favorite books from my collection. WWII Imperial Army apothecary chest 1898 Edison Projecting Kinetascope Original 1929 Glasscock Coke Cooler...Made In Muncie, Indiana My weekend project. Star Wars Production Stills (Slide negative format)


My found Mickey Self Portrait pocket watch movie camera franklin magazine 8mm Antique original Grand Rapids Brewing Company Beer Crate muppet babies halloween costume Marilyn Monroe pictures. Kodak Six-20 Brownie model B  Found this in abandoned homestead Hess Collection COCA-COLA AIRLINE COOLER Art Deco Kodak Film Sign Francis the Pixar Car goldberg movie reel transport


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