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cincinnati, ohio

I'm what you would call a hunter.. really i love finding new and interesting things, not always of value but with a great past or story to tell. I'm a mother of one I'm what you would call a hunter.. really i love finding new and interesting things, not always of value but with a great past or story to tell. I'm a mother of one great teenager and wife, who loves to be up and out on any given weekend looking in thriftstores, goodwills, yard sales and just recently storage units! I think its the thrill of the chase that drives me. Blevinstreasues is and will be a part of who I am.. keep me posted and follow my blog (Read more)


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little  blue.... - Potteryin Pottery
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  1. Thanks for the little sitting room is coming together and I'm learning so much..
  2. Nice.whewww.
  3. Yes..less is more for me..too mankin
  4. Thanks phildavidalexandermorris.
  5. Thanks so much Manikin. I will surely look into getting refrained. the story behind them are great as well.Thanks again
  6. Nice thanks for the info... really nice
  7. Just looked inside again after sharing with co worker it has Sadie Jones. compliments of Job? not sure Christmas 1894 written in pencil.
  8. Nice very nice..
  9. thanks dean, it is a lovely picture.. I will check around town this weekend and see what i can find out.. keep ya posted.
  10. nice. i have some red ones covered in a red leather.. will post soon..very nice Esther
  11. very much so chrislamberthjr... i looked it up and yes ..thanks for the info and comment. I learn so much here..
  12. cool... I really appreciate the info. so you say the late 70's so vintage? do you think they have any value considering they are two different ones? also can you direct me to a site that can give me i...
  13. good afternoon Ar8jason. i was told it as a cufflink. Thanks, not sure of the type of stone, what are you guessing it is? Is it something that used nowadays?
  14. so cool.
  15. Nice really nice.I could see this in. Leather with the beading ad it alot...
  16. >Esther your right..didn't notice >mediatechy thanks for the information, will check out the site.Collectors weekly Is The best!
  17. lol, really cute to say the least.. i like them
  18. wonderful piece.. really nice.
  19. Nice very nice..
  20. brings back memorys... i was always the one getting tossed off,,,,
  21. thanks i really liked it and bought it.. i have a few plates that resemble it but wasnt sure..
  22. nice photo..
  23. thanks..thats funny I usually not find whats right in front of my face... thanks again .
  24. sounds good..will keep an out for your reply.. thanks again.
  25. thanks so much for the Information, I'd never saw one before. whats the artist/maker name? I thought it was lovely enough to give as a gift to my friends daughter for her birthday.
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Venetian Salviati & Co. Opalescent Vase c. 1900 Italy weeping willow Lamp I know nothing The Co-Operative Gas Table Lamp little orange dress green gem asian print my lady west germany Unusual Child Night Light green eye catch


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