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Beautiful Secretary cabinet - Officein Office
What is this??? - Potteryin Pottery
Hand made by an inmate in a prison - Folk Artin Folk Art
Not Trail's End, sooo?? - Booksin Books
World Map - Paperin Paper
Hopalong Cassidy - Moviesin Movies
Elvis Golden Oldies - Recordsin Records
72 lbs. of some kind of Quartz? Or what? Does anyone know? Very dense, with gold and rose hues thru it. - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Gigantic Candle Holder? - Lampsin Lamps
Tomahawk? Battle Axe? - Native Americanin Native American


  1. It's used to tighten a rope for a pulley clothesline.
  2. Thank you Phil for all the info, it does indeed look the same.
  3. Just my 2c worth, noting the different size holes, small for pepper, larger for salt, they would appear to be S&P shakers.
  4. Appreciate CanyonRoad's response, I do love this site!
  5. Thank you for the reference to the Raku, wondering if we can figure out which artist may have made it, and it's age? Have added a couple more pictures. One of which appears to be the signature on the ...
  6. Just a thought, on the above link, similair to yours....
  8. Thx, Cthompson for you comment.
  9. Well, it's sitting on the hood of a Saturn car. it was about 3 ft. tall. And the little Chi is just playing around, grin.
  10. Hi Bernadette, I found out, I did have it advertised on Craigslist, and they I couldn't post on this site if it was advertised anywhere else for sale. Sheesh, I did not know that.....
  11. Hi Bernadette, you just helped my identify my Singer 99 on here a bit ago today, I just got notified that the deleted it because there is no selling on here. Did I miss something, I only asked for inf...
  12. Didn't say I was trying to sell, ideas on worth, is not selling, seeing if it might be recognized by the relatives of the inmate that made them is not selling, don't understand your comment. Everyone ...
  13. Pop, we are cleaning out and getting rid of 'stuff', just wondering if anyone thought these might be worth something to a see if there's any interest out here to someone that might recog...
  14. Here's a starting point I found, maybe similair, not the same bowl, but a place to start, maybe of the same rosewood?
  15. Thx, Jason, you are just a wealth of info!
  16. Never mind on the bronze check, I just checked with magnet, and the magnet sticks, so it's cast iron.
  17. AR8, we were told by a couple antique dealers that they were bronze?
  18. AR8, as a collector of Book ends, how do you tell if it's bronze, because that's what we thought it was?
  19. AR8 you are awesome! Thank you so much, I knew I could count on Collectors Weekly! I just knew it! And Stef yes the do have felt, but it needs to be reglued and I did know they were book ends, grin....
  20. Pop, it looks pretty ancient? It's been around for many years?
  21. 2 rollers, if so I'd say it was an old clothes wringer, check out ebay: I see similair one ones there.
  22. Is that a roller in the center? Looks like some type of clothes wringer, find similair on ebay. A press of some kind?
  23. You might start here if you haven't already found this:
  24. here's one very similair to yours on ebay.
  25. This might interest you, not sure if you found a makers mark or not.
  26. Yup I thought so, sheep shears, check out this website:[]=tags&q=vintage+sheep+shears
  27. Try googling sheep sheering shears, that's what the look like to me.
  28. Forgot to mention the one that went for $68 was another with Topper confronting a wild stallion, not this one.
  29. My advice would be not to touch a thing, until you have it appraised by an expert, like coins, they say do not try to refurbish them, it makes them less valuable.
  30. This may help.
  31. lure is 1st picture on box
  32. Here's another link to simileir, you may have a winner there.
  33. I found this, but, it seems to be a little different than yours.
  34. They stopped operation in 1936. above link tells a little about them. Will keep looking.
  35. He also said this in his email to me: below Like all TVs of that vintage, it needs restoration (primarily, replacing capacitors) before it would be safe & reliable to use.
  36. I wrote to a collector and here is the link to his site on this radio. Late 40's early 50's, fairly common he says, he's got pics of your model and a table model, with all components spread out as he ...
  37. Most 1935 and 1957 series Silver Certificates are worth a very small premium over face value. Circulated examples typically sell for $1.25 to $1.50 each, while Uncirculated $1 Silver Certificates are ...
  38. Well, he gave it away before I could take all the drawers out and check, so guess we'll never know. Darnit!
  39. the two components together is what made ether
  40. St. Louis Dairy Co. Embossed Round Pyro 1/2 Pint Milk Bottle.This bottle is 5 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide and is very good condition with some wear.It has a embossed label with St Louis Dairy 2002 Pine S...
  41. That's why I liked it too, such brilliant color! Wish I could find something on it, might be worth some money to someone, somewhere.
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Photos 1940's Dazey Americana Can Opener "Coffee Time" My unknown prize posession. Anyone know what it is ???


1948 Packard Convertible Monte Carlo edition Motorola Television


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