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St. Louis, MO.

I collect clothing buttons, Costume jewelry, just about anything else that I find interesting.


  1. Funny story, thanks for sharing, glad I could help you with your mystery.
  2. Love love love
  3. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you, I have had these for a long time and never could find info. Bless you for your information.
  4. Sorry about your friend, but you have his memories. I thank him for his service. RIP Mr. Lowe.
  5. I have posted backs of these. Just saw that peacock is Napier.....sorry I see that back of large purple one does have a C clasp. so I guess it is an old beauty. Blue one has no marks, I checked wi...
  6. Thanks vintage....I will get pics. of backs later today.
  7. Do you remember coffee can keys? They had a band around the can. the key was attatched on top of can, you broke off key, and bent back the starting tab, slipped the keyhole through starting tab and k...
  8. WOW!!!!! thanks ttom. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing, and information
  9. Love the dump story. Keep us posted
  10. Button owners and collectors, keep metal buttons separate from celluloid buttons. The metal buttons will cause the celluloid to degrade and fall apart.
  11. Thanks for the information, I thought it was flow blue but wasn't sure. I think I got it at a yard sale for 25 cents a few years ago.
  12. Yes it is a Josef originals and one hole the size of a quarter on his back and the other is on the bottom like a drain. Just curious as to what and why, it is cute never the less. 3 chirps back at ya....
  13. Thanks Phil..... When I was young, If you were sick, stomach etc. The old bottles of 7up would be on the counter for sure. Glad it brought back memories for you.
  14. I would donate it fhrjr. Just saying.
  15. My dad recieved a purple heart in WWII. He was on the USS Aulick when the comacossi (sp) pilots slammed into his ship. He told very few stories about that day. Horrible. He was Lester E. Albers. RIP. ...
  16. Thanks packrat. I just have hung onto it. I guess like all the other treasures, (husband calls junk). Kids will say, "why did she hang onto all this stuff. My one and only grandaughter says, "Grandm...
  17. did you go to Guide to world hallmarks? Or Illusion Jewels Researching Costume Jewelry. Put names in search engine and add to favorits reference bar, it is a quick lookup for me. Doesn't have everythi...
  18. Thanks, never thought of that, but no, mouth hole is too small.
  19. Thank You, don't we just love our treasures?
  20. Oh my!!!! I had forgotten this. Bless you for the reply. As I said above, I love this picture. One, for the content, second, memories of my in-laws. I have never seen a picture made like this. Man...
  21. Thank You, I love it. I have never seen another like it. I wish I knew more about it. I have it hanging in my bedroom, as did my in-laws did.
  22. fhrjr2, thank you for solving my little mystery. kinda cute. I wouldn't want to lay any shingles. Very hard work.
  23. I have a vase that looks a lot like this piece. I have it posted on this site. I lve the detail and age? Bottom markings on my piece is: Royal Du 476 impressed, with 88, and I think 32 scratched on ...
  24. Thank You Scott, for all your help.
  25. Bless You Scott, 2 1/2" wide 2 3/8" tall 1/2" deep Dimensions are with it closed. Tin under glass It has a brass hook closure. Thank You for your expertise.
  26. Dear Usefull, I have a canister set that looks just like this pitcher. I purchased them at a Crackerbarrel in Southern Illinois in 1993. There was no marking on bottom but colors and patterns are the...
  27. Love it, Just Love it
  28. LOL. Made my day. Thanks for sharing
  29. Thank You Vetraio50 and Amphora. I love this site and its users.
  30. These were made to hand your glasses on when not in use.
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